Red River Volunteer Units
Lone Star Guards

The official Records of this organization follow:
Precinct No. 2, Red River County, Texas.
This is the master roll of the Lone Star Guards, a voluntary company, under the act of Feb. 15th, 1861 of the Infantry Service, under organization of Brig. Gen. G. H. Wootten of the 8th Brigade, Texas Militia


O. C. English, Captain
Thos. Huie, First Lieutenant
John W. Stiles, Second Lieutenant
Patrick Williams, Second Lieutenant
Robert Swann, First Sergeant
W. S. Naylor, Second Sergeant
J. A. Aikin, Third Sergeant
J. H. Stiles, Fourth Sergeant
J. R. Martin, First Corporal
W. J. Hutchinson, Second Corporal
J. J. Sivley, Third Corporal
A. J. Trickey, Fourth Corporal


J. W. McGown
F. C. Dowdy
J. W. Hart
W. S. Duke
Wm. Bryant
J. J. Williams
J. B. Pope
Thos. N. James
Wm. Terry
Jas. Terry
John Maxwell
F. H. Hoosier
D. M. Hoozier
Jno. Kelly
W. S. White
Sam G. Duke
J. W. English
Decatur Heard
William Williams
S. Barnett
W. M. Coleman
Geo. Gidddens
Wm. Walker
Doc Lany
T. P. Deaver
Joseph Heard
A. Hoozier
Sidney Sivley
Joseph Steinberk
M. Bankston
Jno. Hutchinson
L. J. Warthan
J. W. Coleman
J. A. McFarland
John J. McDaniel
F. C. Dooly
J. J. Ward
H. Roberts
Hugh Jackson
J. L. Ferguson
H. E. Ward
Joe Wolf
Thos Scarborough
S. A. Greenhill
R. Hightower
Jno. Giddens
B. Heard
Bige Heard
Wm. Cherry
J. W. Barnett
A. Burnett
Geo. COleman
B. E. Thompson
Geo. Lany
Dock Thompson
J. S. Hatizen
J. M. Terry
Wm. Heard
T. J. McAlvance
F. H. Hungay
S. Lany
H. Dooline
Wm. Mingo
Chas. Walker
W. R. Smith
D. G. Alvy
H. A. Sivley
B. A. Boykin
Wm. Bankston
W. W. Sheppard
E. G. Childers

"I, O. C. English, Captain of the Lone Star Guards, do certify on oath that the above is a complete roll of the company that was formed in the Precinct No. 2 of Red River County, Texas, and under the act of Feb. 15th, 1858, that it belongs to the Infantry arm of the service3 and is under the organization of Brig. Gen. Wootten of the 8th Brig. Batallion"

O. C. English, Captain
Lone Star guards, Precinct No. 2, Red River County, Texas
On which is the following endorsement, to-wit:
Filed for record July the 8th, 1861
Recorded July the 9th, A. D. 1861. at 4 o'clock p.m.
John W. Bivins, Clerk

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