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Prairie Blues

The Prairie Blues was the first company of soldiers organized in Red River County for defense of the Confederate cause in the Civil War. On Saturday, June 8, 1861, a mass meeting was held in Everhart Grove in Becknall Prairie where thirty seven citizens volunteered for service under the name of "Prairie Blues" a company of mounted Rangers.

The following report was made by John Reece, elected Captain of "The Prairie Blues":

"State of Texas, County of Red River

I, Charles S. Reece, hereby certify that on Saturday the 8th day of June, 1861 at the Everhart Grovein Becknell's Prairie, in Red River County, there was organized a company of Mounted Rangers called the Prairie Blues, and the following are the officers and members of the same"


Charles S. Reece, Captain
W. A. Elliott, First Lieutenant
G. W. Thompson, Second Lieutenant
Virgil Baker, Third Lieutenant
I. B. Reed, First Sergeant
John Turnbull, Second Sergeant
Boswell Baker, Third Sergeant
Enos Johnson, Fourth Sergeant
First Corporal, John Grant
Third Corporal, William Waddell
Fourth Corporal, John Rogers
Ensign, John Duff
Bugler, Allen Oliver


King Baker
Dan Davidson
Thomas James
Absalom James
George Kuykendall
Tom Oliver
Wm. Reece
Geo. Springer
H. C. Thompson
J. B. Waddle
John Allison
G. W. Scaff
Marvin Scaff
B. V. James
G. C. Baker
W. J. Mullins
David Danison
Robert Dyer
Nick Davis
Ed Baldridge
Richard McCabe
P. H. Randall

On which is endorsed:
Filed June the 10th, 1861
J. W. Bivins, Clerk
Recorded June the 18th, A. D. 1861.
John W. Bivins, Clerk

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