Red River Volunteer Units
Rosalie Guards

The Rosalie Guard, an organization with twelve officers and 105 privates, organized on June 24, 1861, was officially recorded on June 25, 1861, as the fourth company of volunteers to be organized in Red River County for service in the Civil War. H. F. Murray, named as captain of the Rosalie Guard, was in command of the company, members of which immediately began preparations to leave their homes in Red River county for service on the battle front.

"We, the undersigned, agree to form ourselves into a volunteer ilitary company for defense of the countyh. That we agree to act in conjunction with other companies that may be formed in this county, for all defense of our homes, and farther that with this shall not despair ay of us from volunteering at any call that may be made on our state for troops.


H. F. Murray, Captain
R. L. Howison, First Lieutenant
Wm. Reyolds, Second Lieutenant
John N. Wilson, Third Lieutenant
H. D. DeBerry, Orderly Sergeant
J. B. Bloodworth, Second Orderly Sergeant
W. P. Clatterbusk, Third Orderly Sergeant
Sam'l Land , Fourth Orderly Sergeant
A. M. Trimble, First Corporal
L. K. Masters, Second Corporal
W. N. Nugent, Third Corporal
Warren Coffman, Fourth Corporal
Charles Atkins, Drummer


L. C. Hancock
R. A. Turner
C. H. Bradley
N. N. Fulbright
J. H. Trimble
A. Baker
F. H. Smith
James M. Land
WM. Boothe
J. B. Masters
William C. Watts
N. D. Ham
J. C. Higgins
D. J. F. Hall
J. C. Wilson
A. P. Davis
H. M. Higgins
A. J. Gulp
John M. Nugent
John Henry
W. J. Goodloe
John V. Horton
W. A. Porter
R. A. Canter
C. F. Watts
WM. Byas
W. J. Ferguson
W. A. Hancock
W. L. Penick
W. F. Ham
A. Cary
Geo. G. Wootten
Larkin Adkins
John Wood
John K. P. Ballard
J. A. Rhodes
W. E. Davis
Joel Maxey
Wm. Stephenson
John A. Humphreys
D. C. Vannoy
John Ward
A. D. Bumburg
J. W. Blue
E. Cooper
R. D. Adams
Wesley Collings
J. J. Goodloe
N. H. L. Vannoy
Thomas Davis
J. S. F. Boothe
Daniel Chesher
G. W. Ames
James G. George
D. B. Ballard
D. F. Smathers
W. H. McCullock
Wm. Griffin
H. L. Bradley
E. A. Franklin
Robert Nicks
Willian Cotten
G. A. Box
C. P. Brooks
John Taylor
Hugh Grant
John J. Edwards
Thomas Rodgers
R. W. Acuff
J. A. Fuller
Alfred Harris
F. M. Frizdell
Z. Cotton
J. H. Walker
L. G. Garrison
John Coffee
Henry N. Gulp
A. M. Gulp
Alexander Wood
James Yenby
Washington Cheek
William Porter
Joel Coffee
James George
B. F. Rhodes
E. C. Fullingim
James Carter
John W. Adkins
G. W. Ford
George Howison
J. B. Bloodsworth
R. C. Davis
James Denton
Washington Adams
Richard Adams
Stephen Smith
Joseph Tatum
E. J. Harvey
Alfred Dutton
I. N. Bloodsworth
James Owen
William Dodd
James Colings,

"The State of Texas, County of Red River
I, H. F. Murray, captain of the Rosalie Guard, do on oath certify that the within is a correct roll of the same and that it ws formed in Red River county, Texas, and belongs to the Infantry Service June 24, 1861.
Henry F. Murray,
Captain Rosalie Guards

Sworn to before me this the 24th June 1861.
Levi Childers, Chief Justice

On which is endorsed:
Filed June the 24th, 1861
J. W. Bivins, Clerk
Recorded June 25th, A. D. 1861.
John W. Bivins, Clerk

The State of Texas, County of Red River:
I, John M. Bivins, clerk of the county court in and for the county and state that the within is of record in my office and was recorded by me this day, June the 25th, A. D. 1861, in Book A of Record of Militia of Texas, Pages 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
Witness my official signature and seal of office at Clarksville this the 22nd day of June, A. D. 1861
John W. Bivins

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