Red River Volunteer Units
Savannah Blues

With nine companies of volunteers preparing for service in the Southern Army, enthusiasm in behalf of the Southern Cause became a rife in the Savannah community, one of the most outstanding communities of Red River County during pre=-Civil War days, that at a mass meeting held at Savannah on June 22, 1861, there was organized for service in the Southern Army, a company of volunteers known as the Savannah Blues, with fourteen officers and innety-seven men. James Gilliam was elected captain of this company

"Report of the strength and condition of a uniformed volunteer company of militia (Savannah Blues) organized in Precinct No. 1, Red River County, under an act of the Legislature approved February 5th, 1858 and attached to the home Service.


James Gilliam, Captain
Ebenezer Titus, First Lieutenant
John H. B rantley, Second Lieutenant
W. G. Gilliam, Third Lieutenant
Granville, First Sergeant
Wm. S. Cames, Second Sergeant
Jerimiah N. Benge, THird Sergeant
James M. Blair, Fourth Sergeant
R. Y. Benge, First Corporal
William Wagley, Second Corporal
J. B. Scoggins, Third Corpral
P. M. Boker, Fourth corporal
Musicians, Francis N. Montgomery, A. Nickerson


C. S. D. Lawrence
Thomas Scoggans
William Lawrence
James Patton
John Coleman
James R. Fuller
E. B. Ball
E. Y. Benge
J. Porter
John H. Brantley
Edd Brantley
Ben B. Clark
O. B. Wade
Thos. F. Titus
B. T. Peek
Yancy Coleman
Josiah Peek
W. S. Mabry
A. Kelly
D. H. Bearden
John H. Cortis
William H. Fleming
A. B. Birge
W. T. Burchit
J. W. Floyd
Henry Parchman
S. Parks
Jack Collier
D. C. Wagley
James A. Patterson
Thomas Brantley
John L. Lumbright
W. S. Beaty
William Walker
M. M. Scoggins
W. P. Walker
J. N. Jones
J. W. Parchman
John Childers
Sam S. Beaty
B. A. Walker
Josephus Prchman
L. A. Porter
H. M. Gaines
William Coleman
Isaac Lawrence
Henry Daft
A. A. Wagley
J. A. Martin
Ben B. Bearden
Wiley Geer
D. W. Bardin
Styarks Wagley
Thos M. Lane
George Kellhy
Joseph brantlehy
John Burnett
D. T. Lake
D. C. Pace
Richard Peters
James A. Gains
J. W. H. Mann
G. B. Honehycutt
W. A. Dillard
L. B. Bivins
C. Dickson
E. F. Davis
W. T. Millbourn
E. B. Blair
William Holderfield
William Moore
W. H. Cline
C. Mango
Henry Wagley
John Gray
C. W. Brantley
L. T. Burge
W. J. Honeycutt
J. A. Stewart
F. S. Partlow
J. W. Reynolds
F. M. Blair
John F. Stenson
J. W. Lemons
James Philkington
John Nichols
J. N. Mann
M. Lawson
Thyman Hinson

"I, James Gilliam, captain of the Savannah Blues," do certify that the above is a true roll of the company, that it has organized in Precinct No. 1 of Red River County, that it was ready for active service and belongs to the Infantry army of service, and that the date or organization was the 22nd day of June, 1861."
James Gilliam Captain

On which is the following endorsement, to-wit:
Filed July the 10th, 1861
J. W. Bivins, Clerk
Recorded July the 10th, A. D. 1861.
John W. Bivins, Clerk

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