Red River Volunteer Units
William B. Stout Company

The third company of Red River County volunteers organized for service in the Southern army of the Civil War, an organization of ninety-six officers and privates, was organized on June 29, 1861 and was known as the "William B. Stout Company"

"Master Roll of Capt. William B. Stout Company under command of Brig. Gen. G. H. Wootten of the Infantry Service:


W. B. Stout, Captain
John Dickson, First Lieutenant
L. P. Kelley, Second Lieutenant
Rupell Ward , Third Lieutenant
James H. Smith, First Sergeant
John S. Watts, Second Sergeant
H. C. Welch , Third Sergeant
W. H. Tippins, Fourth Sergeant
W. B. T. Stout, First Corporal
I. C. Lindsay, Second Corporal
H. B. Torrence, Third Corporal
G. W. Wilson, Fourth Corporal


R. H. Boyles
Ben Ringo
Thos I. Brim
W. H. Houston
William Thomas
James Carthers
Geo. Edwards
H. W. Garvin
Geo McL Stout
P. L. Kelley
Mel Garvin
M. E. Gentry
I. R. Hodges
G. W. Henson
Reuben Crone
W. S. N. Lamberson
I. G. Wilson
I. B. Meadows
W. M. Rogers
Geo. W. Province
Robt. I. Tipping
Dudley Kellis
Nicholas Keith
Martin V. Gentry
William Rivers
G. B. Houston
W. G. Smith
W. R. N. Mitchell
Aguila Garvin
I. D. Leash
A. Leash
W. R. Thomas
Henry Tipping
Jas. Torrance
L. Robertson
I. F. Clary
Michael Dean
Barneyh Sherry
Isaac Lewellen
Geo. Elam
R. F. Lindsey
Henry S. Edwards
John Dural
J. I. Smith
W. C. Smith
N. L. Boolright
Henry Deleran
W. H. Tipping
R. H. Ash
S. P. Greenman
Wiley Cooper
Jas. McGill
W. Goodman
Frank Goodman
J. Henson
John C. Tipping
J. W. Perrymore
J. F. Clary
S. C. Ballard
J. K. P. Thomas
R. J. barbour
D. B. Ballard
M. D. McLean
Thos J. Ward
W. Stewart
W. R. Hargraves
W. T. Mays
W. Daffow
Jas. Davis
Gordon Smith
Samuel McGill
Jonathan Crowson
A. Roane
G. W. Hart
Aaron White
W. R. Champion
Thos. Cleek
John Gibson
James Young
Marion Ballard
John Flanty
Oran R. Woods
L. B. Woods

I, William B. Stout, do swear under oath that the above and foregoing list of names are correct, that said company was organized on the day specified. THis the 20th day of June, A. D. 1861.
William B. Stout, Capt,

On which is endorsed:
Filed June the 20th, 1861
J. W. Bivins, Clerk
Recorded June 22nd, A. D. 1861.
John W. Bivins, Clerk

The State of Texas, County of Red River:
I, John M. Bivins, clerk of the county court in and for the county and state that the within is of record in my office and was recorded by me this day, June the 22nd, A. D. 1861, in Book A of Record of Militia of Texas, Pages 7, 8, 9, 10.
Witness my official signature and seal of office at Clarksville this the 22nd day of June, A. D. 1861
John W. Bivins

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