Red River Volunteer Units
Sulphur Springs Volunteers

The Fifth Company of volunteers organized in Red River county for Civil War service, was formed at Sulphur Springs in June 1861. The space for the day of the month is left vacant. This company was commanded by Newton Powell as Captain and was formed with twelve officers and twenty-nine privates

Master Foll of the Sulphur Springs Volunteers, located in Red River County, Texas, under the organization of Brig. Gen. G. W. Wootten.


Newton Powell, Captain
C. Adams, First Lieutenant
W. P. Small, Second Lieutenant
Wm. Lewelling, Third Lieutenant
A. Bryant, First Sergeant
P. M. Mowery, Second Sergeant
J. L. Williams, Third Sergeant
J. H. Collins, Fourth Sergeant
R. H. White, First Corporal
J. Lewalling, Second Corporal
J. J. Vaughan, Third Corpral
Thos. B. Collier, Fourth corporal


Wm. Pearson
Thos. B. Collier
C. Runnels
P. W. Mowery
Joseph Vaught
E. W. Gaffney
Red Brogans
D. C. Cunningham
J. M. Smelling
William Neal
C. H. Adams
J. T. Williams
S. N. Hamilton
G. Y. Butler
W. Peacock
A. H. R. Bryant
James Avance
W. Taylor
WM. Runnels
John A. Atkins
Wm. Shelby
Wm. Mankins
W. F. White
? Igo
Wm. Pope
John Lemmon
F. M. Giddens
James Hart
M. Powell

"Sulphur Springs, Red River County, Texas:
I, Newton Powell, captain of the sulphur Springs, Volunteers, do certify on oath that the roll accompanying is a complete one of the above company. That it was organized at the above place of citizens of that precinct and under the Volunteer Act of February 15, 1858, and belongs to the infantry arm of service."
July 8, 1861
Newton Powell, Captain.

On which is the following endorsement, to-wit:
Filed July the 8th, 1861
J. W. Bivins, Clerk
Recorded July the 9th, A. D. 1861.
John W. Bivins, Clerk

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