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Yellow Jackets

On the thirteenth day of July, 1861, a mass meeting was held at the C. Dickson store, when a new company of volunteers for service in the Southern army was organized. This company was dubbed "The Yellow Jacket Company," and Clement Jackson was elected Captain. The company had an enrollment of seven officers and thirty-six privates, listed as follows:

The official record of this company follows:

"State of Texas, Beat Number One, Red River County

The following is a list of enrolled names belonging to the "Yellow Jacket Company." Said company was formed and constituted at C. Dickson store, which place is recognized by the company as the place of mustering and drilling once every two weeks. Said company organized as a reserve company and home guard.

By order of G. H. Wootten, Brigadier Genl., July 13th, 1861


Clement Dickson, Captain
Jos. B. Doak, First Lieutenant
James M. Doak, Second Lieutenant
R. S. Russell, Third Lieutenant
Ben Tisdal, Orderly sergeant
Wesley Moore, M. S.
Thad Brem, Drummer


S. M. Bryan
Thos. Brem
Wm. Cruce
Wm. J. Holder
S. T. Cruce
C. L. McKenzie
Robt. Turner
Jas. D. Smith
J. Pendergrass
C. C. Davis
J. N. Jones
W. B. Woodward
W. T. Boykin
R. S. Russell
B. H. Rosser
W. Z. Cruce
A. J. Reaves
F. G. Bonhart
J. J. Cruice
C. R. Jenkins
Isaac Jones
David Pritchett
F. M. Blair
W. S. Brown
P. A. Dalby
Ed Moore
Thos. Fitzpatrick
John Flynn
J. R. Russell
R. W. Dalby
J. B. Dalby
Robt. Greer
Hardy Morgan

"I certify that the foregoing is a true list of the "Yellow Jacket" Company organized at C. Dickson store on the 13th day of July, 1861 and Clement Dickson was duly elected captain of said company and Joseph B. Doak was elected first lieutenant, and Jas. B. Doak second lieutenant and R. S. Russell, third lieutenant, July 13th, 1861"
Ben Tisdal, Orderly Sergeant

On which is the following endorsement, to-wit:
Filed July the 18th, 1861
J. W. Bivins, Clerk
Recorded July the 19th, A. D. 1861.
John W. Bivins, Clerk

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