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Reeves County Churches

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First Baptist Church
1st & Houston Street - Balmorhea, Texas 79718


Christ The King Catholic Church
Rural Route 1 - Balmorhea, Texas 79718




Calvery Baptist Church
Plum & Yucca
Web Site

First Baptist Church
423 S. Hickory Street - Pecos, Texas 79772
Web Site

Mount Zion Baptist Church
717 E. 13th Street - Pecos, Texas 79772

North Temple Baptist Church
300 N. Walnut Street - Pecos, Texas79772
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West Park Baptist Church
6th & Eddy Street - Pecos, Texas 79772
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Saint Catherine Catholic Church
1200 S. Plum Street - Pecos, Texas 79772

Santa Rosa Catholic Church
620 E. 4th Street - Pecos, Texas 79772


First Christian Church
423 S. Elm Street - Pecos, Texas 79772

Church of Christ

Church of Christ
1321 W. 4th Street - Pecos Texas 79772

Church of Christ
301 W. Third Street - Pecos, Texas 79772

Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1901 Texas Street - Pecos, Texas 79772


Saint Mark's Episcopal Church
416 S. Plum Street - Pecos, Texas 78772


Trinity Lutheran Church
1200 S. Plum Street - Pecos, Texas 79772


First United Methodist Church
301 S. Elm Street - Pecos, Texas 79772


Abundant Life Church
1201 S. Ash Street - Pecos, Texas 79772


First Presbyterian Church
401 S. Plum Street - Pecos, Texas 79772

Seventh-Day Adventist

Seventh-Day Adventist Church
2329 Toliver Street - Pecos, Texas 79772




Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
Highway 17 - Saragosa, Texas 79780


Source: Church Directory of the United States - Texas


*History of the First Baptist Church - Balmorhea

The First Baptist Church of Balmorhea was established in March 1906 at Toyah Creek as Toyah Creek Baptist Church. It evolved into Balmorhea Baptist Church some years later, then finally after two votes, one in 1952 and one in 1963, it became The First Baptist Church.

The Charter Members were: P. A. Humble, Mrs. P. A. Humble, J. V. Humble, N. Wilson, P. S. Mayfield, C. C. Kountze, Joe Humble, Earl Patterson, Willison Casson, Pattie Casson and Rev. C. A. Dickson.

A record found many years after the founding stated there were 16 charter members, but the 11 listed above is all that can be accounted for.

The original building was built before March 21, 1909 in the present location of the church. It was a 30 foot by 60 foot building constructed by volunteers from neighboring churches. It was described by a contemporary of the times as "the most elegant building in these parts.

The building Committee of the Toyah Baptist Church: T. A. Odell, J. C. Jones, A. F. Odell, R. A. Humble, J. G. Ranier and Rev. C. A. Dickson.

This list comes from the last page of the oldest record book the church has. There is an apparent error in the name R. A. Humble, because the corner stone lists P. A. Humble; also the list of charter members lists P. A. Humble instead of R. A. Humble.

The original corner stone is now located In the bell structure in front of the present sanctuary. The church minutes of December 12, 1969 contains this paragraph, "At the dismantling of the old church building in June of 1963 the following information was found in the cornerstone: Building Committee of 1909 was J. C. Jones, A. F. Odell, J. C. Ranier, P. A. Humble, and the pastor, C. A. Dickson."

The early pastors of the denominations of the 'frontier' were usually part time; they worked at an occupation, and pastored also. The Reeves County Record, published in Pecos, Texas, states on December 23, 1910: "The Board of El Paso Baptist Association met yesterday at the Baptist church (in Toyah). The following Missionaries were employed...... Rev. C. A. Dickson Balmorhea, Saragoso and other points." The meaning of this seems to be that not only were the pastors bi-vocational, they were also circuit riders.


This is from the book "A History of the First 78 Years of First Baptist Church Balmorhea, Texas. Complied by Rev. Monty Inman, Pastor April 1984.

Thanks to Sue Toone of Saragosa, Texas for making this resource available.



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