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General Census Report of La Bahia del Espiritu Santo, 
April 24, 1825.  
Household Nos. 9 through 20

Census which manifests the number of souls of the residents of this town, with expression of their occupations, status and ages.

The following is an exact copy of the data recorded for the April 24, 1825, census for the jurisdiction of La Bahia del Espiritu Santo.  It is included on this site because many of the residents are familiar names to Refugio County.  This information was originally published by The Institute of Texan Cultures and was prepared by Rena McWilliams as part of  the TXGenWeb Project for the personal use of family researchers only.  It is provided without cost, and commercial use of this copy of the original printed publication is strictly prohibited.

Because of the number of residents, the material has been divided into several pages to provide for quicker loading of the pages.  

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Texas Land Grants and Political Division 1821 - 1836

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"A research project was begun in 1971 by The Institute of Texan Cultures. The original intent of the research was to prepare a draft containing information on Blacks in Texas prior to 1836. The research was broken down into three categories: statistical, census, and general information (general manuscript series).

Since it was impractical to extract only the information concerning persons of Black origin, translation of the complete statistical and census reports of Spanish Texas was accomplished. This material includes demographic, statistical and qualitative data on many ethnic groups, and individual families can be traced for several generations. It also documents the existence of a large number of Blacks among the Spanish and Indian population in Texas long before the influx of Anglo Americans colonizers.

The general manuscript series, consisting in large part of translated summaries, documents the Black's experience in Texas. The translation of this series was not brought to completion. In 1973 the project ended after an evaluation of the work revealed that the intended scope had been surpassed and that the work had the potential for a scholarly publication.

In 1998 The Institute of Texan Cultures granted permission to The TXGenWeb Project to bring this very important collection of early Texas source material to the Internet where it will be freely available to researchers. If you have access to this 3 volume publication and would like to assist in bringing this work online please contact Trey Holt."


Families Names   Occupations Status Age
No. 9 Tomas BUENTELLO Farmer Md 60
  Maria Ines RANGEL   Md 38
  Maria  de Loreto MARTINEZ   Sg 16
  Maria Francisca BUENTELLO   Sg 15
No. 10 Matiana LOPEZ   Wd 50
  Francisco OPEZ   Sg 5
No. 11 Manuel CARBAJAL Herder Md 40
  Juana de la GARZA   Md 32
  Soledad HERRERA   Wd 60
  Rafaela LUNA   Sg 15
  Maria de Jesus de LUNA   Sg 13
  Maria Francisca CADENA   Sg 4
No. 12 Ignacio CARBAJAL Farmer Md 48
  Maria de los Angeles REYNICA   Md 19
  Vicente CARABAJAL Daylaborer Sg 21
  Francisca REYNICA   Sg 7
  Anastacio CARABAJAL   Sg 4
No. 13 Norato de LUNA Blacksmith Md 60
  Francisca Antonia SOTO   Md 50
  Maria Ramona de LUNA   Wd 40
  Francisco Antonio CARABAJAL Farmer Md 29
  Maria Luisa de LUNA   Md 19
  Andres GUZMAN   Sg 16
  Juan Jose CARABAJAL   Sg 4
No. 14 Manuel MARTINEZ Herder Md 38
  Petra CONTRERAS   Md 46
  Jose Maria de la GARZA Daylaborer Sg 25
  Paulin de la GARZA " Sg 18
  Encarnacion de la GARZA   Sg 13
No. 15 Antonio de la GARZA Farmer Md 36
  Rosalia de la GARZA   Md 29
  Josefa  de la GARZA   Sg 13
  Carlos de la GARZA   Sg 12
  Francisco de la GARZA   Sg 6
  Mauricia de la GARZA   Sg 4
No. 16 Juan MOYA Shoemaker Md 19
  Maria Antonia MARTINEZ   Md 16
  Agustin MOYA   Sg 1
  Miguel RAMON Farmer Wd 70
  Leonardo Ramon " Wd 60
  Maria GRANDE   Md 40
  Antonio MARTINEZ Farmer Md 50
  Ginio MARTINEZ   Sg 4
No. 17 Antonio de LUNA Farmer Md 40
  Maria del Refugio CEBALLOS   Md 38
  German CARRION Daylaborer Sg 29
  Maria Josefa de LUNA   Sg 16
  Manuela de LUNA   Sg 10
  Jose de Jesus de LUNA   Sg 8
  Clara Maria de LUNA   Sg 6
  Marcelino de LUNA   Sg 3
No. 18 Miguel Delgado Farmer Md 50
  Maria de Jesus de la GARZA   Md 48
  Ursula SALINAS   Wd 58
No. 19 Pedro MOYA Farmer Md 29
  Maria Gertrudis GOMEZ   Md 24
  Maria Petra MOYA     4
  Daria MOYA   Sg 2
  Nepomuceno MOYA   Sg 16
No. 20 Julian ZAVALA Farmer Md 60
  Felipa GOMEZ   Md 38
  Nicolasa ZABALA   Sg 32
  Ines ZABALA   SG 11


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