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Refugio County Births - 1950

The birth records below were abstracted by Rena McWilliams from a CD-Rom containing Births in Texas beginning in 1926.  Copies of certificates can be ordered from the Texas Department of Health in Austin, Texas.  

If I have personal knowledge of another spelling of a name, I have entered that spelling in brackets in "green" to facilitate a search of the site.

Name                                 Birthdate   Sex  County
Aldridge,Judy Evelyn                  2-18-1950   F   Refugio
Allen,Frank E.                       12-26-1950   M   Refugio
Alrige,Guadalupe None                 11-5-1950   F   Refugio
Anzaldua,Jose Jesus,Jr.               6-28-1950   M   Refugio
Arispe,Josephine                      6-17-1950   F   Refugio
Arredondo,Roberto                     7-23-1950   M   Refugio
Arzola,Alberto,Jr.                     8-8-1950   M   Refugio
Arzola,Mary Helen                      6-6-1950   F   Refugio
Autry,Timothy Michael                  2-6-1950   M   Refugio
Bailey,Carroll Ann                    2-10-1950   F   Refugio
Barber,Christopher Walter            11-28-1950   M   Refugio
Barber,Richard David                 12-30-1950   M   Refugio
Barrientes,Mary Jane                 12-25-1950   F   Refugio
Benson,Caroline Eleanor               1-11-1950   F   Refugio
Bernal,Mary                           5-28-1950   F   Refugio
Berry,Clinton Ray                     1-16-1950   M   Refugio
Billups,Joseph Anthony                9-13-1950   M   Refugio
Blake,David Eugene                    9-12-1950   M   Refugio
Bland,Gene Arthur                     9-13-1950   M   Refugio
Bluemel,Joe Oscar                    10-14-1950   M   Refugio
Brittain,James Thomas                10-23-1950   M   Refugio
Brookshire,Terry Ray                  1-21-1950   M   Refugio
Brown,Dennis Lee                     12-20-1950   M   Refugio
Brown,Johnny Lee                      7-31-1950   F   Refugio
Bundick,Patsy Faye                    1-29-1950   F   Refugio
Butler,Thomas Leo                      1-4-1950   M   Refugio
Canales,Dolores                       1-25-1950   F   Refugio
Cantu,Elias Leo,Jr.                   12-2-1950   M   Refugio
Cantu,Federico                         3-2-1950   M   Refugio
Carrera,Juan                          2-20-1950   M   Refugio
Carter,John Charles,Jr.              11-18-1950   M   Refugio
Casey,Janice Elaine                   12-1-1950   F   Refugio
Castellano,Oscar                      9-19-1950   M   Refugio
Catchings,Kathy Sue                   1-27-1950   F   Refugio
Cavallero,Juan                         2-9-1950   M   Refugio
Cavallero,Juanita                      2-9-1950   F   Refugio
Cisneros,Patricia Ann                  9-4-1950   F   Refugio
Clendennen,John William,Jr.            8-3-1950   M   Refugio
Coan,Willie Thomas,Jr.                9-12-1950   M   Refugio
Coleman,Joe Nathan                    6-15-1950   M   Refugio
Coleman,Vincent Edward               10-27-1950   M   Refugio
Collins,Joycelyn Mae                 12-18-1950   F   Refugio
Contreras,Joe Baldemier,Jr.            1-4-1950   M   Refugio
Crawford,John Thomas                 10-10-1950   M   Refugio
Crowell,Beverly Alleen                1-28-1950   F   Refugio
Crumpton,Dave Lanier                   2-8-1950   M   Refugio
Crutchfield,Cathy Ann                11-21-1950   F   Refugio
Cuellar,Maria Guadalupe               7-11-1950   F   Refugio
Deases,Jose Guadalupe                 7-27-1950   M   Refugio
Delgado,Juanita Maria                 8-29-1950   F   Refugio
Diedering,Frances Dee                 9-23-1950   F   Refugio
Dippel,Patricia Lynn                  11-3-1950   F   Refugio
Downs,Sandra Sue                       9-3-1950   F   Refugio
Dubois,David Charles                 11-15-1950   M   Refugio
Duckett,Michael Lanier                6-30-1950   M   Refugio
Dunlap,Mary Kathryn                   1-23-1950   F   Refugio
Edwards,Alph Michael                  3-30-1950   M   Refugio
Elizalda,Raquel Alvia                 10-5-1950   F   Refugio
Elizalde,Guadalupe G.,Jr.             9-12-1950   M   Refugio
Elizondo,John Marcus                   1-5-1950   M   Refugio
Elling,Ronald John,Jr.               12-27-1950   M   Refugio
Elliott,Kathy Marie                   6-22-1950   F   Refugio
Evans,Mary Frances                     9-6-1950   F   Refugio
Falcon,Hector                          2-5-1950   M   Refugio
Firova,Joe Henry                       1-6-1950   M   Refugio
Fisher,Charles Guy,Jr.                3-12-1950   M   Refugio
Flores,Juan Barrentes                  1-5-1950   M   Refugio
Fortenberry,Cynthia Lynn               9-7-1950   F   Refugio
Franklin,Sylvia Ann                    7-2-1950   F   Refugio
Fricks,Janet May                      1-12-1950   F   Refugio
Friedrichs,Barbara Sue                10-7-1950   F   Refugio
Fuentes,Juan Pablo                   11-10-1950   M   Refugio
Fuentes,Robert                        9-28-1950   M   Refugio
Fulenchek,Judy Darlene               11-29-1950   F   Refugio
Fuller,Judy Ann                       6-17-1950   F   Refugio
Gambill,Margaret Elaine              11-25-1950   F   Refugio
Garcia,Maria Jesus                     4-6-1950   F   Refugio
Garza,Reynaldo                       11-19-1950   M   Refugio
Garza,Rudy                             9-2-1950   M   Refugio
Garza,Rueben                           9-2-1950   M   Refugio
Garza,Walter Ezell Inf Of            11-24-1950   M   Refugio
Gillum,David Lee                      4-14-1950   M   Refugio
Gipson,Ronnie                          9-6-1950   M   Refugio
Golden,Michael Harvey                 6-15-1950   M   Refugio
Gonzales,Nilda Alvilda                8-20-1950   F   Refugio
Goode,Raymond Lee                     12-5-1950   M   Refugio
Goodwin,Robert Joe                   10-26-1950   M   Refugio
Gossett,James Byron                  12-30-1950   M   Refugio
Grant,James Marvin                    2-13-1950   M   Refugio
Graumann,Bruce Wayne                  2-17-1950   M   Refugio
Green,Joyce Annette                    3-1-1950   F   Refugio
Green,Michael Edward                   2-3-1950   M   Refugio
Green,Shirley Ray                     6-13-1950   F   Refugio
Gregorcyk,Russell                    12-19-1950   M   Refugio
Griffens,Elroy,Jr.                   10-30-1950   M   Refugio
Grimes,Donna Gwen                     8-31-1950   F   Refugio
Guerrero,Alfonso None                10-31-1950   M   Refugio
Hall,Judy Ann                          9-2-1950   F   Refugio
Hammons,Floyd Gale                    4-27-1950   M   Refugio
Hargrove,Patsy Jean                  11-28-1950   F   Refugio
Harkins,Dolores Marie                 2-16-1950   F   Refugio
Hastings,Connie Eileen                7-19-1950   F   Refugio
Havens,Ronald L.Z.                     2-7-1950   M   Refugio
Hawkins,Mary Colleen                   2-4-1950   F   Refugio
Heard,Allen Wilson                     2-8-1950   M   Refugio
Henkhaus,Henry Allen                  9-28-1950   M   Refugio
Hernandez,Lidia                       5-10-1950   F   Refugio
Herron,John Franklin                 11-22-1950   M   Refugio
Hutchinson,Marcella Delois            7-23-1950   F   Refugio
Jackson,Fred Warner,Jr.                1-2-1950   M   Refugio
Jacobo,Carolino                      11-26-1950   F   Refugio
Jaso,Rose Ann                          7-1-1950   F   Refugio
Jasso,Victoria                        3-23-1950   F   Refugio
Jimenez,Frances Ilene                 10-4-1950   F   Refugio
Johnson,Janet Faye                    1-24-1950   F   Refugio
Jones,Larry Dale                     12-15-1950   M   Refugio
Kelly,Ronald Gene                      1-9-1950   M   Refugio
Koch,Loretta Ann                      8-22-1950   F   Refugio
Koerth,Melody Lee                     8-12-1950   F   Refugio
Koonce,Lawrence Andrew                1-20-1950   M   Refugio
Landrum,Linda Kay                     5-27-1950   F   Refugio
Lara,Janie                            2-18-1950   F   Refugio
Lara,Macelovia Garza                   6-9-1950   F   Refugio
Lerma,Henry                          10-24-1950   M   Refugio
Lewis,Edward James                     3-7-1950   M   Refugio
Linney,Janis Faye                     12-9-1950   F   Refugio
Lott,Gary Odell                       1-14-1950   M   Refugio
Lott,Horace Harold                    2-17-1950   M   Refugio
Lott,Terry Othel                      1-14-1950   M   Refugio
Lowery,Patty Gale                     8-21-1950   F   Refugio
Loyd,David William                    2-28-1950   M   Refugio
Lozano,Beatrice Neves                  1-9-1950   F   Refugio
Mackeen,Mary Ellen                   10-12-1950   F   Refugio
Martin,James Riley                    2-13-1950   M   Refugio
Martin,Sheila Janice                  5-25-1950   F   Refugio
Martinez,Diana Magdalena              11-6-1950   F   Refugio
Mathis,Charles Minnis                 10-9-1950   M   Refugio
Mayfield,Richard Alan                 3-14-1950   M   Refugio
Mc Guill,Grady Patrick               11-24-1950   M   Refugio
Mcentire,Bruce Wayne                   6-6-1950   M   Refugio
Mitchell,Bobbie Diane                10-12-1950   F   Refugio
Moore,Jonathan                        11-9-1950   M   Refugio
Moore,Nora Lucretia                   8-18-1950   F   Refugio
Morris,Cheryl Lea                     2-16-1950   F   Refugio
Moya,Juanita                          7-23-1950   F   Refugio
Moya,Rita Marie                        9-8-1950   F   Refugio
Munoz,Daniel                         10-19-1950   M   Refugio
Naranjo,Juanita                       8-20-1950   F   Refugio
Nickel,Wanda Kathryn                  1-25-1950   F   Refugio
Null,Marvin Bowley,Jr.                5-16-1950   M   Refugio
O'brien,Bridget Nanette               1-16-1950   F   Refugio
Owens,Eddie,Jr.                      10-26-1950   M   Refugio
Padilla,Rita                           2-3-1950   F   Refugio
Payne,Richard Allen                    9-7-1950   M   Refugio
Pellusch,Jana Erin                    2-26-1950   F   Refugio
Perales,Maria Enriqueta               3-11-1950   F   Refugio
Perez,Emma                            8-26-1950   F   Refugio
Perez,Mario Oscar                      4-7-1950   M   Refugio
Perrin,Anna Rae                       5-21-1950   F   Refugio
Piehl,William Milton,Jr.              5-31-1950   M   Refugio
Pifer,Zelda Ruth                      1-31-1950   F   Refugio
Piwetz,Rhonda Gail                    4-12-1950   F   Refugio
Porras,Albert                         4-21-1950   M   Refugio
Porras,Maria De Jesus                11-23-1950   F   Refugio
Ramirez,Lawrence                      2-21-1950   M   Refugio
Ramirez,Librado Juan                  8-31-1950   M   Refugio
Ramirez,Michael Gary                  2-24-1950   M   Refugio
Ramirez,Robert David                  1-26-1950   M   Refugio
Reyna,Conrado Perez                    8-6-1950   M   Refugio
Reyna,Mary Virginia                    1-8-1950   F   Refugio
Rifenburgh,Robert Ray                 12-3-1950   M   Refugio
Rivas,Gloria Marin                    2-20-1950   F   Refugio
Rivas,Margaret Dianne                10-31-1950   F   Refugio
Robinson,Judith Ann                   7-26-1950   F   Refugio
Rocha,Ronald                           2-8-1950   M   Refugio
Rocha,Rosina Ann                       9-9-1950   F   Refugio
Rodriguez,Anselmo Francisco J*       12-14-1950   M   Refugio
Rodriguez,Basilio                     2-28-1950   M   Refugio
Rodriguez,Leandro Edward               1-7-1950   M   Refugio
Rodriguez,Macario,Jr.                 5-27-1950   M   Refugio
Rodriguez,Mary Rose                   1-24-1950   F   Refugio
Rodriguez,San Juanita                 9-22-1950   F   Refugio
Ryals,Clarence Anthony,Jr.             9-9-1950   M   Refugio
Saenz,Antonio                          8-1-1950   M   Refugio
Salazar,Alfredo None                   9-2-1950   M   Refugio
Sanchez,Jose                          5-20-1950   M   Refugio
Sanchez,Maria None                    2-26-1950   F   Refugio
Schlabach,Joyce Ann                   7-15-1950   F   Refugio
Schwierzke,Jenny Sue                 12-17-1950   F   Refugio
Schwierzke,Lenell                    10-30-1950   F   Refugio
Shurley,Candace Ann                   6-27-1950   F   Refugio
Silvas,Juana                          3-27-1950   F   Refugio
Singler,Ronald Wayne                  12-6-1950   M   Refugio
Skeen,Rosalind Martha                10-18-1950   F   Refugio
Skrobarcek,Agnes Mae                  7-21-1950   F   Refugio
Slaughter,Connie Annette               3-7-1950   F   Refugio
Slaughter,Della Elaine                 7-7-1950   F   Refugio
Slomchinski,Bernadine                 12-3-1950   F   Refugio
Smith,Mona Lisa                       11-3-1950   F   Refugio
Solis,Guadalupe,Jr.                  12-11-1950   M   Refugio
Sparks,Marilyn Marie                 12-25-1950   F   Refugio
Spradley,Victoria Loydette             6-7-1950   F   Refugio
Staples,Janice Faye                   7-25-1950   F   Refugio
Taylor,Elizabeth Anne                 1-15-1950   F   Refugio
Telge,Lillian Gail                    9-16-1950   F   Refugio
Terrell,Jacquline Marie                2-2-1950   F   Refugio
Terrell,Kenneth Morgan                 7-3-1950   M   Refugio
Thompson,Ray Dean                      6-8-1950   M   Refugio
Tijerina,Felipa                       9-26-1950   F   Refugio
Tones,Goldie Lee                      6-14-1950   F   Refugio
Trevino,Jose Oscor                    1-13-1950   M   Refugio
Tubb,David Lee                         8-7-1950   M   Refugio
Tuttle,Janis Faith                     2-4-1950   F   Refugio
Utsler,Sandra Gail                   11-25-1950   F   Refugio
Valderrama,Mary Gloria                 4-7-1950   F   Refugio
Valdez,Olga                            7-4-1950   F   Refugio
Van Meter,Charles Farrell            10-29-1950   M   Refugio
Vasil,Nick Alexander                 12-25-1950   M   Refugio
Vega,Domingo                           5-7-1950   M   Refugio
Vega,George                            9-5-1950   M   Refugio
Villarreal,Mary Gracelia               2-1-1950   F   Refugio
Villereal,Gilberto None                2-6-1950   M   Refugio
Warford,Carolyn Sue                  10-30-1950   F   Refugio
Warren,Jeanette                      10-12-1950   F   Refugio
Watson,Mary Sue                        9-8-1950   F   Refugio
Weatherly,Charlie Ricky               8-12-1950   M   Refugio
West,Jesslyn Rae                     11-24-1950   F   Refugio
White,Brenda Elaine                   12-7-1950   F   Refugio
White,Janice Carole                   3-20-1950   F   Refugio
Whitlow,Nancy Jewell                  3-30-1950   F   Refugio
Wiginton,Ellen Carol                   1-7-1950   F   Refugio
Wiginton,Laddie Dale                  11-2-1950   M   Refugio
Wiliams,Jay Clarence                 12-16-1950   M   Refugio
Williamson,Vickie Kay                 2-11-1950   F   Refugio
Wilson,David Allen                    8-19-1950   M   Refugio
Wright,Harry Robert                  10-16-1950   M   Refugio
Wright,Larry Charles                 10-16-1950   M   Refugio
Yanez,Juan None                       4-18-1950   M   Refugio
Zabel,Mark                           11-29-1950   M   Refugio
Zavala,Maria                          6-13-1950   F   Refugio
Zuniga,Aurora                         10-4-1950   F   Refugio

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