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Santa Margarita Ranch
Owned by Don Martin de Leon
Census Report of November 10, 1811
Census abstract located in the files of  Msgr. Wm. H. Oberste at the Refugio County Public Library.

The original typed transcript was copied below.  All spellings, grammar and punctuation have been copied as in the typed transcription.

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Owned by Martin de Leon, named Santa Margarita, Jurisdiction of the Presidio of the Bahia del Espiritu Santo, on the Nueces River and Duration of Residence of Each

Name Country Age Marital
Occupation Place of
Duration of
Dn. Martin de Leon Santander 40 years Married Ranchhand Colonia 8 years
His wife D. Patricia de la Garza Santander 34 years Married   Colonia 8 years
Fernando Santander 13 years     Colonia 8 years
Ma. Candelaria Santander 11 years     Colonia 8 years
Jose Silvestre Santander  8 years     Colonia 8 years
Maria Guadalupe Santander 7 years     Colonia 7 years
Jose Felix Bahia 6 years     Bahia 6 years
Jose Agapito Bahia 1 year     Bahia 1 year
Juana Pena Santander 16 years Single   Colonia  8 years
Nepomuceno Villarreal Santander 42 years Married Ranchhand Colonia 5 years
His wife Ana Maria Rodriguez Santander 42 years Married   Colonia 5 years
His son Jose Agapito  Santander 5 years     Colonia 5 years
Joaquin de Luna Santander 35 years Married Ranchhand Colonia 5 months
His wife Juana Villarreal Santander 32 years Married   Colonia 5 months
His son Francisco Bahia 2 years     Bahia 5 months
His son Jose Maria Bahia 4 months     Bahia 4 months
Manuel Villarreal Colonia 25 years Bachelor Ranchhand Colonia 3 years
Rafael Moya Colonia 40 years Bachelor Ranchhand Colonia 4 months
Jose Antonio Trevino Colonia 20 years Bachelor Ranchhand Colonia 4 months
Francisco Estrada Colonia 28 years Bachelor Ranchhand Colonia 2 years
Juan Flores Colonia 38 years Bachelor Ranchhand Colonia 6 months
Deciderio Avila Colonia 30 years Bachelor Ranchhand Colonia 2 years
Justo Mireles Colonia 14 years Bachelor Herder Colonia 8 months
Estanislao Gongora Colonia 8 years   Herder Colonia 8 months
Persons settled here with the permission of the Captain of this Presidio:
Jose Antonio de la Garza Colonia 54 years Married Ranchhand Colonia 2 years
His wife Josefa Quintania Colonia 23 years Married   Colonia 2 years
Dionicio Colonia 4 years     Colonia 2 years
Mariana Bahia 6 months     Bahia 6 months
Juan Jose Francisco, Servant Colonia 16 years Bachelor Ranchhand Colonia 2 years
Cayetano Pineda, School master Colonia 55 years Married Teacher Colonia 2 months
Santa Margarita Ranch, November 10, 1811.

Jose de Jesus Aldrete [Rubric]



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