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Francisco Amangual
Gov. J.B. Elguezabal
November 19, 1804
Inspection of soldiers who deserted from Nacogdoches

Source: Bexar Archives, R.B. Blake Collection, Supp., Vol. IV, Pg. 417-419.


Company of the Presidio of La Bahia Del Espiritu Santo:

Inspection passed by four soldiers of the said company who deserted from the detachment of Nacogdoches, and who presented themselves a sunrise on the date given below are as follow:


Names Equipment which they
Carried Away
Equipment which
Was Lacking
Vicente Duran Hat Cap
  Jacket Serape
  Double-Breasted Coat One Change of Clothing
  Pair of Pants Pair of Socks
  Broken musket Black Cravat
  Small Cushion Pistol
  Guns with Ramrods Lance
  Bag Shield
  Bridle Saddle
  Spurs Spurs
  Cartridges 25 Cartridges
  Two Horses Five Horses, One Mule
Pedro Garcia Hat Serape
  Cap Change of Clothing
  Jacket Pair of Socks
  Double-breasted Coat Pair of Shoes
  Pair of Pants Lance
  Gun Shield
  Pistol Saddle
  Bag Spurs
  Small Cushion 25 Cartridges
  Ramrods Three horses
  Cartridges His mule which had run away
from the herd at the time
Nepomuceno Seballos Hat Serape
  Cap Pair of Socks
  Jacket Pistol
  Double-breasted Coat Shield
  Pair of pants Bag
  Musket Gun with ramrod
  Lance Saddle
  Seven Cartridges Spurs
  Bag 18 Cartridges
  Cartridges Six Horses
  Small Cushion Mule because none had
been furnished him.
Blas Ramon Hat Serape
  Cap Change of Clothing
  Jacket Black Cravat
  Double-breasted Jacket Pistol
  Pair of Pants Lance
  Musket 25 cartridges
  Bag Shield
  Little Cushion Saddle
  Guns with ramrods Six horses
  Spurs Mule because none was
furnished him and his
horse was lost.



NOTE:  In being asked the reason for their flight or desertion, Vicente Durham and Nepomuceno Seballos replied that they did not have any other motive than the desire to return to their company.  Pedro Garcia and Blas Ramon replied that their captain, Ensign Guadiana and Corporal Coroha had mistreated them by taking from them a negro who was under their charge.

Bahia, November 19, 1804.

Francisco Amangual (rubric)


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