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Declaration of Don Mauricio Demay

Source: Bexar Archives, R.B. Blake Collection, Supp., Vol. III, Pg. 183.

In said town, on the 2nd day of the month of March of this current year of 1795, I, the aforesaid Governor, who set for receiver with witnesses of assistance, for total lack of a Notary, Say:

That for continuing this information Don Mauricio Demay was called, and being in my presence, and those of the witnesses, I received of him an oath that he made in form, and with form of law, under which he promised to speak truly of what he will know and will be asked, and by virtue of this it was asked of him:

If he knew for what he was arrested, and by order of what Judge?

He answered:  That he was arrested by order of the present Governor, because they say that he is French.

Asked:  What religion does he profess?

He answered:  The Apostolic Roman Catholic.

Asked:  What is the village of his birth?

He answered:  That the village where he was born is one of those of Mobile; that he does not remember what it is called, for the reason that his parents took him away to New Orleans, of which Mobile is a dependency, and the village of his birth, which is where he was raised, and that at the age of fourteen years he went to the Post of Natchitoches, a dependency of Louisiana, and that at the beginning of the following year he began to serve as a soldier in the two companies of cavalry that are in Natchitoches, in which he rose to sergeant, and at the third year to sub-lieutenant.

Asked:  With what motive he came to this Capital of San Antonio de Bexar?

He answered:  That he came to this village with a passport from his Comandante, Don Jose de La Pena and some drivers for the purchase of horses, which he presented to the Governor that was of the Province, the Captain Don Raphael Martinez Pacheco, and that at the same time he married Maria del Refugio de la Garza, where he left her and returned to his company, and that in seven months he returned to this said town, with permission of the Senor Governor of Louisiana, which he placed in the hands of the present Governor.

Asked:  If he has the faith of baptism?

He answered:  That he does not have; that at the time the English entered Mobile, the Archives were burned, and for this reason he does not have it.

Asked:  That sureties there are in this Capital of Texas that pertain to the Government of New Orleans, or to the French territory, explaining their names and countries.

He answered:  That he knows Idelfonso Reyes, who is from the Black Islands, subject to the government of New Orleans; that he also knows the distinguished Don Andres Benito Courbiere, who is from the Province of Provence in France, and traded with him in Natchitoches, being marker for a pool table, and that by knowing the language of the Indians, Don Athanaise de Mezierea brought him to this town.

Asked:  How does that prove him to be a dependent of the Government of Louisiana, and to have had the employment that he had declared?

He answered:  That he affirms the employment of ensign that he obtains by showing the commission from the Senor Don Carlos III (whom God preserve) and seen by me, the present Governor certified that the commission is true, and was given in San Lorenso on the 10th of October, 1788, with the corresponding countersigns, and if the passport is not sufficient, which he has presented from the Senor Baron de Carondelet, he is able to issue an exhorto to his Comandante of Natchitoches, Don Luis de Blanc, where he is known by everybody, and full proof will come out, of how he is born in the territories of Louisiana, and a faithful subject of the King of Spain.

Asked:  If, on the points interrogated, he offers anything to say?

He answered:  That he offers no other thing than to beg the present Senor Governor, that he may be pleased to registered in continuation of this his Declaration, Certifications of the Passport, and a letter that the said Baron de Carondelet wrote him; which is as much as offered, and the truth of whatever he has declared, under the oath that he has made, on which it was affirmed and ratified; read, that this was his declaration; He said to be of the age of forty-one years, and he signed it with me, said Governor, and witnesses of assistance, to which I certify.

Man'l. Munoz (rubric)         
Of assistance:  Gabriel Gutierrez (rubric)              
Mau'cio De Morey (rubric)
Of assistance:  Vicente de la Cuesta (rubric)



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