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Declaration of Ildefonso Reyes

Source: Bexar Archives, R.B. Blake Collection, Supp., Vol. III, Pg. 180.

In said town on the 28th day of the month of February of said month and year, I, the said Governor, who act for receiver con [with] witnesses of assistance, Said:

That he was called Ildefonso Reyes, and being in my presence, and that of the witnesses, I received of him an oath, and after its import was explained, he offered to tell the truth about whatever he may be asked, and in virtue of which he was asked:  For what cause or reason was he arrested?

He answered:  That he considers that he was arrested for the Revolution of the rogues of the Assembly of France.

Asked:  What is he named, and from what province, village, town or city is he a native, and what offices he has had?

He answered:  Ildefonso Reyes, of the town of Tablisman, of the Black Islands, dependencies of the Government of Louisiana; that he has had the occupation of Barber, and has made some cures with the certainty that is well known.

Asked:  With what motive did he come to this Province of Texas, and town of San Fernando.

He answered:  That John Bosque brought him from the small village of the Tahuayasos Indians to this town of San Fernando; in which he has been married to Maria de los Angeles, by whom he had five children that are now dead.

Asked:  With what motive he came to the small village of the Tahuayasos?

He answered:  That he came out from New Orleans to the Post of Natchitoches for the purpose of entering to hunt buffalo and bear, for which purpose he obtained license from the Comandant [sic] of Natchitoches, Don Luis de Blanc, and that he came to be delayed by the Guasas Indians having stolen the horses, he agreed to what Jean Bosque said to him, that he will come to this capital, for the reason that the land was good, and that within a month of having arrived, he made a contract with the Presidial Company for treating, bleeding and curing their families.

Asked:  What religion he professes?

He answered:  The Apostolic Roman Catholic.

Asked:  With what documents or proofs will he be able to prove what he asserts in his preceding reply.

He answered:  That only applying to the curate of the place of his birth, which is the town of Tablisman, as he has declared, and that on the point of a subject, only the retired Antonio Gonzales will be able to declare on the matter, who was corporal of the company of Mr. Duelo, who is an uncle of the respondent.

Asked:  What other proofs there are in this Capital, countrymen of it? or of New Orleans. [sic]

He answered:  That he knows Don Mauricio Demay, who was born in Mobile and in the Presidio of La Bahia del Espiritu Santo is married Antonio Conar alias Lafore, and Don Antonio de Mezieres, native of the Post of Natchitoches, that he is married to Candida del Rios, daughter of the Sergeant Rios; That also he knows the retired Pierre Minon and the distinguished Don Andres Benito Courbiere, he knew him in the Post of Natchitoches, serving Jean Bosque and Gaspar Fiel in the commerce of trade with the Indians Tancahues, but that he does not know of what place in Frace [sic] he is, and less Pierre Minon, who came to know him in the Presidio of San Antonio, in which he has known marriages with the two, and the children.

Asked:  What property he has, fixed as well as moveable?

He answered:  That he has no other property than the hut in which he lives, and abundances of infirmities that surround him, and no other assistance for maintaining himself than that of three pesos that is given to each soldier annually, and the very little that one or another cure produces, made among the neighbors.

Asked:  If he has known Don Andres Benito Courbiere, serving the King as a soldier, veteran or in the milicias [sic] of New Orleans.

He answered:  That he has not seen or heard said that Don Andres Benito Courbiere may have served in any troop in the Province of Louisiana, and indeed herein this Company of San Antonio, where he came with the Tancahuas Indians and Don Athanaise de Mezieres.  And having read to him this his declaration, it was asked of him if he had anything to say concerning the points interrogated.

He answered:  That he does not offer to say more than he has declared, and what he did that he is serving in the occupations that the had referred to for the time of more than ten years, which he would prove with certification that the Governor that was of this Province, Don Domingo Cabello, gave him, except it would be that robbed the cadet that was of this said company, Don Nicolas Lemey, for which reason he took him from his horse; that this is the truth under the oath that he has made, on which it is affirmed and ratified; read, that this was his declaration.  He said to be of the age of fifty-four years, a little more or less, he did not sign it because of not knowing how to write, he placed a sign of a cross in proof of the truth, I, said Governor, with the witnesses of my assistance, sign it, I certify.  -- Interlined -- con, correct.

Man'l. Munoz (rubric)                                                   X

Of assistance:                                                               Of assistance:

Vicente de la Cuesta (rubric)                                     Juan Jose Calderon (rubric)



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