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Declaration of Pedro Minon

Source: Bexar Archives, R.B. Blake Collection, Supp., Vol. III, Pg. 178.

In said town on the 20th day of the month of February of this current year of 1795, I, the aforenoted Governor of this Province of Texas, who act for receiver with witnesses of assistance, said:

That consequent to what is provided in the act of the 19th of February, consequent to the 10th of the same, ordered to bring into my presence the retired Pierre Minon, and being in it, I received of him an oath that he made in form, under which he promised to tell the truth in everything that he will know, and will be asked, and consequently he was asked, if he knew for what he was imprisoned?

He answers:  For being a Frenchman.

Asked:  From what town, village or city was he from France?

He answers:  From the city of Beaufort, in the Province of Aldas, where he served as a soldier, and that he came to New Orleans in a naval vessel named La Chimela, put [sic] he does not remember what the captain's name was.  That he deserted in said New Orleans, and came to this Province of Texas, in which he has maintained himself for thirty-four years in this part, serving in the Presidios of San Marcos, and San Saba, in which he lost his right arm, firing a cannon, by reason of which the most Excellent Sir Marquis de Croix, being Viceroy of Mexico, granted him the retirement which he enjoys in this Presidio of San Antonio de Bexar.

Asked:  If he is married.

He answers:  That he is married a second time, -- the first with Maria Antonia Musquiz, by whom he had five children, two males and three females, and one of these is serving as a solider in this Company of Bexar, and in the second he is married to Manuela Salinas, by whom he has no child.

Asked:  What religion he professes?

He answered:  That he is a Christian by the grace of God, and that he professes its law.

Asked:  If he has the faith of Baptism, and Documents that show the country of his birth?

He answered:  No, because that is very far back.

Asked:  If there are any sureties in this Province of Texas, by whom he is able to prove his country, and religion that he professes.

He answered:  That there is in this Province no more subject than the distinguished Don Andres Benito Courbiere, but that he was born more than a hundred leagues from the country of declarant.

Asked:  What good there are that he has and possesses?

He answered:  That he has no other property than the hut in which he lives, and a little lot that was given to him by the Ayuntamiento of this town, but that he does not have the sale in his possession.

Asked:  If he has any other thing to say on the points that have been asked of him?

He answered:  That he has nothing else to say, and that this is the truth under the oath that he has made, on which it was affirmed and ratified; read, that this was his declaration.  He said to be of the age of seventy years, a little more or less, he did not sign it because of not knowing how to write, he placed a sign of a cross in proof of the truth; I, said Governor, doing it with those of my assistance, I certify.

Man'l. Munoz (rubric)                                                   X

Of assistance:                                                               Of assistance:

Vicente de la Cuesta (rubric)                                        Juan Jose Calderon (rubric)



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