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Caesar L. Hanchett
Simon McCoy
August 18, 1805
Letter - Address on back reads, 
"Simon McKoy in the town of Chuapa or Cheawanas in New Spain or elsewhere in his Catholic Majestyes Dominions near Mexico."

Source: Bexar Archives, R.B. Blake Collection, Supp., Vol. V, Pg. 59.
All spelling and punctuation has been transcribed as it appeared.


(Original Letter in English)

"Oppeloussas County, Territory of Luciano, August 18th, 1805.

"Dear Simon thoug little I except that this ever will come to your sight a favourable oportunity is oferred which enduces me to take my pen in hand for this day being the first streight acount I could get of your situation; though long I have enquired in vain to know where how or in what manner you lived.  this day by chance met a man of a dark complection who appears to be an American who informs me he was preasant when Nolan was taken he says the men are not in prison which gives me great satisfaction even on your acount; he is now on his return to the River Grand and says he can forward a letter directly to where you now reside, I therefore wish you if possible to write and inform us how your situation is together with acount of the maner of living of that part of the country & what probability there is in seeing you once more reconciled with your friends; they are all anxious even to here from you but it would give us great pleasure to see you here thoug impossible for any of the family to get to where you are at preasant.  I will therefore give you an acount of their preasant situation since the death of your mother; Charlotte went to the Nunery where she remained two years af. which she has returnd home with all the acomplishment possible to be had in that place being in the higest pension.  She was home about six weeks when was married to an American gentleman then a merchant in this post by whom she had a daugter in about ten months after; five days after the child was born he took his leave and departed for New Orleans where he dyde of a yelow fever in about five days after he had landed there but she being handsome and of good character she did not remain long a widow.  She had scarce laid of her moarning dress but af. refusing several advantageous and honourable offers marryed about a month ago to young John Andrews son of Joseph Andrews who has now a very large stock of cattle and horses and a great number of slaves; she seems always to be very uneasy about you and would be very glad to here from you.  

"William was marryed to Fachonate Carrier about three years ago; Mary Clusoe departed this life about two months past leaving behin her four small children.  John our brother is well and the rest of the family at preasant, all the rest but Billy and Charlotte remain single.

"Though haveing met with many accidents and great loses we will still be able to live well enough and carry on great business.  We can collect between 10 & 12 thousand dollars now due or this fall and winter.  But the inhabitants of the territory are very much dissatisfyde with the American laws since the Louiciana has been given up to them but we understand that the Spaniards are arecting a town on Trinity River and are giveing encouragement for setlers and most of the inhabitants are selling their land in hopes of getting land there.

"You will excuse the shortnes of my letter and the eledgeable scroll after so long a seperation when you come to know how little time have to write.  Joseph presents his compliments and remembers his love to you.  try and write if possibly by the first opertunity but I must be breef as the man starts directly but still Remain your affectionate brother untill death.

"18th August 1805.

Cesar L. Hanchett.

I here Elizabeth Areheart has lost her last husband who left her a fortune.

Cesar L. Hanchett.




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