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Journal of Events
June 1805

Source: Bexar Archives, R.B. Blake Collection, Supp., Vol. V, Pg. 34.



Statement that shows the force of men of which it is Composed and stations in which they are used on this date:

Of the Company of Monclova, 1
The same of that of Bexar, 17
The same of La Bahia, 15
The same of that of San Carlos de Parras, 18

Total Force, 51


In the Watch Guard, 4
In that of Cavalry and caring for that of the Comanches, 6
Detached on Bayou Pierre, 11
Scouting the roads of Natchitoches on Attoyac 3
Of Escort of the Capt. Don Joaquin de Ugarte, 12
Sick in bed for Bexar with said Party, 3
In Bexar 5, and of Escort of Capt. D. Selestino, 3 8
With the Padre Puelles to said Bexar, 1
Ordnance. 1
Disengaged, 2
The same. 51
Are here of the Detachment of the Orcoquisa 3
Journal in which are shown the 
new events in all the month of June.

Day 1

In the morning returned to their stations of Bayou Pierre and Attoyac the soldiers who came to hunt for aid.

Day 2

In the Morning three soldiers went out to scout the roads from Bexar and La Bahia, making Pedro Morales head.

Day 3

It is passed without news.

Day 4

Went out in the morning toward Bayou Pierre the servants of the Supplier of the Indians, Don William Barr, Medrano Alvarado, Domingo and Garza and seventeen mules for bringing tobacco; and in the afternoon returned without news the soldier Pedro Morales and his scouting party of the roads.

Day 5

In the morning the Corporal Corona went out with three soldiers to scout the roads.  In the afternoon the citizen Santiago Leone returned from a rancheria of Alabama Indians that is a little below the junction of the Attoyac river with the Angelina, and gave report that the Chief of said Nation told him that on yesterday ten days ago that the negro Dennis and an Englishman had been on the rancheria from return from Louisiana, and said Dennis had told them that he was going to the Brazos River where some Spaniards were expecting him with a drove of horses that he was going to receive for driving them, and that he had left them there, one saddle tee and one exhausted horse, to pick upon his return, and he had gone toward the Brazos afoot.

Day 6

The citizen Manuel Cruz and two companions went out in the morning for Natchitoches, carrying peltry in one cart from the citizen Louis Reliquet to bring provisions from there.  In the afternoon there arrived the Alabama Chief who spoke to Leone about "Dennis having offered me to assure it on his return and to bring it to me, for that I have promised a small payment if he comply with it."

Day 7

Is passed without news.

Day 8

In the morning three soldiers went out carrying the monthly correspondence which goes to Bexar; and in the afternoon Corona and his scouting party returned without news.

Day 9

In the afternoon the soldier Pedro Morales and two of his grade went out to scout the roads from Bexar.

Day 10

In the afternoon there arrived from the Post of Baton Rouge the Captain Selestino Santo Moreno with a subaltern and servants, with Passport of the Government of said Post, Don Carlos de Grand Pre, in order to pass, carrying a packet of the royal service toward Mexico to the Sir Viceroy, and another for the Sir Commanding General of these Provinces.  In the same afternoon arrived a soldier from the detachment in Bayou Pierre with a report from that Commandant in which he advises that on the 8th there had passed through Bayou Pierre an Englishman of the three that had escaped from the soldier Monga, as was reported on the 22nd of March, accompanied by thirteen braves and four women of the Tahuayas Nation, and that they were directing themselves toward Natchitoches, and since I have no doubt that the Tahuayas Nation has been made restless by the said three Englishmen in order that they may come to receive entertainment at said Post and to open negotiations for trade and communication with these I an determined to give advice of it to the Senor Governor of the Province by means of a special courier.

Day 11

In the morning two soldiers went out toward Bexar carrying a packet of the royal service to the Senor Governor of the Province.

Day 12

I order that in the morning the Corporal Jose Corona will go out toward Bayou Pierre, in order that, forming his party in that detachment, of eleven men, he will be aided from the citizenship that may be there, with great care, in order that, upon the departure of the Tahuayaces, no damage may be done by these; and also I determined that Don Bernard D'Ortolan and another citizen who understand the Tahuayas language, go also to Bayou Pierre in order that, with neutrality, they talk with the said Tahuayaces, for the purpose of learning the intentions of these, and what has passed to them in Natchitoches; also the solider returned who arrived yesterday.  In the same morning two soldiers arrived from Atascosito, and that Commandant gave a report of having arrived there from Louisiana on the 7th the two subjects whom the Passport from the Senor Marquis de Casa Calvo mentions that I also received.  The mentioned Commandant states in his report that the same subjects have communicated to him that their coming has been to see where they are able to place their homes, with the coming of three hundred families, that they have given their word and signature to the said Senor Marquis to come to settle where the Orcoquisa was, because of which I ordered that they remain there, without making any investigations, until I may receive the decision of the Senor Governor, to whom I shall give an account of all opportunity.

Day 13

The Captain Don Selestino having asked, by virtue of his Passport, the assistance of an escort and horses for pursuing his march, I furnished him three soldiers and one countryman and three horses.  He took his departure for Bexar this afternoon.

Day 14

In the morning the soldiers returned to Atascosito, who arrived on the 12th.

Day 15

At noon the servants of the Supplier returned from Bayou Pierre, bringing seventeen mule loads of tobacco.

Day 16

The party of troops bringing the mail returned without news.

Day 17

Is passed without news.

Day 18

In the morning there arrived a Chief, with a little medal, of the Alabama Nation, and fourteen braves, in use of bread, and showed the complaint that they bring of some Indians remaining in the royal field from their Nation, that two Ais Indians, two Bidais and one Orcoquisa had robed them of two arrobas of powder, one hundred balls, one saddle-tree and other trifles; they had pursued them and overtook them, and without wishing to offend them in anything, had demanded of them the payment, I say for the delivery of the thief, and that they had only delivered to them the trifles, and yet remained the powder and balls, and they asked that it be required of them that they deliver it, or pay for said munitions, to which charge one of the said Aises that was present, who obligated himself to solicit of the other four to complete the payment.  The mentioned Alabama begged that I will aid them with provisions for their maintenance for the days that they will be here, to which I acceded.

Days 19, 20 and 21 and 22

Without news.

Day 23

In the afternoon the Alabama Indians returned to their establishments, who had arrived on the 18th.  There was spent on these in provisions, tobacco and trifles, in obedience, 22 pesos, 4 reales.

Day 24

In the morning Don Bernard D'Ortolant returned from Bayou Pierre, with one countryman and one soldier, and has communicated to me that on the 18th day there arrived there the said Francisco Grape, interpreter for the Indian Nations, that they entered Natchitoches, who from said Post, he had placed himself on march on account of a notice that a Yatase Indian gave in that post, from which the same D'Ortolant had gone out from Nacogdoches with fifteen soldiers and four citizens to go to give to the Tahuayaces Indians, at their crossing for Bayou Pierre, for which the Indian agent, Dr. Sibley had determined that forty Choctaw Indians and twenty-five Chicasaw had to accompany the said Tahuayaces on the return to their Nation, and that Mr. Edward Murphy and said interpreter advised them on the contrary that the news was false, and that only sending the said interpreter to Bayou Pierre being sufficient for learning everything, as the interpreter did, asking the motive of the voyage that had caused so much clamor in Natchitoches; to which he responded to D'Ortolant that he had only gone to visit the parents that he had in the said Bayou Pierre, and since successively this asked also the interpreter why was he called from the Tahuayaces to Natchitoches, and he answered him by the same interpreter, that he sent them to call the Agent Dr. Sibley to propose to them a treaty of trade for horses, mules and buffalo and they had given them in muskets, powder, balls, axes, etc. to the value of one thousand pesos; and that on the 19th said interpreter had retired toward Natchitoches, and on the 21st the Tayhuayaces Indians arrived at Bayou Pierre on the return toward their village, who told him the same that the interpreter had already told him, and in addition that twenty-five Chickasaw Indians had gone out from Natchez, directing their march toward the Cross Timbers (Monte Grande), for the purpose of hunting deer and catching mustangs with some Americans.

Day 25

In the morning there arrived twenty-five Texas and Hainais Indians, who have asked for the gifts of presents and offers of trade that by means of Cadadacho Indians Americans have traded with them from Natchitoches, to which, although I have signified to them the convenience that they do not admit it they will attempt without doubt to go to Natchitoches carrying their goals.

Day 26

The Indians returned to their villages, who entered yesterday, whom, in accordance to their request, I assisted for their maintenance and tobacco, to the value of ten pesos, two reales.

Day 27

In the morning there arrived the Indian woman, Maria, and her husband, of the Nations and the Gefe of the Comanches socuina, with two of the principal ones of their Nation, seven braves, four young men, thirty-two women, and eighteen boys, in use of the bread, and to sell buffalo and although the said socuina was attempting to pass to Natchitoches with their people, I took from them the idea, making easy what the sale will make here of their buffalo.

Day 28

In the morning three soldiers arrived here from Atascosito in search of provisions.

Day 29

Pon and Paillar went out in the morning toward the establishments of the Tancahue Indians, and carrying goods of trade for said Indians.

Day 30

Without news.

Nacogdoches, 1st of July, 1805.

Dionisio Valle (rubric)


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