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Power of Attorney
Collecting Salaries
December 31, 1759

Source: Bexar Archives, R.B. Blake Collection, Supp., Vol. I, Pg. 128.

"In the Royal Presidio of Our Lady of the Pilar of Los Adaes, jurisdiction of the Province of Texas, on the 31st day of the month of December, of this year 1759, before me, Don Marcos Ruiz, Lieutenant of the Company, and comandante (sic) of the said Presidio in the absence of the Sir Governor, and by the witnesses undersigned, with whom I act in absence of a notary, appeared present in their own persons:

Don Pedro Sierra Felipe de Sierra
Joseph de Castro Manuel de Pozos
Antonio Cadena Santos de Garza
Joseph de Garza Ignacio de Haro
Miguel Cordova Xavier Calahorra
Bartolo de Sierra Sebastian Camacho
Thadeo Ramas Joseph Felis Ruiz
Lorenzo Posos Pedro de Lara
Miguel del Rio Nicolas Xaxar
Joseph Ballejo Mathias Sanches
Ignacio Hernandes Juan de Torres
Antonio Villa Real Juan Joseph Pacheco
Gaspar Ruiz Melchor Morin
Bernardo Ramires Faustino Lasso
Miguel Losoya Juan Antonio Ybarbu
Joseph Zepeda Ignacio Montes
whom I certify I know, and they said and delivered all their authority complete which by law will be required necessary, to Don Diego Antonio Giraud, citizen and of the commerce of the city of Mexico, in order that, in their names, and in those of
Pedro Granados Antonio Gallardo
Domingo Chirino Andres Chirino
Joseph Hidalgo Melchor Benites
Augustin Rodrigues Joachin Ruiz
Joseph Miguel Trevino Joseph Miguel Games
Christoval Ballejo Ignacio Barbosa
Francisco Losoya Francisco de Torres
Manuel Bervan Valentin
Joseph Antonio Pena Joachin Mansolo
Victor Mansolo Facundo Mansolo
Ambrosio Vasquez Joseph Maria Rodrigues
Patricio Padilla Francisco de la Cerda
who in their own persons representing their actions and rights are able in the customary form to ask and to collect in the royal chests that are in said city the amount of 25,200 pesos, which is what, at the rate of 420 pesos which each one of the sixty soldiers who garrison said Presidio has annually, are due to those stated, including the Lieutenant, in addition to that of 65 pesos which, in addition to the wages stated, they enjoy in each year, the aforesaid officers, which each made, that of 25,265 pesos, which received and collected that may be in the aforesaid form, it is our wish that he have, as also said Don Diego Antonio Giraud will have it, at the disposition of thee Sir Don Angel de Martos y Navarrete, Governor and Captain General for His Majesty (whom God preserve) of this said Province, who at present is in the town of San Gernando, head of it; of which gentleman at the present we are entirely satisfied and paid for it, that he may have to convert it into the things and goods which the instruction contains, which for this purpose we have given him.  For all of which, and which concerning all this is offered, as also in order that also, and in the same form, he may receive and collect in said chests, 300 reales, and sixty pounds of powder, which are what, at the rate of six, that each one of the soldiers of this Presidio have to have, that belong to those stated.  We give and grant to said Don Diego Antonio Giraud this authority, with the power of being able to substitute, revoke the substitutes, and to name others; that in all we exonerate him, in form and his stability and validation, we obligate our persons and goods which we have or will have.  Also they delivered it on said day, month and year, and signed, those that know how, with me and the witnesses of my assistance, who were Don Felipe de Mora, Bernardo Zervantes, and for those that do not know how, I made it an instrumental witness; and is on this common paper, because of having no sealed paper in this Province, to all of which interposing my authority judicially, I certify.

Marcos Ruiz

Felipe de Mora, Assistance

Bernardo Zerbantes, Assistance

Felipe Sierra, Pedro de Lara
Ignacio Thomas de Aro, Joseph Zepeda
Pedro de Lara, Juan Joseph
Melchor Morin, Joseph Ruiz
Joseph de Castro, Miguel del Rio

(The name of Thomas Ybarbo appeared on the Power of Attorney for December 31, 1767.)"



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