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Nemesio Salcedo
Gov. J.B. Elguezabal
April 27, 1805
Concerning inspection of presidial company of  La Bahia

Source: Bexar Archives, R.B. Blake Collection, Supp., Vol. V, Pg. 22-23.


"Answered on June 5, 1805.

"Assistant Inspector Don Francisco Viana has informed me of the inspection which I ordered him to make of the presidial company of La Bahia del Espiritu Santo.  Having communicated to him the decisions in regard to the points which he touched upon, I am doing the same for you with those which you should know about and observe.

"Certain soldiers at Nacogdoches have complained that it is prejudicial to them to remain there for a long time.  Consequently, I order you to have that detachment relieved every six months as long as there is no good reason for preventing it.

"Some of the powder from the stores of the aforesaid company has been sold to individuals and to the priest of the Mission of Rosario, concerning which point I am stating to the Assistant Inspector that this abusive practice must cease, but that as far as the aforesaid missionary is concerned, under [manuscript torn] office of the Mustang Fund which has been used in the maintenance of prisoners and for Indian expenses.  Since the said fund should be administered under the supervision of the governor of that province, I hope that you will inform me regarding the matter so that I may make arrangements  in case it must be reimbursed for what may be listed as having been spent for both purposes.

"The above-mentioned inspection has given rise to charges against Ensign Don Francisco Vasquez showing the negligence, misapplication and inability to handle funds.  Therefore, I have decided that he shall not be appointed again as paymaster, and that he shall appear before you at that town immediately, in order that you may assign him to whatever other service you may see fit.  I instruct you to do so.

"In view of the fact that the state of the said company of La Bahia is not what it should be, and in accordance with the report of Assistant Inspector Don Francisco Viana, I have also decided [manuscript torn] shall retire from there and take charge of his company of San Carlos de Parras.

"May God preserve you many years.

Chihuahua,  April 27, 1805.

Nemesio Salcedo (rubric)


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