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Dionisio Valle
Governor J.B. Elguezabal
August 2, 1805

Source: Bexar Archives, R.B. Blake Collection, Supp., Vol. V, Pg. 47.

Record of the Property and Clothing Belonging to Dr. Zerban that were brought by McWilliams to the Presidio of Bexar:

138 Books
3 vials Powder
1 pair of Pistols
1 Sword
3 Basins
6 big Pictures
1 Organ
2 Candle-Sticks
  Medicines of several kinds
1 Desk
A quantity of used clothing of his wife's -- sheets, quilts, pillow cases.

The list of Clothing belonging to the person bringing them, as follows:

7 Shirts
3 pairs of Socks
6 Handkerchiefs
1 Jacket
13 pounds of Coffee
NOTE: -- All of the above-mentioned articles were packed in two trunks, three boxes and two canisters.  With the above-mentioned were Asencia Arriola, citizen of this Post, Ignacio Gomez of San Antonio, and Francisco Juarez of Bahia, who were driving sixteen animals, including the pack horses.

Nacogdoches, August 2, 1805
Dionisio Valle (rubric)