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Directors attending the meeting.Posted:  Dec 13, 2008  -  Deborah Edward, Ph.D, Texas Field Expert on Museum Governance met with the Rockne Historical Association Board of Directors on 6 December 2008 at the Rockne Museum.

Ms. Edward covered a wide range of governing guidelines and planning goals invigorating the board with renewed enthusiasm. The board benefits from the year long Hands-on Experiential Learning Project (HELP) a program implemented by Mid-America Arts Alliance. Members of the board are looking forward to the next meeting that will take place in Austin on 29 April 2009. Representatives from the other nineteen (19) Texas HELP Museums will also attend.

Posted:  Oct 16, 2008  -  “Old Geezers” Ride to Rockne and Enjoy Visit at Hilbig Park  -  The “Old Geezers” are a very informal group of retired and semi-retired Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners. The “Geezers” are all members of the South Austin Harley Owners Group Chapter (H.O.G.). They meet in Oak Hill each Thursday for breakfast and occasionally, weather permitting, take a 150-200-mile “back roads” ride somewhere in Central Texas passing through some point of interest, ending up somewhere for lunch then return to Austin.

On Thursday, 9 October 2008, their “point of interest” was Hilbig Park, Rockne Texas.

Clif Maloney, organizer of the ride, said, “Marian, the guys and I were most appreciative for the fine tour you and Charlie gave us today. It’s very special to be able to share not only a piece of history but also to shed a personal touch through ancestral anecdotes. We won’t forget you.”

There are currently 18 members of the “Old Geezers” group, a totally unofficial segment of the South Austin Harley Owner’s Group Chapter. All are retired or semi-retired and include Investors, Attorneys, Physicians, Business Executives, government workers and one Counter-Terrorism specialist.

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Bikers visit Hilbig Park.   Joe Konopka, Clif Maloney, Rick Sullivan, Cecil Bowes & Richard Blomstrom enjoyed learning more about Knute Rockne and the story of how Rockne Community got its name.

Joe Konopka, Cecil Bowes, Richard Blomstrom & Clif Maloney listening to Charlie Nelson’s yarn.   Rick Sullivan saying, "Thanks and Goodbye".   Joe Konopka

Major Bradley HarveyPosted:  Jul 11, 2008  -  Please pray for our men and women in uniform. I ask that you pray especially for my nephew who just left for his third tour. Drop him a line and let him know you are thinking of all the men and women “over there” and/or send him and his men a care package. He was fond of making cookies and cup cakes with his children. He has a sweet tooth and enjoys candy. - Editor

Major Bradley Harvey
Jalalabad PRT
APO, AE 09310

Lehman Cabin WellPosted:  Jun 17, 2008  -  Lehman Cabin Well Replaced  -  by Melvin Driskill  -  Time and weather finally caused a need for the well in front of the Lehman Cabin to be replaced. The well was presented to the Rockne Historical Association by the grandchildren of Martin Lehman in 2003.

The first well was constructed by Jerry Lehman, grandson of Martin Lehman and son of Matthew Lehman. He also took on the task of constructing the replacement. His new well was placed in the location of the old well on June 6 by Melvin Driskill, grandson of Martin Lehman and son of Laura Lehman Driskill. Assisting in the replacement was Daniel Lehman, a great nephew of Martin Lehman and curator of the Lehman Cabin.

Posted:  Apr 10, 2008  -  "The Poor Boy Model A Tour" made up of auto clubs from Houston, Victoria and San Antonio visited Hilbig Park on Saturday April 5, 2008. The well-planned tour stopped at 15-minute intervals and parked at Hilbig Park and at Sacred Heart Church parking lot. Over 100 autos toured with 2 - 4 persons riding in each auto. Minnie Bartsch thought everyone was able to enjoy seeing the log buildings and the museum. It was one of the largest crowds to visit at one time and she said, “Our facilities were stretched but we were able to accommodate everyone.” Donna and Mark Bartsch, Daniel Lehman, Millie Goertz, Donna Friske, Joy Goertz and Gerri Martinez directed parking and guided the visitors.

Daniel Lehman furnished the photos. He said, “I wanted to have my picture taken with a 1936 model (my birth year), but the drivers said they didn’t have one in the bunch that YOUNG!!!! Everyone was really nice and appreciative. The old cars were great (even though I didn’t have time to look at most of them).”

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One of over 100 auto's at Hilbig Park.   Rev. Bernard Goertz enjoying the Old Car Rally in Rockne.   Overflow of Autos parked in the Church parking lot.   Red Model A in front of the Goertz Cabin.

Posted:  Apr 10, 2008  -  Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative donated equipment to the Rockne Historical Association to improve illumination and enhance the security at Hilbig Park.

Community Representative, Joyce Buckner made the announcement and a pole is being installed behind Lehman cabin to light most of Hilbig Park. RHA works to keep the picturesque setting of the log village at Hilbig Park unspoiled by electric lines therefore other options are being considered for the Goertz cabin area. Pete Hoffman Electric has been contracted to do the work.

Posted:  Apr 06, 2008  -  Lehman Families from California and San Antonio visit Hilbig Park  -  Descendants of Daniel Lehman, one of the first settlers in the Walnut Creek area (Rockne) visit the John T. Lehman log cabin. Their first stop from California was San Antonio where they visited Gene and Kathy Lehman’s family, Marie’s brother. After Easter Sunday services, the families caravanned to San Marcos for a quick lunch. Back on the road, the lead car diverted and somehow lost its way. Gene said, “I knew where I was going. I just wanted to take a side trip to Austin!” All had a fun time; the weather was beautiful for taking pictures in Hilbig Park. They also spent several hours in the Rockne Museum looking at pictures of family they had never seen. Visiting from California were Bob and Marie Lehman Koomler, her son, Christopher Lehmann and daughter, Samantha; Marie’s daughter, Renee and two daughters, Claudia and Audrey.

From San Antonio were, Kathy and Gene Lehman, their sons Ken and Mike and Mike’s daughter, Marin and son, Pierson.

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Ken Lehman, Christopher Lehmann, Renee Taylor and Mike Lehman by the stairs of the Lehman cabin.   Bob & Marie Koomler, Kathy & Gene Lehman in front of the John T. Lehman cabin.   Audrey Taylor and Maren Lehman, looking over the tools displayed in the back room of the Goertz cabin.