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RHA Annual Meeting and Fundraiser Results

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mark Bartsch & Mike HoryzaThe sounds of happy laughter and enthusiastic conversations indicated the success of the 19th annual fundraiser. The hustle and bustle began earlier this year.

Chairpersons were ready for activity by 11:00 a.m. as anxious shoppers headed for the tables. The proficient cooks served a tasty Italian meal at 12:00 noon and a brief meeting took place before the live auction at 1:00 p.m.

Rita Fredericks joined the regular team of cooks, Shirley Wright, Jean Hoffman and Robin Cowan who are always on the job early in the morning. Tina Horzya makes and serves the gallons of tea. Cindy and George Goertz of Rockne Grocery furnish all the ice and deliver the beer donated by Wright Distributing Company.

The popular silent auction drew a crowd as usual keeping chairpersons Clara White and Joy Goertz busy. The raffle also drew large numbers. Daniel and Connie Lehman, Sue and Shannon Taylor efficiently listed the donations.

ClaireThanks to Olivia Hoffman’s expertise and Ovon Goertz’s assistance, nearly 200 participants were listed electronically.

Gerri Martinez and Marian NelsonCashier for the Live Auction, Gerri Martinez thanks everyone for patiently waiting in line to pay and she promises to make some changes next year to expedite the process.

Tish Wilhelm MillerWorkers are Debbie DiFronzo, Gloria Hoffman, Gayle Wilhelm, & Tish Miller.

Arthur Goertz & Mike HilbigAuctioneer, Mike Hilbig with helpers Arthur Goertz and Jerry Wilhelm.

Skaggs Family, Charlie Nelson and Klinkovskys       Coleen Bartsch, Donna Bartsch, Elnora Swearingen and Kallie Bartsch

RHA Thanks Each Donor and Purchanser
# Item for Auction Donor Purchaser Paid
1 Turtle Cheesecake Donna Bartsch Richard Hoffman 105.00
2 6 Pack Mouthwash Bernard Probst &
     Vernon Bartsch
Cheryl Goertz Daniel 130.00
3 Grape Mouthwash Vernon Bartsch James Wilhelm 80.00
4 Turquoise Jewelry Set Donna Bartsch Tish Miller 50.00
5 Water Hose Ovon Goertz Clayton Hoffman 95.00
6 Yellow Cake Ovon Goertz Jerome Henzen 75.00
7 Carrot Cake Ovon Goertz Jerome Henzen 100.00
8 Garden Bench Tish & Tom Miller Mary Ann Lavin 65.00
9 Little Town of Bethlehem Minnie Bartsch Stacey Hemphill 35.00
10 Texas Flag Rep. Patrick Rose Ramon Cook 75.00
11 Homemade Bonnet on Stand Rita Fredericks Nelda Thompson 35.00
12 Valentine Basket Greg & Michelle Dowling Jerome Henzen 30.00
13 Needle Point Pictures Clara White Gloria Hoffman 10.00
14 2 Gold Framed Pictures Clara White James Wilhelm 20.00
15 Silver Cross   Stacey Hemphill 20.00
16 Metal Cross Wanda Rucker Kelly Procise 50.00
17 American Heritage Quilt Charlie & Marian Nelson Pat & Debbie Montgomery 230.00
18 Garden Quilt Debbie DiFronzo Minnie Bartsch 200.00
19 DVD Cabinet Clara White Pat Montgomery 65.00
20 Cedar Chest Charlie & Marian Nelson Mark & Minnie Bartsch 520.00
21 Nick Knack Shelf   Eugene & Grace Vinklarek 25.00
22 Crochet Throw Minnie Bartsch Jerome Henson 40.00
23 Place Mat Set   Minnie Bartsch 15.00
24 Painting Minnie Bartsch Marcus Meuth 50.00
25 Valentine Bear George & Cindy Goertz Minnie Bartsch 25.00
26 Ice Cream Maker George & Cindy Goertz Arthur Goertz 25.00
27 Last Supper Picture Alberta Goertz Olivia Bartsch 40.00
28 American Eagle Coin J. R. & Betty Waneck Cleo Beck 110.00
29 Ocean Scene J. R. & Betty Waneck Denise Hodson 155.00
30 Apple Pie Barbara Seidel Gayle Wilhelm 70.00
31 Baseball Cards Barbara Seidel Chris Duggan 65.00
32 Grape Delight Bernard Probst Tina Horyza 60.00
33 Sticky Buns Donna Gessner Marian Nelson 65.00
34 Sticky Buns Donna Gessner Charlie Nelson 45.00
35 Mouthwash Charlie Ott Lynn Klaus 55.00
36 Glass Flower Bouquet Connie Lehman Kathy Bartsch 50.00
37 First Doll House Albert & Clara
Clayton & Wanda
38 Santa Claus & Reindeer Connie Lehman Daniel & Connie Lehman 55.00
39 Italian Cream Cake Ann Hancock Barbara Seidel 80.00
40 German Chocolate Cake Ann Hancock Seidel Store 75.00
41 Homemade Noodles Ann Hancock Jane & Anton Goertz 65.00
42 Texas Star Mary Ann Lavin Denise Hodson 40.00
43 Floor Lamp Mary Ann Lavin Denise Hodson 25.00
44 Homemade Noodles Ann Hancock Catherine & Tom Hilbig 40.00
45 J. D. Cookie Jar & Cookies Grace Vinklarek Pat Friske 55.00
46 Miller Lite Picture Wright Distributing
Timmy & Lisa Tucker 70.00
47 Kolaches Marcella Muehr Melvin Beck 50.00
48 Blackberry Jelly Lucille Bartsch Janet Rathman 70.00
49 Yellow Bouquet JoAnn Hilbig Barbara Tillman 50.00
50 Godiva Chocolates Kathy Bartsch Fr. Ben Goertz 45.00
51 Painting Kathy Bartsch Minnie Bartsch 40.00
52 UT Cross Jimmy & Star Waneck Star Waneck 50.00
53 Grape Mouthwash Melvin Beck Vernon Bartsch 50.00
54 Coffee Cake Janet Rathman Jerome Henson 40.00
55 Cherry Kolaches Janet Rathman Clara White 55.00
56 Pineapple Upside Down
Janet Rathman Fr. Ben Goertz 130.00
57 German Chocolate Cake Wanda Hoffman Tim & Lisa Tucker 125.00
58 2 Canned Squash & 1 Kraut Mary Ann Till Chris Duggan 45.00
59 2 Canned Squash & Kraut Mary Ann Till Tish Miller 55.00
60 Baby Quilt Ruby Hendrix Wanda & Clayton Hoffman 75.00
61 Bird Feeder Lorene Redus Tom Miller 120.00
62 16 Mini Pecan Pies Ella Mae Bartsch Elizabeth Duggan 55.00
63 Goodie Basket Ella Mae Bartsch Milton Goertz 105.00
64 Outdoor Cedar Wooden
Tucker Homes Kathy Bartsch 210.00
65 King Size Quilt Tucker Homes Aileen Dixon 60.00
66 Beanie Baby w/Babies Duggan Family Ed Lavin 100.00
67 Throw Chris Duggan Stacy Hemphill 50.00
68 Homemade Gift Basket Patty Tomsu Vernon Bartsch 30.00
69 U.T. Globe Gerri Martinez Mark & Donna Bartsch 35.00
70 Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Gerri & Cecil Martinez Gayle Wilhelm 65.00
71 Candle Holders Aileen Dixon Debbie DiFronzo 20.00
72 Spiced Mouthwash Aileen Dixon Fr. Ben Goertz 30.00
73 Last Supper Picture Cheryl Daniel Gerri Martinez 55.00
74 Metal Art Bat Cheryl Daniel Cheryl Daniel 50.00
75 Key Wind Chime Cheryl Daniel Julaine Goertz 25.00
76 Resale - Ice Cream Maker
Arthur Goertz Julaine Goertz 100.00
77 Resale - Bird Feeder #61 Tom Miller Gayle Wilhelm 50.00
Total: $5,485.00


Raffle Prizes 2009
# Winners Prize Donated By
1st Melvin Beck “Symphony of Flowers”,
     Afghan - 54" x 78"
Doris & Ramon Cook
2nd Linda Nolte $300.00 Rev. Bernard Goertz
3rd Lynn Klaus $200.00 Minnie & Vernon Bartsch
4th Bob Hilbig $200.00 Marian & Charlie Nelson
5th Shirley Ray $100.00 Melvin & Marcia Driskill
6th Gayle & Ed Quesenberry $100.00 Clara White
7th Joy Goertz $100.00 Tom & Letitia Wilhelm Miller
8th Sally Klaus Two tickets, each good for
two box seats at Round Rock
Express baseball games.
The Round Rock Express
9th Jane Goertz $50.00 Catholic Life Ins., Gerri Martinez, Rep.
10th Jane Goertz $50.00 Cecil & Gerri Martinez
11th Jean Anne Rockne $50.00 Clyde & Gloria Hoffman
12th Hoss Hilbig $25.00 Lottery Tickets Rockne Grocery

Thank You One And All For Another Successful Fundraiser.
May God bless you for your generosity.