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Extended Hours at Hilbig Park, Rockne, Texas

Museum at Hilbig ParkFlowers are blooming, butterflies are abundant, and the weather is great for an outing or taking pictures at Hilbig Park in Rockne. The hours for visiting the Rockne Museum and the Pioneer Log Cabins have been extended and now are open every Saturday from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Of course, visitors are welcome anytime by appointment. Give Minnie Bartsch a call at 303-3179 or Marian Nelson at 899-2214.

The Rockne Museum recently acquired binders of all the newspaper articles written by Erlene Goertz over a span of 40 years. Some 20 events such as marriages, births, deaths and social activities are separated into individual binders for easy research. Rockne Historical Association is grateful to the family of Mrs. Goertz for this archival treasure.

The museum has a wealth of information about the early Rockne Community and is particularly proud of the family photo histories. This on-going project includes nearly 30 individual families. If your family is not represented, please stop by the museum for information and assistance. Family stories are another on-going project and a way of memorializing someone you love. Check out Stories & Remembrances About Rockne Folk on this website.

“Y’all come. We have new display cases and rotating exhibits so there is always something new to see,” said Marian Nelson.