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Rockne Plaque at Notre Dame

I recently made a trip up to Notre Dame, IN with friends for a football game. One of my friend's father played football in the 60's at ND and he was very familiar with the campus as well as the story of Rockne, TX. I made sure to visit the Knute Rockne Memorial gym and especially the plaque in front of the gym which Rockne, TX had given ND explaining the naming of the town. It was very touching to travel across America and find a plaque honoring Rockne. It made me very proud. I just thought I'd share with you the photos I took of the plaque.

Trey Bartsch

Trey Bartsch beside Rockne Historical Marker at Knute Rockne memorial Gym, Notre Dame, Indiana.

Duplicate of the Rockne Historical Marker that was installed in front of the Sacred Heart Church Rockne, Texas on May 29, 1988.

The Original Historical Marker in Rockne, Texas was damaged and a new one was installed by the Rockne Historical Association in 2006.