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Knute Rockne Memorabilia

My name is Michael Mullen and I live in Cypress Calif. My father Richard Mullen was at Notre Dame in 1930 and 1931 and worked in the locker room and knew Knute Rockne. He died in 1979 and my Mom remarried. She married Jim Hurlburt who played for Rockne in the mid twenties. He was Captain of the 1927 or 1928 football team. He died in mid nineties and my Mom gave me several pictures of Jim and Rockne and two letters signed by Rockne to Jim in 1925. I have a plaque showing Jim and a team picture of the 1927 or 1928 team including Rockne and Jim Hurlburt. I have these pictures and letters mounted in a large frame. Notre Dame people love to see this plaque.

Perhaps I could photocopy everything and send them to the museum? Let me know. By the way my Dad took me to the mid-forties game at the Coliseum in LA where Johnny Lujack beat USC. I was 7 or 8 years old. Also, we moved from California to Minnesota in 1949 and my Dad had Frank Leahy (From Winner, South Dakota) over to the house for dinner several times. My Dad was a big Notre Dame booster. I often brag about having two Fathers who graduated from Notre Dame and both knew Knute Rockne!

Second note from Mike

Have anyone, especially in South California, feel free to contact me to see the memorabilia that I have. I will be photocopying it and sending it to you in the next several weeks. I will let you know when I am ready to send info. Thanks.

Mike Mullen