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The following articles are from "The Pioneer" January 2010 printed edition...

Stepping Down
By Marian H. Nelson

My vocation the last twenty years has been serving our Lord through RHA and the Rockne Community. As president for many of those years, it has been a blessing to work with the officers, volunteers, and the community to honor the heritage of faith given to us by our ancestors. Now is the time for a change in leadership. It is with great joy that I can pass on the role of President to Gerri Martinez, who has the charisma, vision, and training to move us forward. I will continue serving RHA as a member on the Board of Directors and in other capacities.

By Gerri Martinez

This is a good time to reflect on the past, realize where we are today, and think about where we want to be in the future.

Christ said if you build a home on sand, it won’t stand if a storm comes, but if you build it on good firm ground it will have a good foundation and will withstand the storms.

In looking at the past, The Rockne Historical Society was built on good firm ground by those who started it.

Minnie, the founder, had the thought and vision of creating the Rockne Museum even before the new hall was built. Marian and Charlie donated the land for Hilbig Park and provided wonderful leadership. Father Alois wrote the Rockne book which is so rich with history and family genealogy and generates so much interest in the pursuance of Rockne history. This truly was the firm foundation in which the RHA was built.

These people had a strong passion and so the Rockne Historical Association was born and more people with just as strong a passion got involved. Because of this foundation, the RHA membership has grown with people who have contributed much of their time and finances to help the museum.

This building houses our history, the story of our ancestors. Now it is our turn. Where do we go from here? Several members are planning to do oral history interviews, and we will begin to periodically feature the history of individual families. We also plan to discuss other programs with new exhibits with the goal of getting more involved with the public schools in our area.

In addition, our current board has expressed an interest in working to pass on our history to the next generation through the museum. It is important to recruit young people so that someday when our Creator calls us, these young energetic and passionate people will continue the work that our ancestors started.

Leland Celus Chambliss
May 18, 1938  •  April 22, 2009

Leland ChamblissIt is with great sadness that we say goodbye to a prolific contributor to the Rockne Museum Archives. Leland transcribed the entire Rockne History Book Genealogy to RootsMagic, a digitized program. This computer program allows one to find a person, his/her ancestry, and relationship to another person in seconds. It is a most useful tool for those of us who get inquiries from around the world. Anni Balthaus, who also has made momentous contributions to RHA, recently asked, “On what page of the Red Book can I find Charlie Goertz?”

Leland worked tirelessly checking obituaries and updating information even after he became ill. RHA will forever be indebted to him for this worthwhile project. He also wrote several family history books that are in the Rockne Museum.

In Memory of RHA Members
Richard William Roby   May 20, 1920  •  February 10, 2009
Claudette Ann Goertz Griffith   November 26, 1947  •  May 5, 2009
James Grohman   December 14, 1944  •  May 7, 2009
Mary Anna Goertz   December 18, 1908  •  June 9, 2009
Harold "Rope" Waneck   November 14, 1926  •  June 14, 2009
Adolph August Meuth   August 28, 1910  •  October 4, 2009
James Alfred Goertz   October 21, 1933  •  August 2, 2009
James Goertz, along with his wife Ruth, was a faithful docent at the Rockne Museum. James enjoyed talking to visitors and always helped when there were photos and newspaper clippings to identify and sort.

Memorial Gifts

RHA graciously accepts memorials for loved ones, living or deceased. A perpetual gift, in their memory would be placed in the museum to be viewed and appreciated by everyone.

For information, call Minnie Bartsch at 512-303-5936.

Museum Briefs
By Joy Goertz

Recent rains and Ovon’s hard work have made the Museum grounds look green and lush. Visitors come from around the country based on word-of-mouth, internet, homecomings, or by sheer coincidence.

During the month of November, docents helped young-uns make ornaments and decorations for the holidays; bring your kids and grandkids to the Museum during open hours for more learning experiences.

There are currently two display cabinets filled with Minnie Bartsch’s collection of nativities. If you missed this Christmas exhibit, it will be on display until March.

More entertaining and informative events are planned for 2010 - stay tuned.

The First Pioneers

It all began at Meuth Hill in 1846, subsequently leading to separate parishes at String Prairie and Rockne. Paul and Sandra Goertz and their son, Shawn, now own the land that includes Meuth Hill and they said, “We are very eager to work with RHA in an effort to preserve and share this historical landmark.”