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The following is "The Pioneer" January 2011 printed edition in HTML format.

Rockne, Texas
Vol. 21  No. 1 January 2011

Lea Ann Goertz Lee
The Pioneer
Lea Ann Goertz Lee
Thomas Hilbig
The Pioneer Online
Thomas Hilbig
Marian H. Nelson
The Pioneer Online
Marian H. Nelson

HILBIG PARK - Museum, Pioneer Log Buildings
4065 FM 535  •  Rockne, Texas
OPEN SATURDAYS 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
& Special Occasions
Anytime by Appointment, Call 512-303-3179

Annual Rockne Historical Association

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Sacred Heart Parish Hall
Silent Auction - 11:00 a.m.
Spaghetti Lunch - Noon

(Goodwill Donation)
Live Auction - 1:00 p.m.
Come join the fun and camaraderie with old friends and make new.

Raffle Prizes
$400.00 Clara White
$300.00 Vernon & Minnie Bartsch
$200.00 James & Gail Wilhelm
$200.00 Gene & Ellen Goertz and
Dennis Bartsch

Handcrafted Afghan Doris &
Ramon Cook

$100.00 Mark Lee Ins. Agency
$100.00 Catholic Life Ins.
$100.00 Bill & Adeline Bartsch Fast
$100.00 Charlie & Marian
Hilbig Nelson
$100.00 H.W. & JoAnn Bartsch Sims
$100.00 Leon's Country Store,
Herman Goertz

$100.00 AAA Storage, Wayne &
Brenda Mueth

$100.00 Melvin & Marcia Driskill
Round Rock Express Baseball Tickets
Melvin & Marcia Driskill

$60.00 Gift Certificate Lee Ann's Salon
$50.00 Ovon Goertz
Central Market Food Basket Joy
$2.00 each or 6 for $10.00  •  Need Not Be Present To Win

Agnes Seidel

Agnes Seidel Celebrates 100th Birthday

On Sunday, September 12, Agnes Kadura Seidel celebrated her 100th birthday with a gathering at Sacred Heart Catholic Church Parish Hall. Seidel wore a tiara with “100” on it and a big smile as she greeted her guests. She graciously visited with everyone and posed for photos throughout the afternoon. Most in attendance remarked on how they would love to live to be 100 if they could be as mentally sharp as Mrs. Seidel.

Mrs. Seidel was recently the subject of an interview by RHA members where she talked about the changes she has seen in her lifetime and what it was like to grow up in the community. She is a valuable resource and her interview may be seen at the museum, where it was playing during the recent Veteran's Day celebration. Other lifetime Rockne residents were also interviewed, among them Anton Goertz, who recently turned 90.

Seidel is a lifelong Rockne resident and parishioner of the church. She was born on September 20, 1910, the sixth of seven children of Agnes Bartsch and Paul Kadura. She married Adolph Seidel on November 13, 1934.

“My wedding dress cost $7.00 and I picked cotton all summer to pay for it,” Seidel said.

Seidel still loves to play dominoes at family gatherings. She prays the rosary daily and plays a game of solitaire before bed each night. She attends church and comes to the meetings of the Rockne Extension Education Club (part of the Bastrop County Agricultural Extension) when she is able. She has been a member of the club for many years and was known for her crocheting, canning and gardening, in particular. In 1978, she was the high point winner at the Bastrop County Extension Education Club's annual fair.

We Honor Those Who Served For Us


During the month of November, a display in the museum featured veterans from the Rockne community in honor of Veterans Day. Minnie Bartsch began this extensive and impressive display and has been adding more photos each year. Pictured with the display are local veterans Vernon Bartsch, Charlie Nelson, James Wilhelm, Thomas Goertz, Anton Goertz.

Members of the local 4-H Club donated cookies for the commemoration of Veteran Day. It has become a tradition for the young people to personally give cookies to the veterans and to talk with them. The service members appreciate their respect and involvement.

Chambliss Honored

Marian Nelson, Elaine Chambliss & Gerri Martinez The members of the Rockne Historical Association and many guests gathered at the Rockne Museum on Sunday, November 14, to unveil a plaque honoring the late Leland Chambliss. Chambliss typed over 20,000 names and family genealogy date from the book Rockne by Rev. Alois J. Goertz into a digitized porogram called RootsMagic. He also use other records, such as obituaries, to update information. By doing this, Champliss made the information easily accessible for history enthusiasts and those researching their family genealogy.

Chambliss's wife, Elaine Beck Chambliss, was present for the unveiling of the plaque and received a framed copy of it for her home. She spoke to the crowd about her husband's passion for genealogy and about how, while researching his own family history, he discovered that he had roots in Bastroop County (the couple had alwas resided in Longview and a link to his wife's family.

After making inquiries online, Chambliss came into contact with other family members who were also doing research. Sandra Rathmann Weaver was one of those researchers and she extended an invitation for the couple to visit her home so that she could share her findings. Among her photos was one of Rebecca Chambliss, Leland's cousin, who, in 1895, was a school teacher in the community which is now Rockne.

“It was so amazing viewing photos of the Chamblisses and Becks together. One of the highlights was the photo of the 1895 Hilbig School students and teachers,” Mrs. Chambliss said. “Imagine our surprise in discovering that the teacher was Rebecca Chambliss, Leland's cousin, and two of the students were my grandparents, Albert Beck, Jr. and Hettie Goertz.”

This discovery is what sparked Chambliss to take on the daunting task of inputting the names from the Rockne book into the RootsMagic program. He also cross-referenced using information from the Texas Department of Health and Vital Statistics, visits with county clerks, immigration records, ship logs and census records.

Mrs. Chambliss estimates that her husband spent roughly 1400 hours over eight months collecting and inputting the data. “Even after being diagnosed with cancer, Leland continued this work,” she said. “He realized that it would be a priceless resource. It was his wish that these files continue to be updated.”

Marian Nelson of RHA stated that Chambliss's extraordinary work is being continued so that it will be available for future generations. Anyone who is listed in the Rockne book may contact her for more information about pedigree charts, ancestral lists or to upate family information. Please email her at

Mueth-Matjeca Reunion


by Ovon Goertz

The 41st annual Meuth-Matjeka reunion was held at the VFW in Rodkne in November and was well attended by descendants of Pete and Tracy Matjeka Meuth. Others attending were descendants of Ida Meuth and Ed Matjeka from San Antonio. The oldest person in attendance was Freda Meuth Kadura (daughter of Pete And Tracy Meuth) who turned 98 in September. The youngest person was three-week-old Zachary Austin Ferguson, great-grandson of Eva Meuth Friske.

After much visiting and a delicious potluck lunch, some of the family members visited the “Meuth Hill” cemetery and the site where the Andreas Meuth home once stood on Sandy Creek. The Andreas Meuth home served as the first church where settlers gathered for services during the 1850s. All who attended the event had a great time.

Board Members:

Gerri Martinez, President
Minnie Bartsch, Treasurer
Shannon Taylor, Secretary
Debra DiFronzo
Melvin Driskill
Joy Goertz
Ovon Goertz
Marian Nelson
Clara White
Lea Ann Goertz Lee

Docents:  Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
First Saturday
Second Saturday
Minnie Bartsch   Mildred Ann Moore
Melvin Driskill   Ruth Goertz
Joy Goertz   Bernadette Beck
Clara White   Anita Sanders
Third Saturday
Fourth Saturday
Daniel Lehman   Sandy Beck
Marian Nelson   Ovon Goertz
Janice Grohman   Olivia Bartsch
Shannon Taylor   Letitia Wilhelm Moore
Sue Taylor   Theresa Schumake
Fifth Saturday
Bill & Adeline Fast   Donna Friske
Ella Mae Bartsch   Eva Friske
Gene & Ellen Goertz   Cecil Martinez
Joyce Schuelke    

RHA Annual Membership and Donations
Enter your Family Membership Donation $10.00 $_______
Enter your Donation for the Raffle $_______
Enter other Donations for Museum, Cabins, Memorials, etc. $_______
Enter Book Orders:
1876-1976, UPDATED 1996, by Rev. Msgr. Alois J. Goertz
$20.00 plus $2.00 postage and handling each
Index to Family Trees - $5.00 plus $1.00 postage $_______
Mandering Through the Mystery by Msgr. Victor M. Goertz
10.00 plus $2.00 for postage and handling
Rockne Region Germans, Würges Immigrants 1846-1883
& Their Destiny in Texas by Anni Balthaus,
translation by Donald C. Goertz, Ph.D.
$15.00 plus $2.00 postage and handling each
Nine Years Among the Indians 1870-1879 - Herman Lehman
16.95 plus $2.00 for postage and handling
Total amount enclosed: $_______

City________________________ State_____ Zip________
Email or phone ________________________________________________________

Please make check payable to:
167 Lehman Lane
Bastrop, TX 78602

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