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Homecoming Bazaar

Taken from the book "Rockne" by Rev. Alois J. Goertz

Today in the Rockne community one of the big social events of the year is the Homecoming Bazaar held on Labor Day weekend. This event began in a very modest way about sixty-five years ago. We read in the minutes of the St. Joseph's Society meeting held in October of 1935, with Rudolph Goertz as President, the following. "Father Leopold asked the Society if we were in favor of some kind of entertainment to raise money. With everyone in favor, we decided on a Bazaar to be held on the 27th of October. Brother Albert Beck, Jr. was elected as chairman." Little did they know at that meeting that they were beginning an event which was to continue over these many years.

In those early years the butchering for the bazaar was always done at the Albert and Hettie Beck home. It was much more difficult to care properly for the meat as many of our modern facilities were lacking. The families of the parish brought all types of food for the bazaar so that it was literally a "home cooked" meal. Beginning with the first bazaar the occasion has attracted people from the neighboring communities anxious to share a good meal and to visit with friends. In later years it has become more of a true homecoming for the many young people who moved away from Rockne and who return on this day knowing that numbers of their friends will be there.