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Anna Maria Rau

Wife of John Peter Goertz and Mother of Philip Goertz

by Michael Friske

Rau  House in Haintchen

The Date 1688 Above The Barn Door

Michael Friske

Another House Anna Maria Rau Lived In

The House and The Barn

In September my wife (Diane Friske), her mother (Margaret Korzekwa), her mother’s long-time friend (Evelyn Meuth) and I had the pleasure of visiting Franz Peter Martin and his family in Bad Camberg, Germany. We spent several days there, and we had a great time touring around Bad Camberg, the Rhine River valley, the Braunfels castle, and the Hessen Park. We would like to thank the Martin family for their hospitality.

During my visit, Franz Peter shared information he found about my great-great-great grandmother, Anna Maria Margarethe Rau. Anna was the daughter of Johann and Florentine Rau. She was born in Haintchen, Germany, on August 15, 1790. Haintchen is about 9 miles from Würges, the town the Goertz families emigrated from.

Anna was the second wife of Johann Görz (John Goertz). They married on May 26, 1818. The “Rockne” book (page 336), says that John Peter Goertz, father of Philip Goertz, married to Catherine Eichorn. That differs from what is recorded in the book “Rockne Region Germans” (page 97) by Anni Balthaus. In that account, Philipp Görz was the fourth child of Johannes Görz and Anna Maria Rau. According to Franz Peter’s genealogy database, the first wife of Johann Görz (John Goertz) was Margaretha Stadtmüller. She was born in 1781 and married Johann on October 8, 1813. She died only 4 years later on December 10, 1817. John married Anna Maria Rau 5 months later.

Johann Görz, born on October 25, 1786, died on September 13, 1848 in Germany, and his wife Anna Marie died on December 10, 1858.

No one with the family name Rau still lives in Haintchen today, but Franz Peter located the house where Anna Marie was born. It is located at Eisenbacher Weg 3 (Iron Steam Way) in Haintchen. It is just a block behind the church in Haintchen. The inscription on the barn behind the house reads “Heinrich Rau - Maria Katharine, Married 1688”, so the house is quite old. According to records Franz Peter found, it looks like the house belonged to the Rau family until the 1950’s. The last owner from the Rau family was Christian Rau.