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 Robertson County Deaths - 1965

Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.

           Name                Date      Sex    Marital Status
Abell, Parker Earl Sr          3-2-1965    M    Widowed
Alford, John Wesley           2-28-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Anderson, Bolden               9-3-1965    M    Single
Anderson, William C Iii       5-30-1965    M    Single
Antone, Nick                  3-25-1965    M    Single
Baker, Jennie Roberta         1-17-1965    F    Widowed
Baker, Willie                 9-29-1965    M    Single
Barnett, Oliver Ephiram        2-3-1965    M    Single
Bates, Tina Sue              11-22-1965    F    Married
Bielamowicz, Annie M          12-3-1965    F    Widowed
Bielamowicz, Verna            10-9-1965    F    Single
Biggs, Mary Bell             10-16-1965    F    Widowed
Black, Charles E             11-19-1965    M    Single
Bolton, Minnie Qumiller      10-12-1965    F    Single
Bolts, Elijah                12-16-1965    M    Widowed
Booker, Luella                1-16-1965    M    Widowed
Boxley, Lillie                10-5-1965    F    Widowed
Brown, Brisco                  1-4-1965    M    Married
Brown, Charles Duke          10-16-1965    M    Single
Brown, Ethel                  12-1-1965    F    Widowed
Browning, Albert Sidney       1-11-1965    M    Single
Bryant, Treola                11-6-1965    F    Widowed
Bullock, Viola                12-1-1965    F    Widowed
Burnett, Mabel Claire         1-31-1965    F    Married
Burns, Jasper Clark           3-13-1965    M    Widowed
Burnside, Willie Louise        2-1-1965    F    Widowed
Burris, Albert Ray            8-28-1965    M    Single
Bynum, Hicks Harmon          12-10-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Cajka, Marie                  3-11-1965    F    Single
Cajka, Stephanie               6-1-1965    F    Married
Cajka, Stephanie               6-1-1965    F    Married
Carson, Robert Caleb         10-14-1965    M    Widowed
Castillo, John                2-16-1965    M    Widowed
Clark, Mary Jane              2-17-1965    F    Widowed
Cohn, William Taylor          2-20-1965    M    Single
Crawford, Sarah              10-11-1965    F    Widowed
Davis, Jesse                  11-6-1965    M    Single
Davis, Jetson Louis Sr        4-25-1965    M    Widowed
Davis, Rena Mae               2-15-1965    F    Single
Davis, Virginia Frances       7-31-1965    F    Separ/Divorced
Davis, Wylie Bassett           6-8-1965    M    Single
Dingler, James Wesley         3-29-1965    M    Single
Dodson, Charles Norbin        1-13-1965    M    Widowed
Dubose, David Arnold          1-12-1965    M    Married
Edwards, Bettie               7-13-1965    F    Widowed
Edwards, Willie Charles       5-18-1965    M    Married
Faulkner, John Avery           2-6-1965    M    Widowed
Foster, Judicious             4-19-1965    M    Single
George, Adline               10-26-1965    F    Widowed
Giddings, Mary B              1-12-1965    F    Widowed
Glasco, Mary                  2-12-1965    F    Widowed
Glasper, Winnie               12-6-1965    F    Widowed
Glowski, Francis              2-22-1965    F    Widowed
Goodwin, John J               1-30-1965    M    Single
Granados, Macedonio           5-15-1965    M    Single
Gray, Cora Jane               5-31-1965    F    Widowed
Gray, James  Jr              11-10-1965    M    Widowed
Gray, James Alvin             3-27-1965    M    Married
Hall, Melvin Filmoe           2-21-1965    M    Married
Hanna, Al Jernon              3-13-1965    M    Single
Harlan, Sallie               10-17-1965    F    Widowed
Harris, James E                9-5-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Hart, Ellen                   7-23-1965    F    Widowed
Hodges, Lillian Eugenia       9-18-1965    F    Widowed
Holmes, Martha               10-18-1965    F    Widowed
Hood, Hattie                 11-16-1965    F    Widowed
Hughes, Walter Lincolin        7-1-1965    M    Single
Hurley, Eric Grady           10-12-1965    M    Married
Hurst, Terry Wayne            6-28-1965    M    Married
James, Frank Allison          6-24-1965    M    Widowed
Johnson, Jane                 1-20-1965    F    Widowed
Johnson, Lula                12-21-1965    F    Widowed
Jones, Eva                   12-28-1965    F    Married
Jones, Gabe W                  3-5-1965    M    Single
Jones, Ida                    2-11-1965    F    Widowed
Jones, Jim                    6-30-1965    M    Widowed
Jones, Sylvan Blum             8-1-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Kegler, Mary Eldora           2-14-1965    F    Widowed
Kemp, Frusia Hasty            6-26-1965    F    Widowed
Kinney, Mary Louise          10-31-1965    F    Married
Kubin, Frank J                4-14-1965    M    Single
Lewis, Maggie                10-19-1965    F    Widowed
Lightfoot, Perry Goodwin      3-12-1965    M    Single
Lipscomb, Carrie Lee          5-21-1965    F    Widowed
Little, Lawrence Paul          3-6-1965    M    Single
Littlefield, John             9-11-1965    M    Single
Littlefield, John             9-11-1965    M    Single
Lloyd, Brisco                 1-28-1965    M    Widowed
Lovell, Emily Dessie          7-28-1965    F    Married
Manning, Jettie Mae          10-16-1965    F    Single
Martin, Arthur Scott          9-10-1965    M    Married
Mccarver, Norman Lowell       10-8-1965    M    Single
Mccollum, Aba Mae              7-8-1965    F    Single
Mcelroy, James                 2-3-1965    M    Widowed
Mcknight, Easter              4-23-1965    F    Widowed
Mcmahon, John Sidney          12-1-1965    M    Single
Mcneil, Emma                   5-9-1965    F    Widowed
Miles, Austin                10-24-1965    M    Single
Mitchell, John Carson Jr      8-23-1965    M    Single
Mobley, Cora                  4-10-1965    F    Widowed
Moore, William Elbert         4-21-1965    M    Single
Morse, Jewell Batson          3-23-1965    F    Widowed
Norton, Percy Tennant         5-18-1965    M    Widowed
Pearson, Arlinda               7-5-1965    F    Single
Pernetter, Sidney D            9-2-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Perry, Henry J               10-29-1965    M    Widowed
Petteway, Janice               9-6-1965    F    Married
Plagens, Julius Frank         11-5-1965    M    Single
Polk, Warnel F                7-10-1965    M    Single
Pye, Rosa                     1-11-1965    F    Widowed
Rains, Andrew Jackson         2-24-1965    M    Single
Ransom, William Epps          7-14-1965    M    Single
Robinson, Mattie Marrie      11-22-1965    F    Single
Rose, Jounious Ramsey         3-13-1965    M    Single
Sargeon, Eliza                 9-4-1965    F    Single
Sauer, Frank C                4-12-1965    M    Single
Scamardo, Josephine Loria     5-25-1965    F    Single
Seale, Samuel Ross             1-9-1965    M    Single
Self, Minnie Bell             10-8-1965    F    Widowed
Simpson, Magnolia              2-7-1965    F    Widowed
Smith, Ada B                  5-20-1965    F    Widowed
Smith, Leroy                  10-9-1965    M    Widowed
Starkey, Donie               10-23-1965    F    Widowed
Stasky, Alex Martin           3-18-1965    M    Widowed
Steveson, Vina                3-26-1965    F    Widowed
Stewart, Cleo F               1-27-1965    M    Single
Sullivan, Pearl               12-1-1965    F    Widowed
Sypniewski, John Marion       1-14-1965    M    Married
Toliver, Eddie  Jr             8-9-1965    M    Married
Torres, Alejos Deleon          5-9-1965    M    Single
Tullous, Lillie Lee           1-18-1965    F    Widowed
Turner, Luella               11-17-1965    F    Single
Wallace, Rex Ray Sr           2-20-1965    M    Single
Ward, Eula Viola              7-20-1965    F    Separ/Divorced
Watkins, Eliza                 6-8-1965    F    Widowed
Wentrcek, Frank               4-27-1965    M    Single
White, Eric B                  1-4-1965    F    Widowed
Wiese, Seth Thomas             5-8-1965    M    Married
Wiese, William Carl          12-12-1965    M    Married
Williams, Georgia H           12-9-1965    F    Single
Williams, Prince              6-29-1965    M    Single
Williams, W C                 9-28-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Williams, Willie              12-3-1965    M    Single
Wilson, Ernest                4-25-1965    M    Single
Woodall, Mabel Chrismon       7-14-1965    F    Widowed
Yberra, Rita Villalpando     10-23-1965    F    Single
Young, Georgie Mae            9-16-1965    F    Single






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