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Robertson County Deaths - 1974

Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.

Name                        Date of Death    Sex  Marital Status

Almanza, Jose                 24-Sep-1974     M    Single              
Anderson, Ida                 07-Jun-1974     F    Widowed             
Applegate, John C             24-Apr-1974     M    Widowed             
Archer, Robert E              17-Nov-1974     M    Single              
Bailey, Charles W             22-Jul-1974     M    Single              
Bartkowiak, Eva J             01-Jul-1974     F    Married             
Bartula, Joanna A             12-Feb-1974     F    Widowed             
Benson, Vernellia             11-Apr-1974     F    Married             
Biggerstaff, Inez B           11-Jan-1974     F    Widowed             
Bradford, Lovie J             01-Jul-1974     F    Widowed             
Bradix, Mollie                20-Jul-1974     F    Widowed             
Brown, Ada                    21-Jun-1974     F    Widowed             
Burden, Roy E                 18-Oct-1974     M    Single              
Burney, Ruth M                19-Aug-1974     F    Widowed             
Cargill, John A               29-Nov-1974     M    Single              
Carr, Timothy L               24-Oct-1974     M    Married             
Carrington, Royle P           21-Apr-1974     M    Single              
Carroll, Floyd                20-Feb-1974     M    Single              
Cherry, Eunice H              12-Jul-1974     F    Widowed             
Collette, Mary R              12-Aug-1974     F    Widowed             
Cooper, Sidney T              27-Mar-1974     M    Single              
Cubert, Wilbert D             01-Oct-1974     M    Single              
Cubert, Vivian O              01-Oct-1974     F    Single              
Curtis, Waymon A              02-Mar-1974     M    Single              
Davis, J L                    09-Apr-1974     M    Single              
Davis, Quincy                 22-Dec-1974     M    Single              
Denman, Robert S              18-Nov-1974     M    Married             
Dixon, Zutes M, JR            03-Sep-1974     M    Married             
Dixon, Link                   21-Nov-1974     M    Single              
Eaton, William G              03-Nov-1974     M    Single              
Edwards, Emma                 24-Jan-1974     F    Widowed             
Floyd, Mary E                 11-Nov-1974     F    Widowed             
Foley, Leland E               21-Mar-1974     M    Married             
Foster, Minnie F              04-Apr-1974     F    Widowed             
Foster, Sam                   29-Jun-1974     M    Married             
Frazier, Dossie E             27-Sep-1974     F    Widowed             
Frost, Carrie E               29-Sep-1974     F    Widowed             
Fulton, Emma E                13-Mar-1974     F    Single              
Fulton, Edd                   06-Jun-1974     M    Widowed             
Gibson, Madison               11-Mar-1974     M    Single              
Glossup, Hubert A             09-Mar-1974     M    Separ/divorced      
Green, J W                    23-Jul-1974     M    Single              
Griggs, Dorthulia O           07-Sep-1974     F    Widowed             
Guinn, Sally                  05-Dec-1974     F    Widowed             
Gurney, Henry S               23-Dec-1974     M    Single              
Hanhart, Alma I               29-May-1974     F    Single              
Hart, Rena                    28-May-1974     F    Widowed             
Hartman, Vernon B             28-Jun-1974     M    Single              
Hawkins, Johnie               07-Feb-1974     M    Widowed             
Hicks, James                  29-Jul-1974     M    Married             
Jackson, Stella P             05-Jun-1974     F    Single              
Jarrett, Cora E               22-Jul-1974     F    Widowed             
Johnson, Carrie L             27-Mar-1974     F    Widowed             
Johnson, Dessie L             24-Jul-1974     F    Single              
Johnson, Sam                  19-Aug-1974     M    Married             
Jones, Uqhardt A              29-Sep-1974     M    Widowed             
Jones, Mose                   22-Dec-1974     M    Widowed             
Jones, Edgar L                26-Dec-1974     M    Separ/divorced      
Karney, Carolyn W             28-Aug-1974     F    Widowed             
Kinney, Gaines                10-Nov-1974     M    Widowed             
Knight, Annie L               13-Oct-1974     F    Separ/divorced      
Knight, Annie L               13-Oct-1974     F    Separ/divorced      
Lawson, Iona A                09-Feb-1974     F    Widowed             
Leamon, Curtis N              04-Nov-1974     M    Widowed             
Liles, Pearl T                07-Jun-1974     F    Widowed             
Littlefield, John H, JR       15-Feb-1974     M    Single              
Lomax, Kenith L               24-Oct-1974     M    Separ/divorced      
Loosier, Maybelle I           02-Jul-1974     F    Single              
Massingill, Andrew L          16-Oct-1974     M    Single              
Mattick, Eugenie M            19-Apr-1974     F    Widowed             
May, Margaret A               03-Nov-1974     F    Single              
Mayo, John W                  05-Jun-1974     M    Single              
Mccollum, Oscar H             26-Aug-1974     M    Single              
Mccormick, Claude B           22-Sep-1974     M    Single              
Mcculloch, J T                01-Dec-1974     M    Single              
Mcnair, Kathryn               08-Apr-1974     F    Widowed             
Mims, Annie B                 02-Jun-1974     F    Widowed             
Moody, Anna S                 07-Aug-1974     F    Single              
Moore, Larry W                21-May-1974     M    Married             
Morrow, Georgia A             05-Feb-1974     F    Single              
Morrow, Thomas                26-Nov-1974     M    Widowed             
Murphy, Edward B              15-Jul-1974     M    Single              
Nash, Albena A                30-Jan-1974     F    Widowed             
Nay, Earl B, III              16-May-1974     M    Single              
Nesbit, John L                15-Jan-1974     M    Married             
Newsome, Elva J               19-Feb-1974     F    Single              
Owen, Velma A                 23-Oct-1974     F    Widowed             
Parish, Pearl                 13-Dec-1974     F    Widowed             
Perrone, Vincent              17-Jul-1974     F    Widowed             
Phillip, Joseph               30-Apr-1974     M    Single              
Pickens, Mary                 10-Dec-1974     F    Widowed             
Porter, Edward J              02-Aug-1974     M    Married             
Powell, Flourney              14-Feb-1974     M    Single              
Pratt, Earl W                 15-Jul-1974     M    Single              
Pryor, Carson                 22-Aug-1974     M    Single              
Randle, Ellis J               06-Feb-1974     M    Single              
Rhodes, Fletcher G            03-Mar-1974     M    Single              
Richardson, Gilbert O         30-Nov-1974     M    Single              
Rodgers, Thomas J             07-Oct-1974     M    Single              
Serna, Dorthy G               31-May-1974     F    Widowed             
Shaw, Rhonda M                17-Jan-1974     F    Married             
Shindler, Ernest L            24-Oct-1974     M    Single              
Silverman, Jakie              06-Jan-1974     M    Single              
Smith, Charles E              20-May-1974     M    Single              
Smith, Elmo R                 15-Nov-1974     M    Single              
Smitherman, Newell D          25-Apr-1974     M    Widowed             
Snider, Lige T                18-Jun-1974     M    Single              
Stanley, Jess W               19-Dec-1974     M    Widowed             
Stubbs, Gilbert H             02-Mar-1974     M    Single              
Stubbs, Fannie J              13-Apr-1974     F    Widowed             
Tates, Frances                15-Apr-1974     F    Widowed             
Theiss, Victor K              27-Mar-1974     M    Single              
Thomas, Mary                  29-Jul-1974     F    Widowed             
Thornton, Leon                01-Oct-1974     M    Single              
Torres, Maria                 20-Jan-1974     F    Married             
Turner, Boyce                 01-Sep-1974     M    Widowed             
Turnham, Nick                 21-Jun-1974     M    Widowed             
Venteciola, Phillipa          12-Oct-1974     F    Single              
Visente, Noe                  23-Apr-1974     M    Single              
Wallace, Annie N              22-May-1974     F    Widowed             
Walton, Ruddy D               21-Feb-1974     M    Married             
Ward, Patricia A              15-Jan-1974     F    Married             
Weir, Zeal                    05-Aug-1974     M    Single              
White, James, SR              19-Sep-1974     M    Single              
Wilganowski, Lee I            31-Dec-1974     M    Widowed             
Williams, Rosie               29-Jun-1974     F    Widowed             
Williams, Lafayette           19-Sep-1974     M    Single              
Woods, Charity                20-May-1974     F    Single              
Young, Horace O               20-Jul-1974     M    Single              
Zavada, Millie B              05-Aug-1974     F    Widowed             




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