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Robertson County Deaths - 1975

Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.

          Name                          Death Date	 COUNTY    SEX     			 

Abbott      Hazel       E          	1975-06-11	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Abbott      Henry       O          	1975-04-23	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Abrams      Jake                   	1975-06-08	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Arnett      Ocie        O          	1975-02-14	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Atkison     Hattie                 	1975-08-20	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Bates       David       N          	1975-10-24	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Boyd        Billie      L          	1975-11-12	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Braley      Ralph       S      JR  	1975-02-14	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Brown       Collins     W          	1975-04-21	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Brown       Illena                 	1975-11-15	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Bunns       Channie     L          	1975-12-29	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Byrd        Odie        W          	1975-01-11	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Calhoun     Abbie       L          	1975-09-23	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Cohn        Lillie      F          	1975-12-01	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Collins     Jesse       C          	1975-10-04	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Cooper      Herbert     L          	1975-04-15	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Craft       Lillie                 	1975-06-08	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Crowder     William     E      SR  	1975-04-23	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Davis       Bettie      A          	1975-11-03	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Davis       Katherine   M          	1975-04-23	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Davis       Malvina                	1975-08-05	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Destefano   Tony        C          	1975-05-14	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Drummond    Dick        D          	1975-01-23	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Dunn        Jodie                  	1975-04-12	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Ellis       Ernest      G      SR  	1975-06-06	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Ellison     James       W          	1975-01-01	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Ely         Frances     D          	1975-01-29	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Ferrara     Joe                    	1975-03-21	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Flemings    Tawnya      M          	1975-08-09	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Goodman     Mattie      V          	1975-10-28	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Green       Tom                    	1975-04-06	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Groom       Carl        T          	1975-03-19	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Guinn       Annie       C          	1975-08-01	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Haas        Philip      J          	1975-11-23	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Hairston    William     L          	1975-04-05	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Hammond     Nellie      A          	1975-05-19	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Hendrick    Lorenza                	1975-07-23	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Henry       Ivey                   	1975-05-01	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Holiday     Wilmer      L          	1975-12-18	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Hollowell   Nadine                 	1975-08-13	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Hoosier     Willie      L          	1975-07-20	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Hurry       Elmo        R          	1975-12-27	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Johnson     Charles     L          	1975-04-08	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Johnson     Frank       B          	1975-10-09	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Johnson     Louisville             	1975-04-02	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Johnson     Tommie                 	1975-03-03	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Johnston    Obey        D          	1975-05-02	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Klawetter   Antoinette  S          	1975-01-23	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Klotz       Steve                  	1975-01-27	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Knapp       Georgia     V          	1975-04-20	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Lewis       Merritt     O          	1975-06-18	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Limon       Jessie                 	1975-08-02	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Logan       George      A          	1975-12-12	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Martin      Edgar       C          	1975-12-25	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Mason       Earnest            SR  	1975-12-20	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Mathis      David       C          	1975-08-01	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Matthews    Bessie      A          	1975-01-04	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Mcferrin    Curtis      L          	1975-06-07	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Meadors     Wilburn     T          	1975-03-10	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Michael     Morjorie    B          	1975-10-31	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Miller      Cora                   	1975-08-24	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Morgan      Robert      R          	1975-11-21	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Morrow      John        B          	1975-12-04	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Murray      Celestial   A          	1975-05-07	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Nelson      Callie                 	1975-06-13	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Nelson      Walter      R          	1975-03-10	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Newton      Florence    C          	1975-08-16	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Nichols     Johnie      G          	1975-03-08	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Noble       Ida         L          	1975-04-28	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Nutall      Rhodie                 	1975-03-12	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Oges        Lydia       J          	1975-07-09	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Okonski     Floyd       J      SR  	1975-08-12	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Oneal       Lawrence    D          	1975-12-14	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Pearson     Leslie                 	1975-03-02	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Piefer      William                	1975-12-01	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Pineda      Benito      P          	1975-10-26	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Pineda      Micaela     S          	1975-02-05	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Plunkett    William     A          	1975-06-07	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Polk        Mary        D          	1975-05-04	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Portis      William     D          	1975-03-25	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Reagan      Lewis       C          	1975-07-20	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Richardson  Lillie      M          	1975-02-08	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Robertson   Viola       P          	1975-01-18	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Rodgers     Girtie      B          	1975-07-12	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Rogers      Nancy       S          	1975-02-23	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Salter      Henry                  	1975-12-06	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Sanders     Ollie       D          	1975-06-24	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Sapp        Sharon      F          	1975-03-03	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Sargent     James       E          	1975-04-23	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Seigler     Joel        W          	1975-01-18	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Self        Rockie      V          	1975-12-31	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Shepard     Johnie                 	1975-12-10	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Singleterry Rosie       M          	1975-11-23	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Slafka      Evelyn      F          	1975-08-15	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Sledge      Jessie      L          	1975-10-20	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Smith       Morris      K          	1975-02-13	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Smith       Roy         H          	1975-07-05	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Smith       Walter                 	1975-05-03	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Snider      Janie       M          	1975-09-18	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Spigner     Willie      D          	1975-01-05	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Spiller     Trish       L          	1975-06-16	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Stephens    Jimmie      C          	1975-12-05	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Stephenson  Lennie      A          	1975-04-05	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Stone       George      C          	1975-09-03	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Sutter      Lizzie      M          	1975-01-04	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Taylor      Jim                    	1975-10-21	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Thomas      Lillian     S          	1975-03-17	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Thornton    Charlie                	1975-04-28	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Tullous     Marie       K          	1975-03-07	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Tyler       Mamie       L          	1975-11-01	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Venteciola  Pete                   	1975-03-01	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Walker      Reba        S          	1975-01-26	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Washington  Willie                 	1975-11-13	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Webster     Henry       A          	1975-12-11	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Wells       Raymond                	1975-10-03	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Willard     Willie                 	1975-03-27	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Williams    Alfred      H          	1975-12-07	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Williams    Andy                   	1975-04-04	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Williams    Rosy        M          	1975-06-23	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Winkler     Martha      E          	1975-03-11	ROBERTSON   F    	        	          	   	
Woodard     Jessie      D          	1975-03-22	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Zeno        Johnnie                	1975-07-12	ROBERTSON   M    	        	          	   	
Zert        Frank       J          	1975-10-01	ROBERTSON   M  

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