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Robertson County Deaths - 1978

Robertson County deaths recorded in the year indicated.
Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.


Last Name First Name Middle Suffix Death Date Sex
Aguillon Alfonso     12.01.1978 M
Alexander John S   02.14.1978 M
Allen Carla E   02.03.1978 F
Ayers Oma L   07.18.1978 F
Baer Leonard H   10.06.1978 M
Baker Oscar     05.30.1978 M
Beck Dorothy M   10.18.1978 F
Bishop Annie D   03.28.1978 F
Bishop Annie M   04.04.1978 F
Bonds Marshall H   03.06.1978 M
Brannon John E   09.01.1978 M
Brooks Arnold B   08.07.1978 M
Bunns Maggie     11.22.1978 F
Bush Lizzie A   07.06.1978 F
Butler Emmett   SR 01.05.1978 M
Caldwell Roger H   08.25.1978 M
Calhoun John H   03.25.1978 M
Capps Roy D   07.08.1978 M
Cargill Duggie R   07.22.1978 F
Carroll Lewis H   04.07.1978 M
Chatmas Despina P   05.05.1978 F
Cheek Effie L   04.26.1978 F
Clark Della     03.23.1978 F
Conitz France P   01.24.1978 F
Cook Bobbie D   01.01.1978 M
Cook Christina     09.12.1978 F
Cooper Viney     08.28.1978 F
Corona Dorothy     03.17.1978 F
Cox Vera E   01.03.1978 F
Crawley Joesephine B   12.09.1978 F
Daniels Fannie B   04.07.1978 F
Deason Lillian E   01.30.1978 F
Demerson Verg J   04.13.1978 M
Dick Mollie     02.22.1978 F
Dobbs Elvie D   11.15.1978 M
Dotson Ethal B   06.14.1978 F
Edwards Clyde     11.17.1978 M
Edwards Peter     09.11.1978 M
Evans Melvin L   04.30.1978 M
Ferguson Minnie M   06.19.1978 F
Ferguson Sallie     07.08.1978 F
Fuller Lovie     06.13.1978 F
Fulton Joe L   05.06.1978 M
Fulton Lucille K   03.06.1978 F
Fulton Tennie L   12.20.1978 F
Gaines Fred     10.13.1978 M
Gamble Willie L   05.19.1978 M
Gandy Austin M   11.03.1978 M
Garrison Estelle     11.11.1978 F
Glaze Ida H   02.21.1978 F
Grandham Arnetha     07.12.1978 F
Halbert Laura P   04.11.1978 F
Haley Victoria     09.12.1978 F
Hawkins Ruby     08.27.1978 F
Haynie Henry     07.09.1978 M
Hejtmancik Milady M   12.24.1978  
Hendrix Lela     06.06.1978 F
Herrod Paul E   04.10.1978 M
Hill Willie     02.28.1978 M
Hodges Kenneth P   06.28.1978 M
Huddleston Jefferson G   01.06.1978 M
Johnson Charles W   07.30.1978 M
Jones Dorothy J   06.11.1978  
Key Iris F   12.03.1978 F
Laskoski Pearl     02.05.1978 F
Lastor James W   01.26.1978  
Lopez Cecilia     06.19.1978 F
Lyons John P   07.24.1978 M
Mahan Hester M   03.01.1978 F
Manning Naomi L   01.24.1978 F
Martin Lucille W   04.18.1978 F
Martine John W SR 04.26.1978 M
Mauk Jackson L   10.28.1978 M
Mayes Leonard     03.14.1978 M
Mcbride Thomas L   02.16.1978 M
Mcdonald Rickie E   07.10.1978 F
Mcneely Josephine     04.18.1978 F
Melcer Catherine     05.26.1978 F
Mercer George P   11.28.1978 M
Merryman Milton S   12.14.1978 M
Montena Sanford N   09.10.1978 M
Moody Eugene   SR 09.10.1978 M
Moody Majorie     08.29.1978 F
Morgan Willis L   01.16.1978 M
Morse Willie E   08.19.1978 M
Moss Robert H   01.10.1978 M
Murphy James A JR 06.18.1978 M
Myers Herbert E   07.13.1978 M
Nale Alice F   07.03.1978  
Neely Travis H   10.04.1978 M
Netka Claudia M   01.24.1978 F
Newsome Rellar     09.14.1978 F
Newton Henretta     10.28.1978 F
Nicar Albert M   12.19.1978 M
Nunn Maggie     10.08.1978 F
Ondrej Edwin F   03.25.1978 M
Orts George N SR 10.14.1978 M
Osborne Fannie     01.10.1978 F
Owens Mammie B   03.19.1978 F
Paskey Leola E   10.14.1978 F
Peel Helen     08.04.1978 F
Pelligra Thomas L   01.04.1978 M
Perkins Linnie L   09.17.1978 M
Perkins Robert L   10.21.1978 M
Petty Francis C   06.11.1978 M
Pharis Clifford C   12.13.1978 M
Qualls Elviria     09.12.1978 F
Rains Buel B   04.01.1978 M
Reeves Mary A   06.16.1978 F
Rich Mary O   01.14.1978 F
Riley Delia     01.09.1978 F
Robinson Bessie W   11.30.1978 F
Rodriquez Refugia     03.25.1978 F
Shipper Camilla M   07.27.1978 F
Sifuentes Paula     02.01.1978 F
Smith Freddie L   05.05.1978 M
Smith Viola     03.28.1978 F
Stegall Vernon B   03.04.1978 M
Thomas Leroy     07.02.1978 M
Timmons Raymond G   06.24.1978 M
Tindall Viola A   07.20.1978 F
Tribble Bettye     12.06.1978 F
Vann Clidie     04.14.1978 F
Waites Adolphus     02.15.1978 M
Wallace Elmo     04.02.1978 M
Walton L A   07.26.1978 F
Watkins Susie C   11.23.1978 F
Westbrook David     09.30.1978 M
White Joe     06.06.1978 M
Williams Clyde D   12.27.1978 M
Williams Gussie D   01.27.1978 F
Williams Prince E   07.21.1978 F
Williams Ruby L   08.04.1978 F
Wilson Emma     07.07.1978 F
Woodard Ruby     05.17.1978 F
Wright Hattie M   12.15.1978 F
Yezak Mary J   02.05.1978 F
Zemanek Antone P   10.08.1978 M



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