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T A L B O T - S A L T E R   C E M E T E R Y

Heading north out of Calvert on Hwy. 6, turn left onto Ranch Road 2159. The old Morning Star Church will be on the right-hand side of the road a couple of miles down. The cemetery is directly across the road from the church in a stand of trees across an open field. This cemetery, which is on the Old Talbot Plantation, is on private property formerly owned by Mrs. Cooper Wiese.

BRIGGS, JAMES W., 8.13.1847 - 9.27.1883, b Montgomery County, AL, "Our life how short; a groan a sigh; we live and then begin to die; but oh, how great a mercy this; that death's portal unto bliss."

BRIGGS, T. H., 10.3.1845 - 9.5.1880, b Montgomery County, AL, "Sacred to the memory of T. H. Briggs"

LOVETT, THOMAS F., 1822 - 1896

LOVETT, WILL, 1.5.1855 - 3.15.1890, killed by explosion of Millstone

MOORE, DR. B. G., 12.3.1835 - 2.28.1873, s W. A. & C. Moore, brother of Eliza Moore Talbot, 1st wife of James Talbot, Sr.

SALTER, CHARLIE, 3.18.1858 - 3.29.1859, s Charles P. & Margaret Ann Salter

SALTER, J. C., 7.28.1861 - 9.15.1861, s Charles P. & Margaret Ann Salter

SALTER, JAMES ZADAC, 3.2.1857 - 11.11.1864, s Charles P. & Margaret Ann Salter

SALTER, MARGARET ANN TALBOT, 1.9.1834 - 8.11.1861, d James Talbot Sr., 1st w of Charles P. Salter (m Pike Co., AL), "Gone Home", husband Charles P. Salter served in the Confederacy 4th Tx Co C Robertson 5 Shooters, Hood's Texas Brigade

SALTER, infant, 3.13.1877 - ?, c Charles P. & Bertha Lovett Salter

TALBOT, AARON, 1862 - 1950, s Romanus & Nannie Wood Talbot

TALBOT, FRANK L., 12.25.1859 - 12.17.1923, s Romanus & Nannie Wood Talbot, w Kate, "Gone but not forgotten"

TALBOT, HANNAH HERRING, 2.18.1804 - 1.1.1855, of Pike Co., AL, 2nd wife of James Talbot Sr., c Romanus "Roe", Margaret Ann (Mrs. Charlie P.) Salter

TALBOT, JAMES JR., 6.23.1830 - 2.9.1868, s James Talbot Sr.

TALBOT, JAMES SR., 12.10.1805 - 9.18.1882, b Morgan County, GA, w1 Eliza Moore, c1 Eliza, w2 Hannah Herring, w3 Mary J. Rucker, brother of Matthew, William, Greene, Hale, Mrs. Nunnely, Mrs. John B. Harvey

TALBOT, JOE, 7.9.1885 - 8.24.1899, s Frank L. & Kate Talbot, "A precious one from us has gone"

TALBOT, JOE W., 2.8.1867 - 6.1.1895, s Romanus & Nannie Wood Talbot

TALBOT, MARY J. RUCKER, 4.8.1822 - 2.28.1889, 3rd wife of James Talbot Sr., c Fannie P. (Mrs. John) LaPrelle

TALBOT, NANNIE WOOD, 4.4.1843 - 12.17.1915, d Aaron Sr. & Sarah Ann Wood, h Romanus Talbot, c Frank L., Aaron, James R.,  Joe W., "I put all my trust in Jesus, Her toils are past, Her work is done, She fought the fight, The victory won." (see Aaron Wood grave at Wood Cemetery)

TALBOT, ROMANUS "ROE", 1.11.1833 - 4.30.1899, b Pike Co., AL, s James Sr. & Hannah Herring Talbot, w Nannie Wood, Masonic emblem, "In memory of," "Dearest one thou has left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel, But us God who has blest us, He can all our sorrows heal."

TALBOT, ?, infant son of Frank L. & Kate Talbot

WEIR, ELIZA, 6.23.1830 - 2.9.1868, oldest daughter of James Sr. & Eliza Moore Talbot

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