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This information was submitted by Danny Meadors.  It is taken from an old newspaper clipping, as printed in the
Central Texan Advocate, Franklin, Robertson County, TX, May 21, 1909.

 Franklin Public Schools Request Your Presence At Its Graduation Ceremonies At The Christian Church, Friday Evening, May Twenty-Eighth, At Eight-Thirty O'Clock, Franklin, Texas.


1.  Invocation Reverend Jessie Lee
2.  Music Orchestra
3.  Greeting Song Primary Class
4.  Essay Alfred Bradbury
5.  Polish Dance - Scharwenka Ruby D. Crawford
6.  High School Chorus - For Away - Lindsay  
 7.  Mazruka - Leschetezky Zerline Tally
8.  Valedictory Neuda Hurt
9.  Music Orchestra
10. Address Reverend J. A. Jackson
11. Presentation Of Diplomas Dr. R. S. Glass
12. Senior Chorus - Fare Thee Well Alma Mater

         Class Colors:  Green & White
         Class Flowers:  White Rose
         Class Motto:  "Primus Suter Pares"

      Graduates:  Clarence Jackson, Pauline Bradbury, Paul Granberry,

Maggie King, John Mitchell, Nuda Hurt, & Alfred Bradbury

       Graduates In Music:  Ruby D. Crawford & Zerline Tally