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Contributed by Judy Elliott, Librarian, Franklin High School, Franklin, Texas


R. Barker M. Gilland R. Michael
R. Barnes A. Griffin O. Puckett
L. Box M. S. Haley L. Reagan
C. Brown R. Hancock L. Reagan
H. Brunette F. Hart R. Reagan
A. Catharn M. E. Haverkorn R. Rodgers
L. Corn A. M. Henderson R. Rucker
J. Crane J. Holiday L. Schult
M. Denvit E. L. Hurley E. Scott
C. Duncan H. Kegler O. Scott
I. Frazier A. King M. Turman
G. Galloway M. Marshall T. Wilkins
C. H. Gilland M. McMillan V. Wright
  A. M. Merchant

This list of names was copied from a display that is outside the library entrance in the high school.