1 9 4 1   F R A N K L I N   H I G H   S C H O O L   M O N A R C H   Y E A R B O O K

Contributed and beautifully typed by Jo Ella Snider-Parker (SPJPVine@aol.com).


"Students from twenty common school districts and from the Franklin Independent School District are happily associated daily in the Franklin High School, so in 'The Monarch' of 1941 we have tried to give an interesting view of our high school life by presenting all forms of student activity and the participants.  We hope it will carry happy memories of your days spent in Franklin High School."


"To our principal and friend, Roland Reynolds, better known to students as 'Fessor', who has for ten years been a guide and inspiration to us, we dedicate this, the second edition of 'The Monarch'."

School Board

B. L. Parten, President, Attorney-At-Law R. W. Goodman, Mgr. Farmers Co-op Gin
F. A. Davison, Asst. Sec., Superintendent Carl Duffey, Pharmacist
Mrs. T. G. Curry, Secretary, Homemaker H. O. Jennings, Merchant
C. E. Maris, Lumberman Frank A. Wood; Attorny-At-Law
Roland Reynolds, Principal-Commercial  


Norma Dee Layton W. E. Weathers
V. M. Harris Lucy Jane Lloyd
V. W. Goodwin Mrs. Frances Nickelson
Ruth Nemir Mrs. F. A. Davison
Mrs. W. E. Weathers Mrs. Vernon Anderson
Mildred Colson Frances Jane Leathers


Louise Adams Ruby Hand Norman Pack
Estelle Ainsworth Edward Howell Minnette Petty
Alton Akins LaVerne Jackson Doris Prestridge
George Autrey Lois Kegler Marguerite Rambo
Dorothy Baker Daisy Lee Lincecum Helen M. Reagan
Cecelia Blazek Emma Lee Loe Johnnie S. Redden
Dorothy Brantner Louis Maddox Lucindy Redden
Emmet L. Brazier, Jr. Mary Marshall Bernice Reid
Louise Bristow Raymond Martine Janice Richardson
Faye Burch Gilbert Mauk Lola Rivers
Lucile Burts Ada Faye McLeroy Howard Sanders
Melvin Commander Eugene Meadors Clarence Sauer
Paul Corn Mary Merchant Lillie Mae Scasta
George Cox James Moore Bill Shaw
Jessie Lee Davis Carlton Morgan Brooker Stegall
Edwin Dieckman Lillian Morgan Inez Sweat
Madeline Dowdy Maggie Ruth Morgan Louise Vann
Melba Dryman Edgar Morris Louis Varvel
Gerald Echols Maxine Neely Lois Watson
Ira Franks Dorothy Mae Nickelson Glendon Weir
Louise Grace Jack Pack  


Bernice Ansley Weldon Grant James Phillips
Eldridge Barnett Edna Fay Harris Lucille Rabe
Ruth Baxter Ruby Holiday Mary Franceis Ramsey
Lee Nola Bolton Raymond Jett Lawrence Scasta
Oleta Bolton Keith Johnson Doris Slaughter
Janie Boswell John Kay M. K. Smith
Eula Mae Brewer J. L. Lindsey Estelle Spiller
Marie Brewer Carrol Martin Claude Starkey
Pauline Brown Miller Martin Nannie Merle Tullous
Frank Brunette Ollie Lee Massey Estelle Turman
Freddie Burch A. J. May Ione Turner
Claudie Burts Biddie McCormick Geneva Wallace
Marjorie Bush Mary Lou McCown Lorraine Wallace
Edna Earle Caldwell Johnnie Lou McCullough Gladyne Watson
Eugene Commander O. D. McLeroy Hazel Whittington
Marguerite Conner Roger Merle Melton Sezzea Wilkins
Louise Elliott Ann Merryman Doris Woodall
Clarence Ezell James Miller Viola Yates
Dorothy Forson Maurice Milstead John Yeary
Dewey Fulton Adren Morgan  
Lawrence Grace Bill New  


Mack Abbott Pearl Grace Joe Mitchell
Edwin Akins` Alma Hawkins Colenia Moore
Loretta Barnett Edger Jackson Woodrow Moore
Mary Jo Baxter Murrah Johnson Travis Morgan
Vada Bolton Ollie Lee Johnston Harry New
Wilburn Bruce Fannie Lee Kent Telva Parker
Ruby Pearl Calhoun Nena Beth Lindsay Janelle Petty
Leo Crane Bonnie Faye Maris Joe Rambo
Ned Crane Bobbie Marshall Tommie Marie Reid
Mary Faye Davis Lera Mae Martin Geneva Richardson
Beulah Dowdy Edna Earle Massey Jim Stanley
Thelma Everett Alice Matejka Betty Supak
Maudine Freeman Verla Mae McCormick Frank Supak
Maxine Frost Ocie McLeroy Estelle Tullous
Darrow Fulton Jewel Meadors Juanita Vann
Helen Fulton Maurine Meadors Imogene Whittington
Wilbur Galloway Ollie Sue Merryman Homer Wilkerson
Clarence Grace Marie Milstead Maudell Wilkerson
    Martha Jo Yates


James Baker Lavone Johnson Gladiola Pace
Tommie Lou Baker Willie Belle Johnson Billie Pecena
Gladys Barnett L. C. Johnston Lionel Pippin
Lera Barnett Mary Kegler Pansy Post
James Bishop Inez Kent Robert Earl Prestridge
Billie Jean Blackman Maudine Kirkpatrick Ruby Lee Ramsey
Billy Boyd Mary Louise Lloyd Douglas Redden
Randal Brewer Mary Virginia Lyles Mary Helen Redden
Grady Carter Pat Maris Dorothy Reeves
Ruth Cooper Ocie Martin Lois Rivers
Denver Cornelius Thelma Lois Martin Gwendolyn Rogers
Orville Cornelius Roy Martine Sywell Sanders
Billy Cunningham Wilburn Massey Wesley Sanders
Dorothy Nell Cunningham Robert Matejka Albert Ray Scasta
Fairie Jo Cunningham Ruth Matejka Marion Shelton
Mildred Davis Ona Beth McClure Howard Sills
Ruby Faye Davis Syble McDowell Geneva Slaughter
William Davis Ray Merchant Carl Smith
Hilda Doherty James Milberger Connie Smitherman
Freda Dowdy Wayne Miller Thomas Smithers
A. J. Duncan, Jr. Leander Moore, Jr. Billie Stanford
Nathan Eledge Garvis Morehead G. W. Stanford
Martha Ferguson Adrain Morgan Ben Tarver
Frances Fickling Elsie Marie Morgan Mildred Taylor
Mary Lou Flanagan Etner Dell Morgan Bobbie Drue Wallace
E. B. Forson Julia Morgan Lucile Watson
Lois Rae Fulton Louie Morris Viola Watson
George Harrison Louise Morris Marie Weir
Betty Haskell Janie Lee Nedbalek Ione Whittington
Jimmy Hickman Barbara Nicholson Dale Woodall
Doris Jett Bradford Nicholson George Wylie
Gloria Johnson Sue Owens  

Names are typed as they appear in the yearbook even though some spelling errors are apparent.