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Contributed and beautifully typed by Jo Ella Snider-Parker (


"'Time has wings but memories remain.'  As F.H.S. celebrates the closing of another year, we may think of 1949 as having gone; but the experiences which have made this year so pleasant and fruitful will remain preserved in the hearts of those who have known and loved F.H.S."

"It has been the aim of the 1949 Monarch to preserve in pictorial and printed form a few of the highlights of this closing year. This year we have decided to give the Monarch the Western dress and use a dedication which we feel is very worthwhile.  As you glance through these pages, you school life will be revealed to you in an informal manner, as interpreted by the student body.  Through the years to come, may these scenes at work and at play recall those memorable experiences; never to be forgotten, which was call 'School Days'."

School Board

A. G. Scott, President Mrs. T. G. Curry, Secretary-Treasurer
L. O. Scott Ranzel Nickelson
H. N. Gilland Louis Gray
J. G. Lyles  


Roland Reynolds, Superintendent Hollis Gorman, Principal
Lucille Duncan Catherine Melton
Edna Reichert Louise Stegall
E. B. Bounds T. L. Lawrence
Gladyne Lumpkin Vernon Anderson
Mrs. Jimmy Smith Christine Horton


Carol Best Dorothy Harbor Betty Jean Nicholson
Evelyn Lane Bristow Josephine Harbor Lynn Pack
Bryan Browning Jo Anne Hein Dorothy Perkins
Floyd Brunette Frank James Marvin Pirtle
Louise Bryant Sally Mae James James Pritchard
James Buchanan Florine Johnson Murray Reid
James Bush Martha Lawson Evelyn Sanders
Darwin Corn Ruben Liner Bill Scasta
Martha Corn Billy Lockwood Eva Janet Scott
Billie Jean Currie Billy Matejka Fannie Louise Scott
Edith Davis Louise McDaniel Douglas Sitz
Robert Earl Davis Marie McMahon Gail Smith
Garvice Ellison Bobbie Nell Mears Wilburn Smith
Albert Grace Archie Merryman Kathryn Stich
Paul Hanhart Jeff New Betty Sue Wheeler


Hazel Becktold Harry Gilland Margie McBride
Bob Bogan Dorothy Gray Mackie Lee McCullough
La Verl Bolton Billie Jean Hancock Billie Jo Merryman
Patsy Bristow Edith Harbor Frank Merryman
Bobby Jo Buchanan Leonard Harris Marilyn Metcalfe
Bobbie Joe Bush Delma Lee Holiday Jo Ann Moss
Carroll Bush Delza Howell Dorothy Rabe
Charlene Bush Gladys Hughes Evelyn Reagan
Mary Ann Cunningham Dorothy Johnston Coleman Rhodes
Sally Davis Nell Johnston Saralyn Scott
Willie Mae Davis W. T. Johnston W. H. Smithers
Kathleen Dollar Don Kelsey Myrtis Rea Toomer
Billie Dunn Lois Land Kenneth Varvel
Larry Fagan Jimmie Lyles Biddie Wilkins
Ann Galloway Christine McBride  


Bobbie Adams Jack Fulton Ruby Mullins
Vernice Ansley Lottie Harris Merle Neal
Kathryn Bogan Lucy Harris Donald New
Bernard Box Joy Hodge Carrol Nickelson
Delma Brunette Rufus Honea Clarence Nieman
Carol Buchanan Sandra Love Lucille Perkins
Jesse Commander Betty Jane Maddox Joyce Pruett
Ruby Jean Cunningham Wayne McBride Crafford Simmons
Harry Dieckman Jane McCallum Jerry Sitton
Joy Dieckman Ellis Meadors Floyd Stark
Ray Donaldson Billy Mears Ferman Tullous
Douglas Dooley Billie Ray Merryman Joe Vytopil
Phyllis Ellison Kenneth Merryman  
Betty Jean Fulton Juanita Moore  


Jo Ann Ackors Wayne Dodds Frank Neal
Gerald Ainsworth Tommie Dodson Marshall Perkins
John Barmore Lillie Bell Eaton Gene Prestridge
Martha Sue Bates Margie Eaton Elizabeth Rabe
Charles Boney A. J. Ellison Carolyn Sue Runnels
Glen Brewer Luther Frost Sam Shugart
James Caldwell James Griffin C. C. Smitherman
Douglas Carr Mattie Hancock Roy Stem
Melba Carr Fred Hanhart Wesley Stitch
Jimmie Clark Evelyn Johnson Mattie Syfrett
Mary Ann Corn Rosie Jean Johnston Bertha Mae Templeton
James Currie Alfrieda Mills Alva Jean Van
Mary Currie Charles Morris Donald Watson
Robert Currie Roy Moss  

Names are typed as they appear in the yearbook even though some spelling errors are apparent.