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County Coordinator is Jane Keppler.

County Co-Coordinator is Jean Huot Smoorenburg

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Areas Of Interest

Texas A&M University Associate Anthropology Professor Dr. Michael Waters has extensively researched Camp Hearne (Hearne's World War II prisoner of war camp) and has created a Camp Hearne website. Additional information is available at Camp Hearne Collection. As part of his on-going research, Dr. Waters wishes to hear from people who have pictures, correspondence, artifacts, any other information or items relating to the camp. If you have information relating to Dr. Waters' research that you wish to share, contact him at

War Activities Of Robertson County 1917-1919

By Seldon Bain Graham, 1933 University of Texas Master's Thesis. Volunteer Jo Ella Snider Parker typed a detailed index to this work Robertson County War Activities 1917-1919.

History Of Robertson County

By Lawrence Ward St. Clair, 1931 University Of Texas Master's Thesis.  Vol.   History Of Robertson County.

The Men & Women In World War II From Robertson County

   It is at World War II.

Early Development Of Robertson County

By Ivory Freeman Carson, 1954 North Texas State College Master's Thesis.  Early Development Of Robertson County.

A History Of Cotton Culture Along The Middle Brazos River

By Manford Eugene Jones, 1939 University of New Mexico Master's Thesis.  It is used with permission of Manford Allen Jones, son of the author Manford Eugene Jones. Cotton Culture.

Hearne On The Brazos

By Norman McCarver, Sr. & Norman McCarver, Jr., Century Press of Texas, San Antonio, TX, 1958, 369 pages (including a 234-page "Biographical Sketches" section of Hearne-related individuals & their families). Price is $46 (including shipping). Contact to make purchase arrangements (including credit card sales). Before his March 2002 death, co-author Norman Lowell McCarver Jr. granted permission for this book .  
 Hearne On The Brazos.

The National Hotel

By Ruth Rucker Lemming, Eakin Press, Austin.  (about Rucker family hotel in Franklin)    National Hotel.

Ghost Towns
Of Robertson County

  By Mary Kathryn Spiller Briggs.   Ghost Towns Of Robertson County.

The Irish Of
Staggers Point

By Mary Katherine Thompson Galloway, Mary Kathryn Spiller Briggs, Marjorie DeMaret Hicks, 1973, 42 pages.   The Irish Of Staggers Point.

Deutsch Colony
Of New Baden

By John George Meyer, 1882, New Baden, TX, 16-page booklet (with large fold-out map), University Of Texas At Austin, The Center For American History Collection. A copy of this booklet promoting New Baden to potential European settlers has been translated from its original old-style German to English by volunteer Jens Heik.     Deutsch Colony Of New Baden.

 1941 WPA
County Inventory

The "Historical Sketch" chapter & "Bibliography" from this work have been beautifully retyped by volunteer Darlene Klonaris  1941 WPA County Inventory.

My Tall Mountain
(historical recollections of early Hearne with information on Belcher & Stewart families). By Harper C. Stewart (brother of Lutie Stewart Wilson immediately below).  My Tall Mountain.

Franklin General Store

This 1892 - 1893 ledger of a general store in Franklin was purchased in 10.2002 at an e-bay auction.  It contains hundreds of surname entries, including many full names (not just initials).  This list is available at Franklin Store Ledger; see also New Baden Immigrants On Franklin Store Ledger.  

Brief History &
Genealogy Of The
Hearne Family 
The 1907 revision of William T. Hearne's book, complete with the 1912 addendum.

Port Sullivan:
Ghost Town

By John Martin Brockman, 1968 Texas A&M University master's thesis, 187 pages. Port Sullivan was in Milam County, just across the Brazos River from Robertson County. [A copy of this work has been obtained & the author has granted permission for it to be placed online at Port Sullivan: Ghost Town.


By David G. Woodcock & Daniel F. MacGilvray, a study of Calvert Main Street's history, character, condition & strategies for its preservation, Robertson County Historical Commission, 1979, 76 pages. [A copy of this work has been obtained & will be placed online at Calvert Main Street.




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State Coordinator: Shirley Cullum
Assistant State Coordinators: Carla Clifton, Jane Keppler

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