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TXGenWeb Robertson County Books & Master's Theses

H E A R N E   O N   T H E   B R A Z O S

By Norman Lowell McCarver, Sr. & Norman Lowell McCarver, Jr.
Century Press Of Texas, San Antonio, Texas
© 1958 by Norman Lowell McCarver
Lone Star Printing Company, San Antonio, Texas

Used with permission of Norman Lowell McCarver, Jr.  These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format by other organizations or individuals.



Biographical Sketches - J

      JACKSON, MARION LUCIUS TERREL was born July 4, 1904 at Florence, Texas, the son of Joshua Terrel Jackson and Marinda Ann Tomlinson Jackson.
     He attended the public schools at Florence and was graduated from Florence High School with the Class of 1922.  After completing high school, he attended Abilene Chistian College at Abilene, Texas.
     From 1925 through 1927, he owned and operated a dairy.  In 1928, he accepted employment with the Santa Fe Railroad in track maintenance work.  He later was a petroleum dealer.  In 1939, he was employed as a supervisor in the Works Projects Administration.
     He moved to Hearne, Texas, September 22, 1942 to continue his employment in the Hearne area with the Works Progress Administration.  After this employment was terminated, he entered the service station business in Hearne.
     Marion Lucius Terrell Jackson was married to Zaye Virginia Vaughn, daughter of Sanford Newton Vaughn and Lillie Victoria Lesley Vaughn of Lampasas, Texas, December 15, 1932.  The marriage was performed at Lometa, Texas.
     Zaye Virginia Vaughn Jackson was graduated from Lampasas High School and later attended Draughon's Business College at Abilene, Texas.
     The following children were born to Marion Lucius Terrel Jackson and Zaye Virginia Vaughn Jackson:  Jerry Terrel Jackson, Paul Wayne Jackson, and William Charles Jackson.  Jerry Terrel Jackson married Frances John, daughter of E. Raymond Johnson and Bobbie Horan Johnson of Hearne, Texas.  A daughter, Shari Lynn Jackson, was born to Jerry Terrel Jackson and Frances Johnson Jackson.
     Marion Lucius Terrel Jackson and Zaye Virginia Vaughn Jackson are members of the Hearne Church of Christ; the Hearne Band Parents' Association; and the Hearne Parent-Teacher's Association.  Marion Lucius Terrell Jackson is a member of the Hearne Chamber of Commerce; serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the Hearne Little League Baseball Association; and is a member of the Board of Education of the Hearne Independent School District.

      JAMES, LONNIE F., was born at Okalona, Mississippi, July 5, 1902, the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. James.  The James family moved to Busby, Mississippi where he received his schooling.
After graduating from high school he took a business and telegraphy course at Fort Worth, Texas and went to work for Western Union Telegraph Company in 1924, working in Haskel, Anson, Fort Stockton, El Paso, Robstown, and San Marcos.
In 1926 he left the service of Western Union and went to work as a telegrapher for the railroad in McAllen, Texas and later at Alice, Texas and worked for this company until March 1927 when he went to work for the Humble Pipe Line Company.  He worked for this company first at Chilton, Texas later transferring to Comyn, Childress, Whitsett, then back to Chilton and moved to Hearne September 1, 1933.
In partnership with T. A. Stewart he established the J. Sc S. Taxi Service in Hearne in 1943, continuing to hold his position with the Humble Pipe Line Company as telegrapher, later transferring to the Humble Products terminal service.  In 1952 he opened the James Cafe on Market Street in Hearne.
He was married to Miss Lucille Baker in San Marcos, Texas, July 18, 1928 and Mr. and Mrs. James have three children: Betty Lee James Stovall, Carole James Patton, and Lonnie F. James Jr. All of the James children graduated from Hearne High School.
Both Mr. and Mrs. James are members of the First Baptist Church of Hearne.  

JENNINGS, JAMES WASHINGTON was born in Tennessee in 1814 and had two sons, William Jennings and John Lawrence Jennings.  Both of his sons were members of the Confederate Army and William Jennings died from injuries received in battle during the Civil War.
The family moved from Tennessee to Louisiana and in 1864 moved to Texas and settled near Hearne, the family farm being located just north of Hearne.  Mr. Jennings farmed and raised cattle in this area.  James Washington Jennings died in 1881. 

JENNINGS, JOHN LAWRENCE was born December 10, 1837 in Louisiana and was married to Martha Virginia Morgan who was born November 19, 1840 in Louisiana.  The following children were born to this couple: Robert Jennings, John Jennings, Edward Jennings, Mollie Jennings Riley, Lula Jennings Ayres, Carrie Jennings Clayton, and Alice Jennings Jett.
He was a member of Hood's Brigade in the Confederate Army.
After the Civil War, with his family he moved to Hearne and opened the first public school in 1866 in a small brick building located on First Street near the Grace Methodist Church.  He was also a circuit riding Methodist preacher serving the eastern and northeastern section of Robertson County.  On one of his many horseback trips over the country he was exposed to some bad weather and died from pneumonia February 14, 1877.  He was the second person buried in Norwood Cemetery in Hearne. 

JETT, JAMES HENRY was born at Warrior, Alabama, November 22, 1870, the son of James Wesley Jett and Angelia Livingston Jett.  His mother died when he was a small boy.  He moved to Texas and settled in Collin County in 1890 and was engaged in farming.
In Collin County he met Alice Amelia Jennings, daughter of John Lawrence Jennings and Martha Virginia Morgan Jennings of Louisiana who was visiting there and on October 31, 1894 they were married.  Mr. and Mrs. Jett moved to Hearne in 1894.
In 1903 he went to work for the H. & T. C. Railroad and retired in 1943 after serving this railroad for 40 years.  He died July 31, 1954.
Mrs. Jett was born April 2, 1877 at Hearne, Texas.  Her father died two months before her birth and that of her twin brother Edward Jennings and her mother died when the twins were two years old in 1879.  An older sister, Lula Jennings Ayres, reared the twins after the death of their mother.  Mrs. Jett died April 8, 1952.
The following children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Jett; J. Edward Jett, Mae Valine Jett Cottrell, Maxine Jett Lajoie, Trucie Jett Rohde, Harry Jennings Jett, Lula Dell Jett Chapman, Dorothy Jett Rogers, and William Houston Jett.

JOHNSON, BURT EDWARD, was born August 30, 1881 at Chicago, Illinois, the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Johnson.
When he was eight years old the family moved to Champagne, Illinois where he attended school, grew to manhood and played professional baseball until his pitching arm went bad.
In 1903 he went to work for the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad Company and worked in various capacities and cities for eighteen years.  In 1921 he left the C. & E. I. Railroad to go to work for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company and was transferred to Hearne in 1936.  On September 1, 1955 he was retired by the Southern Pacific Railroad Company as a teletype operator and telegrapher.
He has three sons; R. E. Johnson, vice president and general manager of Texas-Mexican Railroad with offices in Laredo, Texas; H. E. Johnson, assistant superintendent for communications of the Cotton Belt Railroad in Tyler, Texas; and C. R. Johnson, weather observer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
On June 20, 1941 he was married to Mrs. Onita Mangum of Waco and the couple made their home in Hearne.  After retirement from railroad service, he accepted a position as salesman for Allen Hardware Company of Hearne.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are members of Grace Methodist Church.  He is a member of the Masonic Lodge in Illinois.  Mr. And Mrs. Johnson have one grand-daughter in Hearne, Carla Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lucien L. Reed.  

JONES, MANFORD EUGENE, son of Silas Truman Jones and Minnie Waller Jones, was born October 23, 1901 at Thornton, Texas.
As a youth he spent his life on a farm near Mart, Texas.  He was graduated from Marlin High School in 1919 and then entered North Texas State College and later taught school for several years, returning to college and receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree from North Texas State College in 1927.  He received his Master of Arts Degree from the University of New Mexico in 1940 and later did further graduate work at the University of Texas.
Prior to moving to Hearne in September 1948 to accept the position of Superintendent of Schools for the Hearne Independent School District, he had thirteen years experience as a high school principal and coach at Bremond, Clifton, and Groesbeck.  He also had thirteen years experience as superintendent at Rosebud, Whitney and Los Fresnos.
He was married to Miss Cora Lee McCall of Calvert, Texas at Durant, Oklahoma, October 10, 1930.  Mrs. Jones also is an experienced teacher and school supervisor.  She has a B. A. Degree from Baylor University and a M. A. Degree from Sam Houston State College.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones have three children: Linda Ann Jones Stephens, Robert Truman Jones, and Manford Allen Jones.  Their son Bobby Jones was first-string quarterback for the Baylor University Bears in 1954-55-56 and directed this football team in the Sugar Bowl game in 1957.
Manford E. Jones is an ordained deacon in the First Baptist Church and teaches the Men's Bible Class; a member of the Hearne Lions Club; and his Masonic Lodge membership is at Whitney, Texas.
He is a member of the following school associations: Texas State Teachers Association, National Teachers Association of School Administrators.

JONES, SYLVAN BLUM, son of Enoch Thomas Jones and Allie Fair Harvey Jones, was born July 18, 1900 at Huntington, Texas.  He attended the public schools in Huntington.
    In 1915, he went to work for the T. & N. O. Railroad Company at Doucette, Texas as a car clerk and telegraph operator.  He resigned this position in 1917 to enter military service during World War I.  In 1918, he returned to his job with the T. & N. O. Railroad and worked for this firm until 1921.  In 1921, he went to work for the Gulf Oil Corporation and worked for this firm at Port Arthur, Texas and at Mexia, Texas.  He worked for Gulf during the oil boom in Mexia in 1923 as a timekeeper.  He moved to Lufkin, Texas in 1925 and entered the general insurance business.  In 1927, he again worked for the Gulf Oil Corporation at Roscoe, Texas and also worked as a timekeeper for this company during the West Texas oil boom in 1927-28.  He accepted employment with the Prairie Pipe Line Company in 1929 and worked at Winfield, Kansas.  In 1930, he worked for oil companies in the Oklahoma oil boom days and also at Wichita, Kansas during the Kansa oil boom.  During the early days of the East Texas oil boom, he worked with oil filed contractors and was in the East Texas oil fields during the time the Texas Rangers and the State Militia were enforcing oil proration laws in that area.  During 1932, he became employed with the Humble Pipe Line Company and helped to lay the oil line across the San Jacinto Bay near Houston, Texas in 1936.
    He moved to Hearne, Texas July 10, 1933 and was employed with the Humble Pipe Line Company as a relief telegraph operator.  He continued as a telegraph operator for Humble until 1946.  After his resignation as a telegraph operator, he devoted full time to his general insurance business which he had established in Hearne in 1939.
    Sylvan Blum Jones was married to Essie Edna Barclay, daughter of Joshua Barclay and Ruby Seleste Fondren Barclay of Rockland, Texas, December 23, 1919.  The marriage was performed at Beaumont, Texas.  Essie Edna Barclay Jones was born at Rockland, Texas and attended the public schools there.  A daughter, Margaret Virginia Jones, was born to Sylvan Blum Jones and Essie Edna Barclay Jones.  Margaret Virginia Jones attended the public schools of Hearne and was graduated from Hearne High School with the Class of 1938.  During her high school days, Margaret Virginia Jones served as the first Drum Major of the Hearne High School Bank during 1936 and 1937.  She later attended South Texas State Teachers College at San Marcos, Texas and served as Drum Majorette with the band of this college.  Her picture appear in Life Magazine.  Margaret Virginia Jones married Glenn Fulton of Calvert, Texas.  The following children were born to Margaret Virginia Jones Fulton and Glenn Fulton:  Essie Patricia Fulton and Deborah Callie Fulton.
    Sulvan Blum Jones is a member of the Myrta Masonic Lodge No. 651 at Warren, Texas; a former member of the Hearne Chamber of Commerce; a charter member of the Hearne Lions Club; a former Boy Scout Master of Troop No. 168 of Hearne, Texas; a former member of the Hearne Band Parents Association; a former member of the Hearne Parent-Teacher's Association; a member of the First Baptist Church; and a member of the Texas Association of Insurance Agents.  Essie Edna Barclay Jones is a member of the First Baptist Church; a member of the Order of the Eastern Star at Rockland, Texas; a former member of the Hearne Band Parent's Association; a former member of the Hearne Parent-Teacher's Association; and a member of the Texas Association of Insurance Agents.

JOSEY, LEE was born at Benchley, Texas, August 6, 1879 and was a lifelong resident of Robertson County.
His early life was spent on the family farm in the Benchley community and in early manhood he was employed by the county commissioner as foreman of a road construction crew.  He served as a deputy sheriff before moving to Hearne in 1919.
In 1928 he was elected as Constable of Precinct No. 2 of Robertson County, Texas and continued to be elected to this office every two years up to the time of his death.  He also served on the city police force of Hearne for 25 years and was Police Chief for the City of Hearne at the time of his death.
He had the reputation of being a cool-headed law enforcing officer and was well liked by the general public.  In his later years, he was called "Uncle Lee" by everyone in the community.  During the time he was employed by the County Commissioner, he assisted in the building of the first 'good road' through Hearne.
He was married to Miss Minnie Eloise Allen, December 3, 1899 and the following children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Josey: Myrtle Josey Solomon, Ruby Josey Boswell, Ollie Josey Houston, J. T. Josey, Pauline Josey Maguire, and Marie Josey Jackson.
His wife, Minnie Eloise Allen Josey died in August 1927, and he was later married to Mrs. Sarah L. Richardson.
"Uncle Lee" Josey died March 19, 1954, ending a career of public service that extended over a period of 50 years.


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