P O R T   S U L L I V A N ,   T E X A S :   G H O S T   T O W N

By John Martin Brockman
1968 Texas A&M University Master's Thesis

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Even though the Port Sullivan community was across the Brazos River from Robertson County in Milam County, large numbers of its residents were originally from and ended up in Robertson County.  As a result, any information that can be found relating to Port Sullivan and its residents will be placed online at the Robertson County site.  This will (hopefully) include an unpublished manuscript once held by Mrs. Helen Peel of Hearne as well as a handwritten journal written by Bremond's John Coleman Roberts.  If you have information about Port Sullivan that you'd like to share, please contact William Kent Brunette.


Block Numbers Used In Port Sullivan

  10 20     50 70  
1 11 21 31   51 71 81
2 12 22 32     72  
3 13 23   43 53 73  
4           74  
5 15 25 35     75  
6     36     76  
7   27          
8 18 28   48   78  
9     39 49 59    

Prepared from "Burned Record" and "Rockdale and Miscellaneous Towns," Milam County Abstract Co.; Deed Records, Milam County Court House; and Tax Rolls, Milam County, 1846 - 1874, Texas State Archives.