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Anderson Cemetery #1



ANDERSON, PHEBE DOUGLAS, ? - ?, wife of Mathew Anderson (who is buried at Anderson Cemetery #2), c Samuel, Posie, Polk, Esther Parker, Isabella Elizabeth Thomas, Phoebe Moody, Mrs. (?) Gay

ANDERSON, several small children of Mathew & Phoebe Douglas Anderson

GAY, ?, d Mathew & Phebe Douglas Anderson, she married and moved across the river into Leon Co. until her death (which may have been by poisoning)

According to Robertson County resident and descendant Raymond Anderson, Mathew Anderson (see ) moved to higher ground and away from the creeks that fed into the Navasota River through Anderson Lake. Mathew Anderson's wife and some of his children succumbed to malaria associated with the wet conditions of the earlier homestead near the river.



Anderson Cemetery #2

After a recent visit to Anderson Cemetery #2, Volunteer Joy Boutwell McNally reported the following:  "This cemetery includes the following people:  Mathew Anderson and a child who I think is his grandson, William L. Thomas. The reason I think this is his grandson is because it states the son of M. & I. E. Thomas.  His daughter was Isabella Elizabeth.  I think there might be other graves and headstones, but we would need to do some digging, and we were not equipped with the right tools to do so.  The cemetery is in a clump of trees, on the right hand side of the property, about 200 yards in from 2446.  I plan on putting a yellow ribbon on one of the outer trees that faces 2446.  This property was originally owned by Mathew Anderson and was granted to him for fighting in the war. He was married in Robertson County in 1839, so I'm not sure if he fought for Texas or in Tennessee (where he was from).  His old homestead, if you are facing the cemetery from 2446, is on the left about 100-150 feet from the cemetery, inside the fences on the property. Only handmade bricks remain.  The cemetery is about 10' x 30' and is constructed of wrought iron.  It's in good shape, but is leaning some.  We plan on fixing it when it warms up.  We cleaned up the cemetery and put the headstones upright.  We plan on keeping the cemetery cleaned.  The cemetery is on Clyde H. William's property, and is 0.9 miles from 1940, on 2446."

ANDERSON, MATHEW, 9.1.1806 - 8.31.1873, w Phoebe Anderson (buried at Anderson Cemetery #1 along with several of their children)

THOMAS, WILLIAM L., 10.28.1878 - 7.17.1884, s Monroe & Isabella Elizabeth Anderson Thomas (couple was married 5.21.1871 in Robertson County)



Anderson Cemetery #3


The following information was received from Herberta Taylor Mask in February 2004:

Anderson Cemetery # 3 in Robertson County, out of Bremond on road #46 about 4 miles on the left.
If walking up the High Line, up 3 poles to the right over the fence, the cemetery is on a little hill.  As for as I know it belongs to the high line people,
it is called the Caskey Pasture.


It was given by Jacob Henry ANDERSON.

Jacob Henry ANDERSON July 18 1825 - Sept 06 1892 Elizabeth D. ANDERSON-----Elizabeth Deason (Crouch) Anderson Oct 24 1830 - Nov 25 1889 Harriet Izzebell ANDERSON July 19 1850 - Dec 11 1854 Martha Jane ANDERSON Feb 13 1852 - Jan 11 1857 Isaac Henry ANDERSON March 28 1856 - March 23 1859 Mary Louisa ANDERSON Feb 25 1858 - July 12 1861 Susan Adaline ANDERSON May 24 1860 - July 22 1866 Sarah Caroline ANDERSON April 27 1864 - Sept 01 1864 John Basel Deason ANDERSON July 07 1874 - November 15 1875

The children are the children of Jacob Henry and Elizabeth Deason (Crouch) Anderson.
Their names are on one shaft.
Jacob and Elizabeth's are single stones. It seems all these graves are in a row.

The other stone:
H. B. JACKSON full name is Henry Basil Jackson
1846 - 1873 b. December 25 1846 - d. June 22 1873.

Henry Basil Jackson married Frances Elizabeth ANDERSON, August 1872. They had one daughter, Martha "Mattie" Ann Basel JACKSON. born Feb 1874. Married Alexander Nisbett May 4 1892.
After the death of Henry Basil, Frances Elizabeth ANDERSON, married Phillip Pierce GILBERT.
Gilbert was a 1st cousin of Henry Basil JACKSON.
Frances Elizabeth ANDERSON born Oct 28 1853 died July 22 1891, buried in the Nesbitt Cemetery Robertson Co. TX.

I do have pictures of these stones.

Elizabeth Deason (Crouch) ANDERSON was my g-g grandmother. She was married first in Jan 1847 to Thomas Jefferson BARRON, he was shot and killed the end of the same month.. They had one daughter, Eliza Ann BARRON, who married 2nd Cornelious Moses TAYLOR. Her parents were Isaac CROUCH and Isabelle DEASON. (Isaac was killed by the Indians June 1 1836.)
Elizabeth and Jacob had a total of 13 children.

There is another ANDERSON cemetery. I don't see you have listed, I have been to it, but I can't tell you exactly where it is. At about where the Highline is you would turn right off road 46 into a pasture, a house is to the left of the gate setting back from the road. You would go out behind the house to a fence. It is over the fence and through the woods. The Cemetery is nearly to the other side of the woods. WILLIAM DAVID ANDERSON b. 1828 d. 1886 is buried there. I also have a picture of his stone. But I will have to look for it. This is the only stone there. There are about 5 or 6 sunken places there. He married Mary Loftin, January 24 1852. They had one son James born in 1853. William's Mother may be buried there she was Harriett (Haines) Anderson b about 1801 died Oct 10 1878.
William David is the brother of Jacob Henry Anderson.

Herberta Taylor Mask

Who might tell you who's pasture is in is MARJORIE (PRUETT) FAULK at 817-746-7898 in Bremond. 
One of her relatives took us there.  And she grew up next to this property.

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