Baptist Ridge aka Jericho Cemetery

Robertson County TX



Heading north out of Calvert on Hwy. 6, turn left onto Ranch Road 2159. A short distance down, the cemetery is off the road to the left on private property formerly owned by Dr. Bicker Cain. Split between two fence rows, the cemetery is on land currently owned by a Templeton and Wesley Anderson. Not visible from the road, the cemetery is past the two ponds to the left of the road inside the pasture and to the left of the trailer, barn, and pens on the property. The Briggs and other Caucasian burials are within two separate fenced-in plots in the cemetery.

Started as a Caucasian congregation, the Baptist Ridge Church disbanded around 1910. The building was then renamed and occupied until the 1970s or 1980s by the African American Jericho Baptist Church. The church building was torn down in recent years. At some point, a property line was drawn down the middle of the cemetery and a fence was erected.

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N = buried on the north side of the fence, S = buried on the south side of the fence

ANDERSON, BOLDEN, 2.7.1893 - 9.5.1965, TX Pvt. Co. D., 537th Engineers, WWI, S

BRIGGS, ANN ELIZABETH HARVEY, 10.7.1831 - 12.9.1894, d John Harvey (3 members of her family were killed in Harvey Massacre & she was taken captive for several years), h Sanders C. Briggs, N

BRIGGS, JAMES JUDSON "J. J.", 12.14.1848 - 1.6.1869, s Sanders C. & Ann Elizabeth Harvey Briggs, aged 21 years, 22 days, N

BRIGGS, SANDERS C., 3.1.1822 - 3.11.1869, w Ann Elizabeth Harvey, aged 57 years, 10 days, N

BRIGGS, WILLIAM TALBOT "BILLY", 1852 - 1919, s Sanders C. & Ann Elizabeth Harvey Briggs, N

BROWN, LEARNER, 10.22.1883 - 12.12.1908, h C. B. Brown, "Gone But Not Forgotten", N

BURLESON, JAMES LEE, 5.17.1922 - 4.11.1946, Texas P1C 529 Fort County TC WWII, S

COB, ANALINE H., ? - 11.10.1957, S

COB, J. A., 1863 - 1.26.1918, "At Rest," aged 55 years, N

COSBY, CHARITY, ? - 2.?.1908, N

DILES, ELISHA, 1.20.18?? - 2.13.1903(?), (handmade marker), N

EVANS, ROSCOE, 11.11.1928 - 5.15.1950, S

EVER, VERA, 1.31.1909 - 9.4.1958, S

FORBINS, JOGCIE, 7.27.1888 - 7.26.1954, N

HARRIS, PANKIE, 1877 - 10.2.1942, "In Loving Memory," aged 65 years (handmade marker), N

HENDRICKS, NATTIE, 6.4.1878 - 2.25.1912, S

HINES, TURNER SR., 1888 - 12.8.1945, S

HOWARD, INA, 7.30.1862 - 11.13.1870, "In Memory Of," aged 8 years, 3 months, 14 days, N

JACOB, REBECCA, 1.26.1918 - ~1974 (age 56), S

JOHNSON, NELCE, ? - 11.28.1916, N

JONES, AARON, 7.26.1937 - 10.18.1968, TX A. M., US Navy, N

JONES, ELGIN, 9.17.1921 - 3.3.1945, TX Pvt. 371st Infantry, WWII, N

JONES, ESSIE JR., 5.23.1932 - 8.26.1965, "Father," "Gone But Not Forgotten", N

JONES, GREENE, 1854 - 1928, N

JONES, IRENE, 1854 - 1928, N

LISTER, LIGE, 5.26.1888 - 7.31.1960, Texas Pvt CoC 518 BN QMC WWI, S

LORRINGS, RICHARD, 3.8.1897 - 2.15.1964, TX Pvt. 27th Co., 163rd Depot Brigade, WWI, N

LOYMOB(?), JOSEPH, 7.1892 - 4.8.1961, (handmade marker), N

MCGAHA, JULIE, 1872 - 1935, "For Whosoever Shall Do The Will Of God, The Same Is My Brother And Sister", N

POWERS, MARY, 3.30.1875 - 6.20or28.1940, "At Rest, Thy Will Be Done", N

ROBERTSON, JACOB A., 1.15.1913 - 9.20.1950, TX Pvt. 1165th A. A. F. Training Group, WWII, N

SHEPARD, HENRI, ~1895 - 2.21.1948 (age 53), N

STEWARD, TOM, 1869 - 3.28.1911, "Gone But Not Forgotten," aged 42, N

WALLACE, LEE R., 8.14.1905 - 3.28.1967, TX PFC, US Army, WWII, N

WALLACE, SARAH, 4.9.1883 - 12.1.1963, S

WASHINGTON, WASH, 1857 - 1887, N

WHITTED, MINNIE, 7.5.1884 - 12.2.1902, S

WILLIAMS, MRS. PEARL, 12.13.1901 - 2.1.1944, "Beloved Wife Of Pernell Williams", N

WILLIAMS, PERNELL, 7.7.1894 - 3.4.1953, TX Pvt. 4th Co., 165th Depot Brigade, WWI, w Mrs. Pearl, N

N = buried on the north side of the fence, S = buried on the south side of the fence




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