Bartula Cemetery

Robertson County TX




5 miles from Owensville and 6 miles from Calvert, location unknown


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BARTULA, STANISLAW, ? - 1873/1874, b Poland, eldest son of Joseph & Katarzyna Pankiewick Bartula (see also Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery Bremond)

The following appears in Joseph Bartula's Journal:

"In the year 1873, 16th day of May, I left my home country with my whole family, from the city P. (Polzno), Tarnow District, Pilzno County.  My family consisted of my wife, Katarzyna of Pankiewick (maiden name) and my sons:  Stanislaw, Wladyslaw, Mieczyslaw, Bronislaw, and Czeslaw and the maidservant, Catarzyna Gasior."

"So, in the 16th of June, I took a drive through Beaumont and Houston to New Waverly where my brother-in-law Kasper Trybist was residing with his whole family."

"In this journey, I lost all my fortune and my two sons:  Czeslaw and Bronislaw; they rest in the American earth at Danville, Montgomery County.  Also, our maidservant got lost there.  In the same year, I moved with my wife and three sons closer to Calvert.  There my oldest son Stanislaw passed away and he is buried five miles from Owensville and 6 miles from Calvert and there with the rest of the family we sustained most weakness and the sicknesses.  Finally, after one year of my staying there, I moved with my wife and my two remaining sons, Wladyslaw and Mieczyslaw, to Bremond and there I settled in the year 1875 in the 6th day of January."

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