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Beauty Rest African American Cemetery

In the Calvert city limits, a block or two to the right of the highway when heading towards Hearne from Calvert.

Cemetery starts near the corner of Cedar & Harper Streets and is a couple of blocks long.


Below are transcribed by many resources death certificates and obit and information contained in the out-of-print

book Cemeteries In Robertson County, Texas by Verna Corn Floyd and Vernelle Corn, copyright 1980, D. Armstrong Co., Inc., Printers/Publishers, Houston, Texas.  Updates, additions, and corrections have been made as a result of extensive

cemetery and family history research and the invaluable assistance of relatives of people buried in this cemetery.



Last First/Maiden DOB DOD Notes
Adams Laura L 1879 1928  
Adkins Marah Tucker 1-Aug-1869 1-Aug-1920 Father: R. T. Tucker.  Mother: Marah Davis.  First Husband: Tom Yepp.  2nd husband: Henry Adkins

Info furnished by Holly Jentsch

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Agee Charity Boone 2-Feb-1876 Calvert TX 13-Jun-1955 Houston TX Father: Tommie Boone.  Mother: Seamie Jones  Spouse:  Renny Agee.  Click for death certificate Child: Artiller
Agee Renny 23-Jun-1884 AL 22-May-1945 Calvert TX Father: James Agee, AL.  Mother: Dora Lambert, AL.  Spouse:  Charity Boone Agee.  Click for death certificate
Alexander Geneva 4-Nov-1929 22-Jul-1978 Click for death certificate

Info by grandchild      

Allen Clearessa 18-Mar-1908 8-Jul-1962  
Allen Henry 11-Aug-1893 18-Feb-1962 WW 1
Anderson Dave   2-May-1936 U S Army
Anderson Lucy 18-Feb-1880 14-Feb-1967  
Ashford Daniel 13-Nov-1945 23-Aug-1967  
Banks Essa A 25-Sep-1895 27-Mar-1968 WW 1
Beard Jessie   18-Jan-1956  
Biggs George 16-May-1920 29-Sep-1958 WW II
Biggs Henry 1864 1948  
Biggs Herman 20-Nov-1892 6-Nov-1969  
Biggs Johnnie Bernard 15-Jul-1951 1-Aug-2002  
Biggs Mary 1869 1944  
Biggs Mary Bell 16-Apr-1896 16-1965 wife of Herman
Benson Lacy 9-Aug-1891 24-Ma-1958  
Benton Mattie Louise 17-Jul-1886 23-Apr-1946  
Bolts Josephine 26-Feb-1886 10-Jan-1972  
Belts R. E.   16-Dec-1963  
Bradley Joyce 7-Dec-1927 30-Oct-1931  
Bradford Thelma L 15-Jan-1905 22-Jun-1955  
Brasmon Gertrude A 4-May-1898 29-Mar-1929  
Brown Issac   22-Jan-1917  
Burger, SR K. C. 25-Nov-1915 8-Feb-1946 WW II
Burnett Charlie 1841 1919 daughter Emma Ross (see table below)
Byers Lettie Mae 29-Dec-1912 23-Nov-1963  
Charles Ellen 10-10-1864 13-Oct-1951  
Chopp Lee 1881 9-Nov-1952  
Chopp Violet 1893 15-Sep-1964  
Clement Rev A. L. 18-Apr-1872 26-Oct-1940  
Coleman Randolph   21-Feb-1939 US Army
Cooks Sallie Dec-1875 17-Feb-1949  
Cooper Anna 19-Jun-1876 Nov-1958  
Daniels William 4-Sep-1893 18-Mar-1970 WW I
Davis, Jr. R. D. 24-Aug-1938 22-Jun-1977 US Air Force
Derice Emma 2-Aug-1872 9-Apr-1937  
Edoiner Oscar 1-Jun-1897 13-Feb-1948 WW I
Farris Ida   16-Aug-1971  
Farris Johnnie 5-Jan-1899 19-Jul-1943  
Floyd Aury 16-Jun-1896 1-Jan-1952 WW I
Floyd John 8-Dec-1870    
Floyd Tallie 22-Feb-1874 21-May-1911 wife of John
Grandham Arnetha 25-Aug-1903 12-Jul-1978 wife of Bervin
Grandham Bervin 25-Dec-1901 13-Apr-1962  
Ghee Edward Allen 22-Sep-1920 7-Jul-1959 WW II
Gibson Adelaide 1886 1962  
Glass Anna Delia 1899 1920  
Glass Chloe 1922 1955 wife of Alex
Glass Henderson   10-Dec-1925 US Army
Glass Ralph 7-Mar-1897 16-Apr-1969 WW I
Grass Augusta   21-Aug-1948  
Hally Lula   26-Oct-1915  
Hammond Ida 1888 7-May-1922  
Hammond Mamie 3-Mar-1898 14-Dec-1975  
Hammond, Jr William 27-Apr-1924 26-Jan-1979  
Hanks Tom 1-Jun-1892 28-Oct-1969 WWI
Hardy Mary   4-Sep-1941  
Harlan Jake 1840 17-Dec-1919  
Harlan Jessie   3-Sep-1976  
Harlan Link 7-Jan-1882 4-Apr-1955  
Harlan Rose Ann Maynard 17-Dec-1885 24-Feb-1839 wife of Link
Harris Willie 17-Jun-1892 18-May-1973  
Henry Seorsia 1853 5-Jun-1931  
Hill David   7-Jan-1920 US Army
Hollaway Leonard   29-Aug-1918 WW I
Hood Francis 22-Feb-1935 26-Jan-1959  
Hooks Lucindie 7-Jan-1896 18-Aug-1949  
Horton Henry 11-Aug-1880 20-Mar-1960 husband of Pearl
Jackson Thomas Elward   22-Jan-1937 US Army
Johnson Ada Alice 1883 1960  
Johnson Mrs. Joseph Mar-1877    
Johnson ? 16-Apr-1900 3-Mar-1915 father Joseph
Jones Lizzie 18-Sep-1876 21-Dec-1960  
Jorner Minnie 1880 14-June-1924  
Kenney Gladys 19-Dec-1923 6-Jul-1903  
Killman Joseph   8-Dec-1941  
Kinney Severne 25-Sep-1910 10-Dec-1976  
Kinney Willie Earnest 27-Aug-1905 1-Dec-1976  
Knight, Sr. Riley   17-Jan-1954  
Knight, Jr. Riley   14-Jan-1965  
Lee H. James 25-Nov-1898 13-Sep-1972 WW I
Love Helen Yepp 1920 1943  
McGee Lizzie 8-Oct-1888 15-Sep-1925  
McGrue Rosetta 22-Jan-1905 19-Dec-1964  
Millican Nan 6-May-1898 31-Aug-1971  
Mills Mary L. 27-Apr-1918 30-Apr-1963  
Moore Dorsey 7-Aug-1895 2-Nov-1945 US Army
Moody Marjorie Benson 28-Apr-1913 29-Aug-1978  
Nutall Mary Jane 1864 19-May-1920  
Nutall Mary Jane 12-Jan-1870 25-Apr-1926  
Nunn Maggie 1889 8-Oct-1978  
Outland Robert D. 1903 1926  
Parish Charlies 1883 31-Jan-1972  
Payne W. R. 1873 28-Aug-1921  
Pearson Lee 1865 1932  
Poohle H. H. 18-Jan-1919 15-May-1921  
Pope Mary   1-Dec-1949  
Portis Allen J. 5-Dec-1878 20-Aug-1944  
Portis Allen 15-Jan-1913 1-Mar-1952  
Portis Corbie Elizabeth 17-Mar-1921 23-Nov-1978  
Portis Fannie 19-Nov-1910 15-Apr-1970  
Portis Gertrude L. 20-Sep-1881 29-Apr-1948  
Portis Joe Henry 23-Apr-1897 10-Oct-1964  
Portis Joe L. 18-Nov-1914 29-Apr-1979  
Portis Lena 27-Oct-1893 1-Jul-1964  
Portis Roger 31-Oct-1918 7-Dec-1960  
Powell Wiss 15-Nov-1889 6-Mar-1966 WW I
Prince Buster n 24-Aug-1913 9-Jul-1972 WW II
Prince Minnie 10-Feb-1918 9-Oct-1972  
Pulize Louise 2-Apr-1912 11-Sep-1949  
Rayner John Baptis 13-Nov-1850 14-Jul-1918 s Kenneth Rayner & Mary Ricks, w1 Susan Clark Staton, m 1874, w2 Clarissa S. Stark (together they had 3 children), Handbook Of Texas Online Biography
Redmon Matt 12-Oct-1890 5-Jul-1942 Died at John Sealy in Galveston TX.  Father: Charles, Mother: Sallie Wright

Info furnished by Holly Jentsch

Reese Russell 1820 GA 8-May-1931 Milam Co TX abt. 114 years old

Info furnished by Holly Jentsch

Robertson Gertrude Baily 16-Dec-1905 26-Jan-1966 father: A. K. Baily  Mother: Beartice Gibson

Click here for death certificate

Robertson Lemuel Reginald 25-Jul-1923 20-Nov-1965 WW II

husband of Donzelle Juanita Sowell

Info furnished by Finnis V. "Cissy" Currie

Rosemond Jasper 9-Oct-1893 25-Apr-1966 Info furnished by Holly Jentsch
Rosemond Olethia Marion Reed 14-May-1906 13-Jan-2002 click here
Ross Emma A. Burnett 18-Feb-1895 14-Feb-1963 father: Charlie Burnett see above
Simon Dollie   20-Jan-1948  
Sneed Carrie 1897 1977  
Stalon Fair 26-Apr-1874 14-Aug-1919  
Staton Dra 1879 11-Nov-1910  
Staton John   30-Sep-1919 US Army
Staton Luda 9-Oct-1903 13-May-1929 daughters Isah & Liiz
Stevenson Vina 5-Dec-1895 26-Mar-1965  
Stewart33 Pearl 24-Dec-1882 14-Apr-1951 wife of Sylvester
Stewart Sylvester 29-Dec-1880 19-Jul-19  
Stews Rebecca 10-Jan-1897 14-Feb-1960  
Stroud Johnnie L 27-Aug-1927 17-Jun-1977  
Terral, Sr K. D. 1862 1934 Mary
Terral Mary E 1875 1932  
Thompson Mary 15-Mar-1855 27-May-1924  
Thornton Ellen 2-Dec-1890 12-Nov-1926  
Turner Leuella   25-Dec-1935 WW I
Walker Lander 1948 7-May-1972  
Walton Judie Faris 31-May-1922 26-Jul-1935  
White Alberta Grandham 25-Jul-1905 Dec-1944  
White John 1893 30-Mar-1976  
White Alberta Grandham 25-Jun-1905 Dec-1944  
White John 1893 30-Mar-1976  
Whitfield Levie 3-Jul-1891 15-Oct-1976  
Whitfield Turetha 2-Aug-1900 30-Nov-1960  
Whitaker Minerva   29-Apr-1961  
Williams Ada   29-Nov-1966  
Williams May 1878 17-Jul-1904  
Williams Willie 15-Nov-1891 3-Dec-1965 wife Evia
Wilson Johnnie 6-May-1881 17-Aug-1948  
Wite Lula 1897 10-Mar-1967  
Woodard Arthur   28-Feb-1952  
Woodard Bearce   Oct-1951  
Woodard George W   22-Dec-1951  
Woodard Parthena 8-Feb-1850 18-Oct-1939  
Woodard Sallie   11-Jan-1937  
Young Willie 1879 1945  

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