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Brown-Robb Cemetery
Robertson County TX


The Brown-Robb Cemetery is located in Hearne on private property owned by Gene Bates. This cemetery is between the Old Franklin Highway and the current Hwy. 6 heading north out of Hearne towards Calvert. To the right of Hwy. 6, the cemetery is east of the railroad tracks on a ridge above Sandy Creek. It is located on the old Robb family place and near the old Brown stagecoach stop site. Though it is not labeled, the Brown-Robb Cemetery is located to the right of the Hwy. 6 & 79 signs.  The cemetery is between these highways and Sandy Creek.


CALLOWAY, MARY EMMA, 12.25.1861 - ?, d W. D. & A. C. Calloway

CALLOWAY, W. D., 1.18.1838 - 8.2.1883, w A. C.

DAY, GATEMONEY, 3.30.1818 - 8.16.1869, h W. D. Day, 6 children, "Sacred to the memory of Gatemoney, Dearest mother thou hast left us, Thy loss we deeply feel, But tis God that hath benefit us, He can all our sorrows heal"

FOGLE, W. C., 9.3.1817 - 1.3.1880

MORTON, MARTHA, ?.24.1826 - 12.6.1880, "May she rest in peace"

RINEARDSON, GERTRUDE, 6.11.1875 - 9.9.1876, "Budded in earth, to bloom in heaven"




Brown Cemetery
Robertson County TX



The Brown Cemetery is located on the old Frank Sauer place in what is now somebody's pasture. This is on the left-hand side of the road after the big curve as you go from New Baden towards the cemetery.  Although it is not labeled, the Brown Cemetery is marked by the single cross that is located just after the left-hand turn on Hwy 1940.

BROWN, J. C., born Zurich, Switzerland, w Mary

BROWN, MARY, born Zurich, Switzerland, h J. C. Brown

BROWN, MARY, infant daughter of J. C. & Mary Brown

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