Bumpers, aka Bumpurs, aka Homestead Cemetery
Robertson County TX

When traveling on Hwy. 7 from Marquez towards Kosse, turn right onto Ranch Road 937 heading north. You will pass the Whatley Cemetery on the left. When you get to the Seale-Round Prairie Cemetery (which is also on the left), turn right onto County Road 482. Go down this dirt road, following it through a sharp right turn followed by a sharp left turn. Continue down this road. The cemetery is out in the pasture to the right just before you get to the next 90 degree right-hand turn. This cemetery, which is on the old Mildred Jones Lincecum place, is also sometimes referred to as the Homestead Cemetery.

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BUMPERS/BUMPURS, AMANDA MOORE, 2.14.1844 - 3.17.1889 or 1891, h Robert Jackson Bumpers/Bumpurs Sr., m Robertson Co., TX, 11 children, Leo, Alice Coker, Adella (h1 ?, h2 John Henry Whatley), Isom Dave, Dora Wilkins, Horace, Forest, Carlos (may have had a twin brother named Arlos), infant, infant, infant (one of these infants may have been Arlos)

BUMPERS/BUMPURS, ELIZABETH HAVEN OR HOGAN, 1820 - ? (died young), b Clarke Co., AL, h Robert Jackson Bumpers/Bumpurs Sr., m 11.21.1840, 11 children, c Mary Ann "Viecie", Margaret Frances "Fannie" Moore, John W. (d 1936), Elizabeth Jane Smith, Robert Jackson Jr., George Washington, Lourine "Lou" Andrews, Ellen Smith, Samuel J., infant, infant 

BUMPERS/BUMPURS, FOREST, 12.1.1882 - 2.1900, s Robert Jackson Sr. & Amanda Moore Bumpers/Bumpurs, (had a twin brother named Horace who lived to maturity and is buried in AR)

BUMPERS/BUMPURS, LEO, 8.23.1871 - 6.23.1887, s Robertson Jackson Sr. & Amanda Moore Bumpers/Bumpurs

BUMPERS/BUMPURS, ROBERT JACKSON SR., 7.17.1816 - 7.3.1899, b near Mobile, AL, w1 Elizabeth Haven or Hogan, w2, Amanda Moore, died in Limestone Co., TX

Other Bumpers/Bumpurs family members are buried at the Bald Prairie and Sansom/Wedgeman Cemeteries.
The above information provided by Olene Bumpurs Reagan on 3.28.2001.

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