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Camp Creek Cemetery

From the traffic signal in Franklin, take Hwy. 79 North 2.6 miles to New Baden, turn right onto Farm Road 1940, proceed 5.7 miles (you’ll pass the turn for the New Baden Cemetery on the left), turn right onto the dirt Camp Creek Cemetery Road, cemetery is several miles off the paved highway.





This list has been recently updated and the accuracy of most of the information has been confirmed.

Donations may be sent to: Camp Creek Cemetery Association,
Barbara Meadors Schmeichel, Route 3, Box 622, Franklin, TX 77856.

Contact if you have questions or comments about this cemetery.

An historical marker reads: "In 1859 Ashbel Smith donated the ten acres for the cemetery. Smith, a medical doctor born in Hartford, Connecticut, came to Texas in 1837 and was an outstanding state leader. A log cabin, built on the northwest corner of the tract, served as a community school and church. The oldest grave marker is that of Lucy M. Turner (1824 - 1864). While crossing Camp Creek in 1869, Ann Marjorie McQuistion (Mrs. Edward) McMillan was killed when a panther attacked her buggy horse. She was buried here along with many children who died of malaria and typhoid." (#10909/1976) Additional information on Ashbel Smith & Camp Creek Cemetery History.

   ACUFF, EDWARD DUANE, 09.12.1948 06.23.1969, s Helen Meadors Acuff,
   grandson of George Levi & Martha Ellen "Mattie" Day Meadors, Texas Sp
   4 HHB 3rd Battalion 6th Artillery Vietnam, killed in action in Vietnam
   AINSWORTH, ARTEMIS MISSIE MEADORS, 08.29.1892 02.23.1969, d William
   Sherman "Willie" & Artemis "Missie" Davis Meadors, h Phines Ainsworth,
   c Chester L., Claude Winston, William
   AINSWORTH, CHESTER L., 10.09.1920 07.15.1944, s Phines & Artemis
   Missie Meadors Ainsworth, Texas Corp 913 Field Artillery Battalion
   88th Division WWII, killed in action in Italy
   AINSWORTH, CLAUDE DOUGLAS, 11.12.1935 12.25.1961, s Mr. Ainsworth &
   Mozelle Meadors Ainsworth Cazey, w Lola Pearl, Texas A2C US Air Force
   AINSWORTH, CLAUDE WINSTON, 04.06.1925 07.31.1944, s Phines & Artemis
   Missie Meadors Ainsworth, Texas Tec 5 66th Armored FA BN 4 Armored
   Division WWII, killed in action in France
   AINSWORTH, LOLA PEARL, 05.18.1940 05.11.1976, h Claude Douglas
   AINSWORTH, PHINES, 01.20.1898 01.25.1973, s Samuel A. & Martha Jane
   Archer Ainsworth, w Artemis Missie Meadors, WOW, "As such is the
   kingdom of heaven"
    ANDREWS, HATTIE, ? 1884
   ANDREWS, J. A., 12.16.1862 02.21.1918, w Margie, WOW, "Although he
   sleeps his memory doth live, and sharing comfort to his mourners give,
   he followed virtue as his truest guide, lived as Christian and as a
   Christian died"
   ANDREWS, MARGIE, 08.03.1864 06.28.1956, h J. A. Andrews, "We will meet
   ANDREWS, NATHAN, 1.10.1891 - 9.26.1973
   ANDREWS, ROBERT ALLEN, 11.03.1889 04.11.1957, w Sarah Sue
   ANDREWS, SARAH SUE, 10.17.1903 - 2.21.1918, h Robert Allen Andrews
   BAILEY, ROBERT M., 10.11.1881 - 8.14.1930
   BISHOP, ELBERT E., 03.04.1893 01.26.1939, "We shall meet again with
   BISHOP, JOHN L., 07.17.1849 10.01.1920
   BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, JACK ELTON, 07.09.1941 05.04.1998, s Louis Louie &
   Ola Eaton Brunette, w Charlene Cazey, c Sherry B. Green, Thresea
   Peterson Kyle
   BYFORD, ?
   CAZEY, LEONARD OSCAR, 04.06.1896 06.17.1968, s William Albert Sr. &
   Nancy Emiline Watson Cazey, w Mozelle Meadors Ainsworth, c Nell
   Loraine, Texas PFC US Army WWI
   CAZEY, NANCY EMILINE WATSON, 11.25.1857 04.26.1931, d Elijah &
   Susannah Risinger Watson, h William Albert Cazey Sr., c Alice Belle,
   Dora Allie, William Landon, Bertha Emiline Thorpe, Ada Bertha
   Faulkner, William Albert Willie Jr., Leonard Oscar
   CAZEY, NELL LORAINE, 4.13.1942 4.13.1942, d Leonard Oscar & Mozelle
   Meadors Cazey
   CAZEY, ROZELLA MAE BARKER, 09.03.1941 02.12.1970, h Odell Cazey, c
   CAZEY, WILLIAM ALBERT SR., 12.22.1853 08.16.1938, s John Jack &
   Susannah Mauk Cazey, w Nancy Emiline Watson
   CAZEY, WILLIAM LANDON, 12.09.1884 12.19.1884, s William Albert & Nancy
   Emiline Watson Cazey
   CAZEY, child, 03.02.1888 03.03.1888, s William Albert Sr. & Nancy
   Emiline Watson Cazey
   DAVIS, ELIZABETH BISHOP, 3.12.1824 05.29.1918, h John W. Davis, c
   Margaret Meadors, Artemis "Missy" Meadors
   DAVIS, ELVAGENA, 10.05.1875 10.25.1875, "Dearest daughter thy has left
   us, and thy loss we deeply feel, but in God who has benefits ours, he
   alone can sorrow heal"
   DAVIS, JOHN W., 03.12.1824 07.04.1885, w Elizabeth Bishop
   DAVIS, WILLIAM M. OSKER, 01.19.1874 08.12.1877, "Suffer little
   children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven"
   DAY, ALTON THEODORE, 05.15.1904 10.30.1905, s Thomas L. & Dora A.
   Cazey Day
   DAY, DORA ALLIE CAZEY, 09.05.1880 08.26.1931, d William Albert Sr. &
   Nancy Emeline Watson Cazey, h Thomas Lafatte Day
   DAY, THOMAS LAFATTE, 04.15.1860 07.24.1929, w Dora Allie Cazey
   DAY, WILLIAM LEE, 02.23.1903 10.08.1920, s Thomas L. & Dora A. Cazey
   Day, twin to Leo Day
   DONALDSON, JOHN A., 03.11.1849 09.08.1868
   ESTELL, GEORGE, about 1858 - about 1902
   ESTEP, JAMES ODELL, 11.30.1935 - 1.23.1936
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, ADA BERTIE CAZEY, 04.13.1892 12.21.1977, d William
   Albert & Nancy Emiline Watson Cazey, h George William Faulkner, Jr.
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, ADDIE, 02.07.1900 04.14.1900, d George Franklin
   Frank & Eva Lena Andrues Faulkner, "Gone so soon"
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, ARTHUR JEFFERSON, 04.22.1827 08.06.1867, b Wedowee,
   Randolph Co., AL, s Mary Faulkner, w Jane, c William Westley,
   Jefferson, James Marion, George William, Mary Elizabeth, Mindy,
   Amanda, Isaac, Martha A., Frances E.
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, ELSIE L., 11.1924 04.1926
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, GEORGE FRANKLIN FRANK, 03.24.1872 12.20.1907, s
   Arthur Jefferson & Jane Faulkner, w Eva Lena Andrues, "Here is one who
   is sleeping in safe and love, but hope is treasured in heaven above"
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, GEORGE WILLIAM, 12.10.1891 07.18.1954, s George
   Franklin "Frank" & Eva Lena Andrues Faulkner, w Ada Bertha Cazey
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, GEORGE WILLIAM, 05.31.1853 10.21.1891, b Wedowee,
   Randolph Co., AL, s Arthur Jefferson & Jane Faulkner, w Sally J.
   Smith, "Gone but not forgotten"
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, JAMES L. JIM, 12.06.1877 06.24.1956, s William
   Wesley & Mary Matilda Merry Smith Faulkner
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, MARY MARGERITA, 01.25.1911 08.15.1911, d Willard
   Jefferson & Mattie Ann Bolton Faulkner, "Budded on earth to bloom in
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, MERRY MATILDA SMITH, 2.9.1854 3.20.1932, d Jeptha
   Lewis & Martha Luella Watson Smith, h William Wesley Faulkner, c
   George Franklin Frank, William Arthur Widd, Martha Jane Meadors, James
   L. Jim, Sidney Wayne Sid, John Avery, Ether Elizabeth McBride, Lee
   Benjamin, Willard Jefferson
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, RAYMOND, 9.9.1903 - 2.14.1937, s George Franklin
   "Frank" & Eva Lena Andrues Faulkner, father of Frank "Bud" & June
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, SIDNEY WAYNE SID, 03.20.1880 05.12.1930, s William
   Wesley & Merry Matilda Smith Faulkner
   FALKNER/FAULKNER, WILLIAM WESLEY, 11.04.1847 02.06.1910, b Wedowee,
   Randolph Co., AL, s Arthur Jefferson & Jane Faulkner, w Merry Matilda
   Smith, CSA (AL), WOW, "Gone from our home, but not from our hearts"
   FERGUSON, ANDREW, about 1904 - about 1909
   FERGUSON, MARTHA EMMA, ? - 11.24.1910, h Lath Ferguson
   FRANKS, AVERY EVERT, 09.13.1899 06.02.1969, w Effie Meadors
   FRANKS, EFFIE MEADORS, 9.9.1900 - ?, d William Sherman "Willie" &
   Artemis "Missie" Davis Meadors, h Avery Evert Franks
   FRANKS, GOLDIE E. MEADORS, 01.01.1896 04.03.1970, d William Sherman
   "Willie" & Artemis "Missie" Davis Meadors, h William Rhea Franks
   FRANKS, SARA, 09.16.1835 02.18.1909, h John W. Franks
   FRANKS, WILLIAM HOWARD, 10.14.1920 01.02.1974
   FRANKS, WILLIAM RHEA, 09.22.1894 02.11.1972, w Goldie E. Meadors
   FRANKS, infant
   GOODMAN, MARY O. V., 11.14.1877 - 7.11.1881, "The grave is near the
   credle and how swiftly the minutes roll between"
   GRAY, baby girl, 5.30.1933 - 5.30.1933
   HAMILTON, JACK, about 1900 - about 1905, s John E. & Ella M. Welch
   HANCOCK, E. M., 7.24.1859 - 2.17.1933, "Father"
   HANCOCK, MRS. A. C., 12.30.1892 - 1.31.1955, "Prepare to meet me in
   HOBBS, A. E., about 1870 02.20.1888, h T. J. Hobbs, "She is at rest"
   HOBBS, J. B., about 1871 05.18.1892, "There is rest in heaven"
   HOBBS, LOUISA, about 1844 10.05.1896, "She is at rest"
   HOBBS, child, 02.01.1888 02.01.1888, d T. J. & A. E. Hobbs
   HOLIDAY, JOHNNY, ? - 1999, w ____ Merryman
   HOLLIS, 8 children of William Curtis & Mary Evelyn Hobbs Hollis
   HONEY, MARGARET L., about 1841 - ?, b SC, h Thomas J. Honey
   HONEY, THOMAS J., w Margaret L., "Dearest husband and father thou who
   hath left us, here thy loss we deeply feel, but this God that has
   benefited, he can all our sorrows heal"
   HUNTER, EMMA, 10.26.1873 11.01.1904, h W. M. Hunter, "Our darling one
   has gone before to greet us on the blessed shore"
   HUNTER, GILBERT OSCAR, 08.20.1874 01.10.1975, probably son of Gilbert
   & Sarah A. Wyche Hunter who married 10.27.1872, "Our little boy sleeps
   sweetly here"
   HUNTER, child, 07.06.1873 07.15.1873, c C. M. & E. S. Hunter
   JAMES, ELLA, 03.11.1880 07.27.1909, d William Bill & Sarah E. Greer
   KINCY, A. B., 06.11.1861 01.15.1874, WOW, "At rest"
   LAND, EDNA, 1.4.1910 - 5.19.1935
   LAND, MELBA, 1932 - 4.18.1933
   LAND, WALTER EDWARD, 8.31.1886 - 10.17.1984
   LINER, W. B., 09.25.1887 08.13.1908, s R. L. & Julie Liner
   MCBRIDE, RUBY EMILINE, 12.14.1918 12.17.1918, d Mathew & Alice Belle
   Cazey McBride
   MCBRIDE, little brother, 12.21.1901 12.21.1901
   MCBRIDE, little sister, 5.11.1901 05.11.1901, d Mathew & Alice Belle
   Cazey McBride
   MCBRIDE, infant, 4.26.1903 - 4.26.1903, daughter of Lillie McBride
   MCCLURE, DEBORAH GAIL, 07.11.1955 12.05.1955, d Schyler McClure
   MCDONALD, MATHEW, 1.16.1841 - 1.8.1929
   Edward McMillan, killed when a panther attacked her buggy horse, c
   Mary Jane Mullins, James Jhonce, Robert Z., Letha E. Cook, Cynthia N.
   Smith, Lananda Lee Rhea, Milly Ann Slawson Rhea, Noah Warren, Joseph
   Sampson "Samp"
   MCMILLAN, EDWARD, 1814 1865, Historical marker reads: "A San Jacinto
   veteran, born in Ireland in 1814. His wife Ann Marjorie McQuiston
   McMillan born in TN, died 1879" (#10933/1936)
   MCMILLAN, JOSEPH SAMPSON "SAMP", 1.15.1858 - 6.22.1906, s Edward & Ann
   Marjorie McQuiston McMillan, w Lucy Davis
   MCMILLAN, LUCY DAVIS, 6.22.1857 - 12.13.1905, h Joseph Sampson "Samp"
   MEADORS, ARTIMISSIE DAVIS, 03.16.1871 12.07.1942, h William Sherman
   "Willie" Meadors
   MEADORS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN "BEN", 08.08.1911 03.06.1936, s Quince
   Adams & Martha Jane Faulkner Meadors
   MEADORS, CLAUDE, 06.14.1906 09.15.1906
   MEADORS, CORA MAE, 03.24.1931 - 05.16.1931, d Ross & Ruby Irene Moore
   MEADORS, DODE ARNOLD, 03.04.1904 12.22.1959, s Quince Adams & Martha
   Jane Faulkner Meadors, w Selma E. Hamilton
   MEADORS, EFFIE, 9.9.1900 - ?
   MEADORS, ELVIE JANNIE, 02.12.1880 02.22.1920, next to George W. &
   Margaret Davis Meadors, "Gone to be an angel"
   MEADORS, EUGENE, s George Levi & Martha Ellen "Mattie" Day Meadors
   MEADORS, GEORGE ESTEL, 1858 - 1902, next to George W. Meadors
   MEADORS, GEORGE LEVI, 11.20.1894 - 4.5.2000, s Will Sherman Meadors,
   brother of Mozelle Meadors Ainsworth Cazey, w Martha Ellen "Mattie"
   Day, one of the last surviving WWI veterans
   MEADORS, GEORGE W., 08.14.1849 08.29.1912, b TN, s William S. Sr. &
   Elizabeth Ann Dame Meadors, w Margaret Davis, "Father let they grace
   be given, that we may meet in heaven"
   MEADORS, INEZ AINSWORTH, 5.1.1926 - 4.5.1927, h William Oscar Meadors
   MEADORS, JOHN HOLMAN, 12.8.1912 - 8.10.1950, s Quince Adams & Martha
   Jane Faulkner Meadors
   MEADORS, LESLIE ARVENE, 07.21.1923 10.26.1925, s Berl & Annie Moore
   MEADORS, LEWIS B., 4.29.1926 - 4.29.1926, s Dode Arnold & Selma E.
   Hamilton Meadors
   MEADORS, MARGARET DAVIS, 04.25.1854 02.07,1909, h George W. Meadors,
   "Not lost blessed though, but gone before for we shall meet to part no
   MEADORS, MARTHA ELLEN "MATTIE" DAY, 8.10.1899 - 11.8.1989, h George
   Levi Meadors, c Gladys Ellen Ward, Helen Acuff, Lucille Dittmar,
   Mildred Louise Boyd, Melba Jean Boyd, William R., Ellis Odell
   MEADORS, MARTHA JANE FAULKNER, 01.10.1876 04.02.1913, d William Wesley
   & Merry Matilda Smith Faulkner, h Quince Adams Meadors, c Rueben Bert,
   Berl, Ross, Thelbert Prince, Dode Arnold, Benjamin, John, 2 other
   children, "She's gone to worlds above, where saints and angels meet,
   to realize our savior's love, & worship at his feet"
   MEADORS, MAUDIE INEZ AINSWORTH, 05.01.1926 04.05.1947, d David
   Alexander & Maudie Lee Cheatham Ainsworth, h W. C. Meadors
   MEADORS, QUINCE ADAMS, 01.21.1876 10.01.1941, b AR, s William S. Sr. &
   Elizabeth Anne Dame Meadors, w Martha Jane Faulkner
   MEADORS, RICKIE LYNN, 8.21.1960 - 9.21.1990, s Ellis Odell Meadors,
   grandson of George Levi & Martha Ellen "Mattie" Day Meadors
   MEADORS, RUBY MOORE, about 1903 - 3.29.1931, d Dan & Cora Hall Moore,
   h Ross Meadors
   MEADORS, THELBERT P., 2.14.1902 - 1.15.1982, s Quince Adams & Martha
   Jane Faulkner Meadors
   MEADORS, WILLIAM OSCAR BUD, 03.10.1902 12.29.1947, s William Sherman
   "Willie" & Artemis "Missie" Davis Meadors
   MEADORS, WILLIAM SHERMAN "WILLIE", 04.03.1866 03.01.1946, s William S.
   Sr. & Elizabeth Anne Dame Meadors, w Artimissie Davis
   MEADORS, by Leslie Arvene & Martha Meadors
   MERRYMAN, B., 07.10.1880 01.08.1897, h Benjamin F. Merryman
   MERRYMAN, CLARA, infant
   MERRYMAN, JAMES M., 01.31.1913 - 03.10.1913, s James Robert "Jim Bob"
   & Jimmie Alma Meadors Merryman,
   MERRYMAN, JAMES P., 03.17.1878 07.13.1905, s James M. & R. M. Merryman
   MERRYMAN, JAMES ROBERT "JIM BOB", 10.29.1870 08.09.1942, s William
   Presley "Press" & Martha McQuiston Merryman, w Martha Emma
   MERRYMAN, JAMES WILLIAM BILL, 04.11.1891 05.21.1956, s James Robert
   "Jim Bob" & M. E. Merryman, w Jimmie Alma Meadors
   MERRYMAN, JIMMIE ALMA MEADORS, 3.8.1897 - 8.31.1989, d William Sherman
   "Willie" & Artimissie Davis Meadors, h James William "Bill" Merryman
   MERRYMAN, MARTHA DABNEY, about 1843 - 9.29.1871
   MERRYMAN, MARTHA EMMA, about 1876 - 11.24.1910, h James Robert "Jim
   Bob" Merryman
   MERRYMAN, MARY E. WILBURN TARVER, 09.05.1868 12.06.1898, h James
   Robert "Jim Bob" Merryman, "Gone from our home but not from our
   MERRYMAN, MILTON STEEL, 11.30.1919 12.14.1978, s James William "Bill"
   & Jimmie Alma Meadors Merryman, WWII
   MERRYMAN, MINNIE, about 1906 - about 1915
   MERRYMAN, MYRTLE J., 04.04.1893 07.01.1899, d J. M. & P. Merryman,
   died during the flood of 1899, rained 42 inches, this child was taken
   to the grave on the back of a cultivator because of heavy rains, the
   road was too bad
   MERRYMAN, WILLIAM C., 01.18.1914 - 11.18.1915, s James Robert "Jim
   Bob" & Jimmie Alma Meadors Merryman, marble stone next to marker was
   carved from a marble table top dresser by his mother
   MERRYMAN, WILLIAM PRESLEY PRESS, 1833 - 9.29.1898, b MS, w1 Suzie
   Smith, w 2 Martha McQuiston, CSA
   MERRYMAN, c James W. "Bill" & Jimmie Alma Meadors Merryman
   MERRYMAN, c James W. "Bill" & Jimmie Alma Meadors Merryman
   MILLER, SUE, 3.31.1892 - 4.14.1933
   MULLINS, F. M., 07.09.1881 - 1936, w Mary J. McMillan
   MULLINS, LILLIE, 09.14.1898 07.25.1903, d J. M. & A. Mullins, "Suffer
   little children to come unto me"
   MULLINS, LULA, 08.10.1892 09.09.1892, "Our darling sleeps sweetly
   MULLINS, M. D., 04.14.1889 05.25.1894, s W. J. & E. A. Mullins
   MULLINS, MARY JANE MCMILLAN, 01.28.1838 06.18.1908, d Edward & Ann
   Marjorie McQuiston McMillan, h F. M. Mullins
   MULLINS, MARY J., 03.20.1877 08.16.1881, d F. M. & Mary J. Mullins
   MULLINS, WILBUR, 01.13.1916 10.12.1919, "In heaven there is one angel
   RHEA, LANANDA MCMILLAN LEE, 09.08.1850 02.03.1910, d Edward & Ann
   Marjorie McQuiston McMillan, h1 Mr. Lee, h2 M. E. Rhea
   RHEA, MRS. M. D., 01.08.? - ?, 84 years old
   ROGERS/RODGERS, EDGAR, 07.20.1912 02.17.1958, w Ezell Meadors
   ROGERS/RODGERS, ELIZABETH, 10.13.1936 10.13.1936
   ROGERS/RODGERS, ISABELL, 06.19.1937 06.19.1937
   ROGERS/RODGERS, KENNETH WAYNE, 02.28.1942 - 08.31.1988, s Edgar &
   Ezell Meadors Rogers
   SAMUEL, HARDY EMMETT, 08.15.1862 03.08.1880, s Elisha & Martha Bell
   SANDERS, ARTIE FLORENCE, 05.03.1935 - 04.07.1936
   SANDERS, LAURIE BELL, 05.19.1885 09.14.1892
   SANDERS, 4 children of Arthur & Artie Sanders
   SMITH, ANDREW LEWIS, 09.05.1908 09.10.1926, s William Jhonce & Phenie
   M. Ainsworth Smith, "Earths brightest gems are fading"
   SMITH, CYNTHIA N. MCMILLAN, 1848 - 1885, d Ann Marjorie McQuiston &
   Edward McMillan, h Frank Smith, c William Jhonce Smith
   SMITH, FRANCIS WARREN, 11.12.1870 08.10.1962
   SMITH, FRANK, 09.21.1833 05.16.1909, w Cynthia McMillan, "Gone from
   our home but not from our hearts, come ye blessed"
   SMITH, J. MORGAN "MORGE", 02.18.1875 09.05.1926, s Frank & Cynthia
   McMillian Smith, w Lola Merryman, "We shall meet again"
   SMITH, LOLA MERRYMAN, 09.24.1874 10.28.1907, d William Presley "Press"
   Merryman, h J. Morgan "Morge" Smith, "God bless our dear mother"
   SMITH, MARION, 07.19.1875 02.20.1908, brother of Francis Warren Smith
   SMITH, MARTHA LUELLA WATSON, 09.05.1835 09.20.1924, b TN, h Jeptha
   Lewis Smith
   SMITH, NATHANIEL, 3.4.1878 - 4.16.1937
   SMITH, PHENIE M. AINSWORTH, 07.16.1886 07.12.1967, d Samuel A. &
   Martha Jane Archer Ainsworth, h William Jhonce Smith, c Fannie Mae
   Winthrop, Leanor Ethel Eaton, Andrew Louis, Frank Doc, Minnie Bell,
   Opal Wanita Russell, Ora, Monroe, Harvey, Clara Allison, Ruby Doyle
   SMITH, THESTON ODIS, 10.31.1903 12.29.1903, s J. Morgan "Morge" & Lola
   Merryman Smith, "Darling we miss thee"
   SMITH, WILLIAM JHONCE, 12.08.1876 05.05.1968, w Phenie M. Ainsworth
   STONE, CHARLES AMOS, SR., 03.07.1938 02.02.1978
   STRANGE, infant twin, s William & Mildred Breckenridge Strange
   SWEAZEA, HYLLARD, 1856 03.14.1879, s M. & H. L. Sweazea, "Dear
   Hyllard, take they rest, thy summer flowers will bloom, while you
   withstand the best lie, slightly in thy tomb"
   TARVER, A. R., 1870 04.12.1896, "She is at rest"
   TARVER, ALFRED JOHN, 06.1861 - 07.1884
   TARVER, MALCOLM LARAY, 03.24.1919 04.24.1919, s John & Pearl Crawford
   TARVER, T. V., 08.04.1854 08.05.1896, "There is rest in heaven"
   TEMPLETON, JOHN J., 1853 - 1898, c William Henry Templeton
   THOMPSON, BOYCE PERSHING, 11.07.1919 - 06.11.1983, w Virginia A.
   THOMPSON, VIRGINIA A. FAULKNER, 01.29.1924 - ?, h Boyce Pershing
   THORPE, JOSEPH WALTER, 01.30.1873 06.1917, w Martha Lee Smith
   THORPE, MARTHA LEE SMITH, 11.17.1882 02.04.1968, h Joseph Walter
   TURNER, BENJAMIN, 12.08.1813 08.27.1867, Texas First Lt. Company C 4th
   Texas Infantry CSA
   TURNER, LUCY M., 05.25.1829 08.08.1864 (oldest grave in the cemetery)
   WALKER, RECIL FLIM, 01.06.1914 - 02.04.1995, b OK
   WATSON, LUCY E. "LIZZIE" MERRYMAN, 1852 - 02.02.1907, h William T.
   "Bill" Watson, d William Presley "Press" Merryman
   WATSON, NANCY, ? - 1898
   WATSON, W. P., 10.10.1878 08.27.1886, s William T "Bill" & Lucy E.
   "Lizzie" Merryman Watson
   WATSON, infant, 07.08.1897 07.15.1897, s William T "Bill" & Lucy E.
   "Lizzie" Merryman Watson
   WELCH, ARTIE EXELL, 10.18.1914 - 03.04.1988
   WELCH, ARVIL GAY, 06.19.1910 - 09.02.1987
   WELCH, DAVID, 12.25.1840 12.27.1909, w Monera, Texas PVT. Texas State
   Troups CSA
   WELCH, ELLA JAMES, 03.11.1880 07.27.1909, d William James, h J. W.
   WELCH, EMMIE LEA, 12.23.1868 09.20.1894
   WELCH, MATILDA O., 11.15.1808 - 10.01.1890, "Remembered love ..."
   WELCH, MINNIE LEA, 12.28.1888 - 09.26.1894, d J. M. & E. A. Welch
   WELCH, MONERA, 10.16.1843 02.17.1909, h David Welch
   WELCH, OSCAR D., 07.11.1821 12.04.1871
   WELCH, RHEA, 10.04.1878 02.31.1886
   WILBURN, JOHN W., ? - 1882/1883, w Nancy Jane Weaver, CSA
   WILBURN, NANCY JANE WEAVER, ? - 1910, h John W. Wilburn
   WILSON, WILLIAM L, JR., 07.29.1918 - 11.22.1992
   WYCHE, OSCAR DUNREATH, 07.21.1821 - 09.04.1871, b VA, s William Parham
   & Eliza P. Turner Wyche, w Isabell Trainer, Masonic Lodge tombstone,
   Mexican War veteran, "Amicable and beloved husband, foretell thy years
   were few, but they are recorded not on a perishing stone, but in the
   book of life and the hearts of thy affectionate friends"
This list is partially based upon information contained in the out-of-print book Cemeteries In Robertson County, Texas by Verna Corn
      Floyd and Vernelle Corn, copyright 1980, D. Armstrong Co., Inc., Printers/Publishers, Houston, Texas. Updates, additions, and
      corrections have been made as a result of extensive cemetery and family history research and the invaluable assistance of relatives of
                      people buried in this cemetery.



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