Camp Hearn Cemetery
Robertson County TX

Camp Hearne, the World War II prisoner of war camp (NW of Hearne on the road to Cameron), had a burial ground. After the war, the bodies of prisoners who died at the camp are said to have been returned to their homelands. No cemetery is apparent at the site today. According to Texas A&M University Professor Mike Waters, who has extensively researched Camp Hearne, "I do not know where the camp cemetery was located. I was given a different location for the cemetery by each person I talked to. Most of the bodies were returned to Germany or Austria and the remainder went down to the Fort Sam Houston Cemetery [see List Of POWs Buried At Fort Sam Houston Cemetery] in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas where some are still buried, including Hugo Krauss, the fellow murdered at Hearne (died 12.23.1943 in Temple, TX; buried in plot ZA#57). In looking at the map for Unknown Cemetery #6, I think this is too far away from the camp. The POWs told me they could see the cemetery from the compounds."  This comment was confirmed by long-time Hearne resident Johnoween Mathis, who, as a young lady, worked in the office of the old POW camp.  According to Mrs. Mathis, the cemetery was located where the parking lot for the Robertson County Fairgrounds currently is.

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