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This cemetery is a couple of miles outside of Wheelock. Take Ranch Road 391 out of Wheelock heading towards Hearne. Just after the Wheelock Cemetery, which will be on the right, the paved road veers to the right. Make a sharp left here onto County Road 304 and follow this road which will take a sharp right and will dead-end into County Road 302. Turn right on County Road 302. A short distance down, turn left on what used to be County Road 301 (which dead-ends into 302 but is no longer marked as a county road). The cemetery is on private land that used to be on the Pryor Ranch. There's no sign for the cemetery but the property is currently called "Treasure Hunt Ranch" which is clearly marked by a sign on County Road 302. Go across the cattle guard at the entrance to Treasure Hunt Ranch and follow the road. You'll cross a second cattle guard. The fenced cemetery is in a grove of trees on a rise to the right.

This cemetery, located on the Old George Dunn home place outside of Wheelock that he and his family settled when they first came to Texas, covers about half an acre.

An historic marker reads: "Started in pioneer era on land of James and Isabella Caufield Dunn, who with 8 other families came from Ireland to America in 1821, living first in Charleston, SC, then in Boligee, AL. In Dec. 1833 they began trek to colony of Sterling C. Robertson by ox-wagons and carryalls. With the Dunns were families of Henry Caufield, Letitia Ellis and her daughter Elizabeth Watson, Henry and William Fullerton, Hugh and William Henry, the widow McMillan, and the Youngs. Burial of infant of James and Isabella Dunn (1836) opened this cemetery, used ever since by heirs of the pioneers." (#10916/1972)

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ďFrom Wheelock, TX take 391 (SW) to Dunnís Fort Road. Turn left. At the point where it looks as if Dunnís Fort Road has dead ended into a pasture, there is a choice of going right or left. Turn left. Continue on Dunnís Fort Road to a turn off on the right hand side. This road used to be called Dunnís Fort Cemetery Rd, but changed names recently to Pryor Lane. The cemetery is on the right after the second cattle guard. There is no road, just a grass track, but the cemetery railing is clearly visible from the cattle guard and the grass allows a normal car to approach quite closely.Ē

The fence is new and beautiful, the site well cared for, and the flowers were in bloom. A lovely spot. Most of the graves do not have original stones. Many have metal crosses which are illegible. My ancestors, the Fullertons, have a replacement stone. But there are a few old ones, including the immigrant Dunns and a Moss or two.



ADAIR, JOHN, 7.11.1841 - 11.15.1848, b Boligee, Greene County, AL

CLARK, L. H., 06.17.1812 – 07.13.1888, w M. A.

CLARK, M. A., 02.25.1820 – 09.05.1888, h L. H. Clark

DUNN, A. S., (infant), c James & Isabella Caufield Dunn

DUNN, DAVID J., 12.04.1854 – 07.22.1855

DUNN, ISABELLA CAUFIELD, 12.24.1797 – 08.23.1863, b Ireland, d Henry Sr. & Mary Castle Caufield, h James Dunn

DUNN, J. A., (infant), c James & Isabella Caufield Dunn

DUNN, JAMES, 11.21.1793 – 08.26.1851, d Ireland, w Isabella Caufield

FULLERTON, JOHN HENRY SR., 1775 – 1843, b Belfast, Ireland, w Sarah Caulfield

FULLERTON, SARAH CAULFIELD, 1790 – 1856, b Belfast, Ireland, d Henry Sr. & Mary Castle Caulfield, h John Henry Fullerton, Sr.

MCMILLAN, ANN, 1790 - 1857

MCMILLAN, ANN, 1832 - 1870, first wife of George McMillan (son of Ann McMillan 1790 - 1857)

MOSS, H. W., 11.11.1870 – 08.08.1879, s William B. & Letitia A. Watson Moss (Letitia was the daughter of James & Elizabeth Caufield Ellis Watson)

MOSS, JAMES L., 10.20.1840 – 11.17.1882, w Jane Pearce

MOSS, JANE PEARCE, 03.25.1850 – 03.08.1892, h James L. Moss

MOSS, WILLIAM B., 07.31.1833 – 05.30.1882, w Letitia A. Watson

PRYOR, CARSON, 08.22.1923 – 08.22.1974

STUART, A., ? - ?

STUART, MARY YOUNG ADAIR, 1.18.1814 – 5.8.1883, b Ireland, d John & Mary Dunn Young, h1 John Adair, m 4.21.1836, h2 Wendal J. B. Stuart

STUART, RANDALL W. J. B., 1809 – 1866

STUART, W. R., ? - ?

STUART, WILLIAM STEPHENSON, 5.17.1798 - 1888, b Larne Antrim County, Ireland

WATSON, E. W., ? - ?

WATSON, ELIZA, 3.6.1818 - 6.18.1869, b Belfast, Ireland

WATSON, J. W., ? - ?

WATSON, L. J. W. (at foot of a big Watson marker that has fallen over)

WATSON, LAURA J., 02.10.1855 – 04.18.1918, d James & Elizabeth Ellis Watson

YOUNG, JOHN, about 1784 - 1855, b Ireland, w Mary Dunn

YOUNG, JOHN, ? - ?, sandstone marker with  "J. Y."

YOUNG, MARY, ? - ?, sandstone marker with  "M.Y."

YOUNG, MARY DUNN, about 1790 - 1863, b Ireland, sister of James Dunn, h John Young, m in Ireland

YOUNG, SARAH, ? - ?, sandstone marker with "S. Y."

YOUNG, SARAH J., 7.5.1819 - 1866, b Ireland, d John & Mary Dunn Young

Note from Roberta Powell: "The person I believe to be buried at the Old Dunn Cemetery is DAVID GEORGE CAUFIELD, son of Thomas Caufield who married Mary Ann Watson. He was a nephew of Isabella Caufield Dunn and Sarah Fullerton. He was born 1.1.1835, in Boligee, Greene County, AL, and died July 27, 1857 at Wheelock. He was single. His sister, Mary Jane, who had married William Ewing Young on April 1, 1857, was living in the Josephus Cavitt home at the time. I feel certain he died at their home."

The above list is partially based upon information contained in Tombstone Inscriptions Of Robertson County, Texas
by Inez Boswell Biggerstaff, 19 leaves, 28 cm, published between 1945 & 1968.  It is also partially based upon information contained in the out-of-print book Cemeteries In Robertson County, Texas by Verna Corn Floyd and Vernelle Corn, copyright 1980, D. Armstrong Co., Inc., Printers/Publishers, Houston, Texas.  Updates, additions, and corrections have been made as a result of extensive cemetery and family history research and the invaluable assistance of relatives of people buried in this cemetery.

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